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70/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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So at my university to fundraiser the sports teams will auction themselves off and people will bid on them to spend the day with them or dress them up in silly outfits or whatever. So picture soccer captain Sid being auctioned and Geno gets into a bidding war with a rival Frat who's trying to buy sid just to piss Geno off

“Everyone put money in hat,” Geno demands, pushing back to the Rhos at the Kick It Off! fundraiser. He’s holding out his Penguins cap. “Right now, immediately.”

“Why?” Jake says, even as he’s fishing out a twenty. “Didn’t we already donate at the front door?”

“They’re bidding on a date with Sid,” Flower says, passing the cap around. “If the Rhos don’t win against the football team, Geno’s forehead vein will burst.” He shouts, “Come on, boys. This is gonna be cheaper than paying for Geno’s impending ER trip. Pull up your Venmos if you don’t have cash on hand.” 

Olli nudges Jake and points at the football team, who’s passing a fucking bucket of cash around. The captain, this big, beefy guy who’s been leering at Sidney and Sidney’s Ass every five seconds, is giving Jake the creeps. 

“We’re gonna have to send Geno to the ER,” Conor moans, dragging his hands down his face. “They have a cash bucket. We have a dinky little money hat. Oh no, oh God, I can’t breathe–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t freak out,” Jake says. “We have to win. We will win.”


“Fifty!” a girl shouts. Her letters say that she’s from the Beta Sig sorority. Her sisters are all giggling and cheering her on.

“Fifty?” the announcer says. “We got a fifty! I think we can do a little better than that for our star player!”

Sidney shifts uncomfortably on the podium, but he waves a shy hello in the Rhos’ direction. Geno yells out, “Seventy-five!” Then, after shooting a death glare at the football captain, he adds, “I love you, Sid! You look amazing!” 

People are whistling, and the sororities are ‘aww-ing’ among themselves after this declaration. The football captain narrows his eyes. 

“One hundred and fifty,” he shouts, followed by more hollering from his team. He gives Sidney a self-satisfied once-over, and Sidney turns to Geno in a kind of helpless panic.

“How much do we have in here?” Jake whispers.

“Two hundred,” Conor says. “As long as Geno doesn’t get to that number too fast, we might be able to outlast them.”

Two hundred,” Geno screams.

“Fuck,” Olli says. 

“Two hundred from the Rho Ep boys,” the announcer crows. “Going once, going twice–”

“It’s okay, Hags went over to check out how much money they had,” Olli says. “Their bucket was full of fucking ones and quarters. They don’t have more than us.”

“Three hundred dollars!” the football captain shouts out, and Geno turns his head so fast Jake was afraid he’d get whiplash. “For a date with Sidney Patrick Crosby!” 

“They were using Venmo,” Conor cries, spiraling again as he scrolls through the public transactions. “We’re fucked.”

“Jesus Christ,” the announcer says. “Looks like you’re popular today, aren’t you, Sid?” 

Sidney says nothing, only a half-hearted shrug aimed mostly at Geno like, ‘Well, you tried your best.’ 

Going once!” the announcer says. “Going twice! And our one and only Croz goes to–”

Five hundred dollars!” a new voice says. Geno’s eyes look like they’re nearly about to pop out of his head as Ovi and the rest of the Kappa Alpha Pis step up. “Five hundred dollars from Kappas for the Rho Eps,” Ovi says, grinning. “Which makes it seven hundred dollars total. For Sidney Patrick Crosby.”

“Shit,” the football team groans.

“Well, damn. Sold,” the announcer says, also gaping.

Sidney makes a delighted, astonished noise, then rushes off the stage and into Geno’s arms, peppering his face with kisses. “You did it! You did it!” he yells. “Thank you, thank you–”

Tanger and Flower are clapping Ovi on the back. “Why’d you do it, man?”

“Was Nicky’s idea,” he says. “Found some leftover in our budget that we didn’t get to use for philanthropy event. Would have gone back to headquarters at year end, so might as well donate it to good cause.”

“Well,” Flower says, looking at Geno hoisting Sidney up and nosing at his boyfriend’s neck, “it went to something, alright. We owe you one.”

“I know,” Ovi says, smiling. “You think I do for charity?”

“I mean, that was kind of the point of this event,” Jake mutters, but he goes unheard as Geno’s cheering and the Rhos’ celebration drown him out. 

Me explaining how I see kpop groups
  • Block b: silly boys being silly... but like, while also being crime lords
  • Monsta x: it's like a frat had a meeting one day and decided 'bruh, we should be a boy band'
  • And then they were
  • Bts: mama jin, papa namjoon, and grandpa yoongi looking after the rowdy children
  • Vixx: they're kinda kinky
  • Got7: the group that blew my 'no shipping real people' policy right out of the water
  • Btob: they're literally so pretty one time my friend asked me if they were women
  • Exo: I feel like there were more of them at one point...

-boxer!tom day (ft. @babyparker)

-sugar!daddy tom day 

-tattoo artist!tom day (also ft. @babyparker)

-frat boy!tom day 

-music artist!tom day

-drama teacher!tom day

-professional dancer!tom day

-barista!tom day day

-dad!tom / single dad!tom day

-professor!tom day

-professor’s assistant!tom day (may be combined with professor!tom)

-royalty!tom day 

-doctor!tom / nurse!tom day

-nerdy!tom day

-doctor!tom day 

-spy!tom day 

-model!tom day 

to be continued…

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i feel like geno doesn't sleep while studying for midterms/finals and one night he actually falls asleep sitting down at the couch in the commons area downstairs. the pledges are all standing deciding who's going to wake up the grizzly bear when sid just casually walks up to the couch and starts shaking geno awake. the pledges are too paralyzed with fear to yell at sidney to stop.

