Frank/Jason High School au
Seven-page mini comic with the sole purpose of venting my Frason feels

Frank is just trying to live a normal life. Gaming with his best friend Leo and keeping himself out of drama. But a certain jock named Jason is making that hard, when he suddenly decides to ignore their mutual agreement of enmity and start building a new relationship. Frank just has a hard time figuring out what kind. (Leo isn’t making things any easier either.)

If Tumblr image viewer is making life tough (and the text too small) for you, check out the comic at dA here. There you can find additional commentary and thoughts behind the au also

2013 Winners - Inside Market Data Awards and Inside Reference Data Awards

What is a Data Provider? IT World’s Data Provider Is Donna Fraser, who may be related to Frasons Investment Inc. It is a strange arrangement for an Information Technology publisher and industry events marketer to have a Stock Market Data Provider on it’s executive team. Is this normal for an IT publisher and events marketer?

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