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No one got under [Frasier]’s skin like Lilith did. Lilith was as smart as he was; Lilith saw his every trick, his every move. So it was one of those great duos, where one character gets under the other character’s skin, and makes that character explode. (…) Frasier was - in his own, smart way - he was an everyman, a guy who’s very easily frustrated and thrown off his game. And Lilith was the perfect foil for that.


The casts of Frasier, Will & Grace, Friends and The Big Bang Theory reunited to pay tribute to veteran sitcom director James Burrows for an NBC tribute special to be aired on February 21st.

The two-hour special will also include cast members of Cheers, Mike & Molly, Taxi, Crowded and Two and a Half Men, all shows that Burrows had a part in making hits through his visionary eye as a director. 


I’ve always liked the notion of meeting the great figures of history. But then I think, what if it’s like high school and all the really cool dead people don’t want to hang out with me? Mozart’ll tell me he’s busy, but then later I’ll see him out with Shakespeare and Lincoln. -Frasier (1993-2004)

without a doubt, my favorite frasier promo pics are the weird episode-specific ones where everyone just sells the gist of the main plot in a single pose.


the poster for every 90s romcom i have ever seen

awkward engagement photo

forgetting sarah marshall (2008)

local woman is secretly in a relationship with two men at the same time; possibly one or more of them are spies