frat tanks

you’ve heard of the pretty setter squad, but now get ready for the buff ace squad 

  • arm wrestling matches like u wouldn’t believe 
  • competitions to see who can bench the most 
  • kind of like frat boys but the good kind of frat boys 
  • tank tops and snapbacks hot damn 
  • bros being bros 
  • flex city
  • they all get along really well?? like they all give pointers to each other and there’s always a lot of butt smacks for praise 
  • asahi is a little shyer than the rest of them but they gradually gains confidence from them w/ slaps on the back and encouragement 
  • they all love disney films and aren’t afraid of to admit it 
  • bokuto, yamamoto and asahi always cry when bambi’s mom dies
  • ushiwaka’s favourite film is frozen because he likes that it’s about family being the thing that saves anna in the end 
  • iwa chan is offended that you would ask him for a favourite film bc there can’t be just one [cut for length] 
  • in a non volleyball setting, iwaizumi and ushiwaka actually get along pretty well. iwa explains foreign concepts to ushiwaka and stops ushiwaka before he can unknowingly offend someone. ushiwaka appreciates this a lot. 
  • bokuto once bought shirts in a size smaller to see if they could rip them if they flexed like in the movies 
  • it worked 
  • they all low key wear shirts that are a little tighter on them to show off the muscles™

hance camping

  • lance uses enough bug spray to dissipate the ozone
    • gets bit anyway
    • hunk doesn’t really attract bugs
      • but he likes butterflies & beetles & dragonflies etc.
    • lance hates butterflies because of that spongebob episode
  • their apparel is……….okay
    • lance is wearing overall shorts & a crop top
    • hunk is wearing cargo shorts (to hold all his valuables) & a frat boy tank top lance bought for him
      • they’re a matching crocs type of couple tbh
        • they get the charms on them too
        • lance has a bunch of emoji charms
        • hunk has disney characters from their trip to florida
      • hunk also wears white nike socks with his crocs
      • lance got mud on his weed socks & cried
  • hunk uses his headband to tie up his hair in a knot
    • lance ties his headband into a bow
      • hunk lets lance steal his snapback to wear mostly because he loves his things on lance
    • lance is red and itchy and is mumbling about how perfect hunk looks without trying at all
    • hunk is actually sweating and takes off his tank
      • does lance die? almost
  • hunk warming water over a fire for lance to wash his face with
  • lance making tea for both of them after their dinner
    • dinner was a shared bag of cheetos & s’mores
      • liES they forgot the chocolate (pidge stole it)
      • lance just ate the melted marshmallows & hunk ate the graham crackers
      • lance feeds a melting marshmallow to hunk and everything is a sticky mess
      • cue kisses? aaaaaaaaand action
  • tent? no tent
    • nah they sleep in hunk’s truck
      • well by that i mean… they laid down in the back and started making out until lance tried some shit
      • then lance stretched his foot wrong & had to hobble out the truck
      • hunk helped him walk it off then burst out in laughter
    • they made a pallet in the truck bed instead & changed into pajamas
    • and more smonches happened if u kno what i mean B)
      • (they fucked my guy) #n s f w
  • they woke up at like 4am because of birds and sunlight and COLD
    • they cuddled & shared the blanket but eventually suffered enough and ran into the car to start it for heat
    • on the drive back home lance found a cereal box under the passenger seat
    • they snack on it until they spot a mcdonalds to hit up
the sound of laughter

First fic in this fandom. For some reason, the image of James in tennis gear stuck in my head, so here’s 2.1k words of Grillems at both a tennis club and a bar, feat. Elyse and Joel as wingmen. I know. I tried to nail James’ voice as much as possible, but it’s my first time writing him, so we’ll see. Enjoy. 

They meet on a tennis court, because God hates James and all he’s done for this great green Earth. 

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Sam walks down to the gym wanting to work out, totally normal, except he rounds the corner and James fucking Barnes is there doing one armed pull ups on the bar.

Literally one armed pull ups. Like he fucking took his metal arm off and started going to town and it’s not fucking fair because

1) he’s in a frat tank and fucking sweats

2) his shoulders and back and fucking bicep are literally making Sam salivate right now

And 3) Sam can’t stop watching beads of sweat roll down this fucker’s neck

Sam doesn’t even wait to turn heel because his blood’s running south real fast and Bucky is literally the type of guy he was warned about in church and Sam is starting to get REALLY interested in sinning right now.

anonymous asked:

talk to me about frat louis

Louis would be the one to call keg stands, but sit back and just watch everyone being messy.

Louis would organize every post game party, but also be the one waking all his brothers up at 7 am on a Saturday for a charity event.

Louis would definitely be what we call a soft bro. Loves his sports and is occasionally messy but is also obsessed with puppies and kids. He would definitely wear Mickey Mouse tank tops.

Frat Louis would roll his eyes at and make fun of the no homo bros being homoerotic all the time (wrestling half naked for example)

Spring Break trips to Cabo? He would be the one with the camera on all the time, mostly to make sure /his/ dumb shit don’t end up online. If he is the one filming/the camera owner, he can control what content stays or goes.

Louis would definitely convince some of his team/house to start going to the Gay-Straight Alliance/LGBTQIA+ support group meetings. If they can support him, they gotta support the rest of the community as well.