You need better Hines-sight.

Character Analysis: Jamie McCrimmon

Played by: Frasier Hines

First Appearance: The Highlanders

Last Appearance: The War Games/The Two Doctors

Doctor: Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

Ach, Doctor! Look at the size of that thing!

“I know Jamie, it is a big one isn’t it?" 

One of the most beloved classic Doctor companions, Jamie McCrimmon was the son of a long line of pipers in medieval Scotland where luckily the Doctor had just happened to land. Jamie travelled with the Doctor for several adventures, becoming a companion along side Ben and Polly, Victoria, and Zoe. 

He was a warrior, but also had a playboy side. Much like Frasier Hines himself, he is a character that is to be reckoned with. I’ve personally had the honor of meeting Frazier Hines himself, and let me tell you, him and Patrick Troughton were the best of friends, and it’s incredibly present in their stories together. 

Since Troughton’s passing, Hines has since been playing Patrick Troughton in the Big Finish audio adventures, along with playing Jamie and acting with Wendy Padbury. 

What are your thoughts on Jamie McCrimmon and what stories of Frasier Hines do you have?