“G, go sleep in your bed,” Sidney says,, ignoring Jake and Conor frantically waving silently for Sidney to stop. 

Geno opens his eyes, and Olli actually leaves the room to hide in the kitchen. But Geno doesn’t make that growling noise he usually does when someone wakes him up. He just…whines.

“Do I have to?” he asks.

“Yes, you have to,” Sidney says. “I’ll wake you up at 6 tomorrow, promise. You’ll remember more things.”

“Okay,” Geno says, then heads up to his room with Sidney sluggishly, as Sidney rubs his back.

Jake and Conor stare at the retreating couple, then at each other, then at the empty staircase again.

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Modern!AU where Shirayuki is studying for exams in pjs/Obi's clothes ( :') ) and disheveled hair and I guess he's just,,,enchanted

It’s not odd for Doc to skip dinner.

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dearbold-deactivated20170818  asked:

I'm an INFJ and I want to find more ENTP's! I only know two, and one is my professor haha Any way to spot ENTP's and seek them out?

Hello, and yes!

Thankfully, us ENTPs are a bit funky in terms of personality. As a result, in classroom environments, I think we’re pretty easy to spot. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • We easily may be the loudest in the classroom- especially when surrounded by friends, ENTPs once reaching high school and college aren’t afraid to speak up. When around friends, I’ll sometimes sit on the table in the middle (to stick out more), and speak loudly because I personally think I’m hilarious and I like surprising people with what I’ve got to say. We’ll probably seem a bit different depending on the professor. For example, we’re as sarcastic with the sarcastic professors, and sweet with the sweet ones. Regardless, we tend to stick out. Despite the annoyance we might bring, I’ve noticed professors tend to like ENTPs. (I once had a professor tell me I was the only one who could talk back to her… despite being ridiculously annoying in the classroom) Also (sorry, I’m feeling egotistical about this still), but yesterday a professor told me I was one of the brightest, and I’d inspired him to throw a picnic for the class. I’m so proud. If the class is small enough, you’ll probably hear us. 
  • In class, we probably aren’t taking notes (or at least good notes)- We get sidetracked, doodle, come up with ideas, do origami, doze off, daze off, play games on our phones, etc. I actually do take notes, but I’m often doing more than one thing at the same time. 
  • We wear signature clothing- Whether this means some weird-ass shirts including 3 unicorns chasing a dinosaur under a rainbow (which is actually the shirt I wore yesterday), ENTPs have their own style. It may not manifest itself in weird clothing, instead they may have a sweater that’s really quite colorful that they wear everyday. Or maybe they’ll drastically switch their style based on their mood or the television show they’ve binged recently. My biggest staple is this maroon and white sweater that I wear with everything, and it’s not a plain colored sweater, it just sticks out, and it’s comfy, and I love it. Every once in a while I feel like going for a theme. I do gothic days and brunch mom days and frat bro days, and it just keeps things interesting! In short, we wear what we want, and it tends to stick out. My ENTP dad wears this ugly salmon shirt with palm trees on it all the time (and i’m not sure why he likes that shirt), but it sure sticks out… 
  • Sometimes we mix it up, but we probably eat the same thing every day for lunch- Lunch requires too much thinking. Same for breakfast. Also dinner. I need someone to take care of me. 
  • In high school, we don’t really study ever. - In college I do have to study because I’m in my 4th year of chemical engineering, but in comparison to everyone else, I barely pick up a book.
  • Smart ENTPs will probably be close to the topish of the class… but not the top (generally, but honestly)- Too much effort. I don’t see the point in getting a 100 for a bunch of extra work when I can get a 92 without the extra work. We already know we’re smart. The assertive ENTPs probably won’t feel the need to go above and beyond for things they don’t think can be liquefied into actual benefits. 
  • We give weird compliments - Listen for someone calling someone else a delicious little fish. I recently told my best friend I wanted her to be as happy as a customer in a pancake shop. She really appreciated it.
  • Puns
  • Stupid arguments - Goodness. I’ve been arguing with an INFJ friend for a week that there is only one squirrel in existence. In my favor, we’ve only seen one squirrel at a time, so she’s been unable to prove me wrong. She pulled up some pictures of multiple squirrels lying on top of each other, I told her it was some weird fan art. The one squirrel in existence is very popular.
  • We show up to a bunch of different meeting for a bunch of different clubs at least once - and then we promptly stop going, though we’re still apart of these clubs (if not even leading) from afar. I drew all of the art for the newspaper, gave speeches for diversity club, and was published in the literary magazine and I don’t think I ever attended the meetings. 

These will definitely find you an ENTP-a at least. ENTP-ts blend in a bit better as they study harder, and take a little longer to grow into their confidence. A lot of these things that I’ve come up with will definitely apply to them too! Hopefully it helps!

i read in the archives of my college university that frats used to have actual chariot races in the 70s, or at least the ones at my college did, with real chariots and real horses on a real track and everything and like it’s even more suiting since everyone in new rome university is at least part greek or roman god, they’d so have chariot races

Last Christmas - Ashton Irwin

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“Are you sure you’re going to be okay here,  Ash?”Luke questioned as they headed to the front door. Ashton the only one without bags for their trip home for the Christmas holiday.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he questioned, tone coming off colder than really necessary as Luke brushed it off knowing it wasn’t anything personal. He was supposed to be going home with his girlfriend over the holiday to meet her family, but caught her in bed with another guy just two days prior. Way too late to purchase a plane ticket home to Australia.

“You can always take my ticket,” Luke said smiling softly, gesture being appreciated by Ashton, but not taken as he shook his head.

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