Suffering Has Its Purpose

I want to make it clear, I’m not putting this season of Reign down because my favorite couples aren’t together (my favorite couples weren’t together in the first season either). I’m not mad at this show because I want my favorite ships to get together and be happy, happy, happy. No, I’m mad because people are breaking up and cheating on each other or being raped or abused for no reason other than to cause potential romantic drama and to set up love triangles…love triangles that have no purpose other than to put a damper on “true wuv” and cause more angst. 

I’m fine with Greer and Leith breaking up, in fact I think their backslide didn’t make much sense in the first place from Greer’s POV other than her being lonely, and I perfectly understand her reasons for not continuing with Leith. I’m mad that Castleroy was tossed aside after having him marrying Greer and making it a big deal that she chose him….only for the show to get rid of him after he appeared in only two more episodes–if they weren’t going to have him on the show much then there was no reason for her to marry him. Though I have to say Greer’s problematic love life has had some of a purpose this season and has actually made her character grow, a growth which I hope will stick with her next season (unlike Kenna who grew some at the end of last season and her character development was bludgeoned and pushed aside early on in season 2). 

Just about every other love triangle and romantic suffering on this show hasn’t had much of a purpose than to cause momentary angst and to give characters a reason to cheat. 

Do we get to see Catherine help take charge and help Francis rule? No, instead of being the strong, independent bad-ass from last season, instead Catherine spends most of this season making out with ghost Henri, missing ghost Henri, being tormented by her ghost children, and sleeping with Narcisse. Um…what happened to her character? And the only reason she and Narcisse are together at the moment is to put a wedge between Narcisse and Lola’s possible romance, there’s no other reason but that.

Do we get to see Mary and Francis rule together? Nope, instead Mary berates Francis, Francis lets everyone walk over him (up until recently), and the two are torn apart for another love triangle which isn’t nearly as well written as the love triangle in season 1, but even the Mary/Bash/Francis love triangle was problematic, but it looks near perfect compared to the mess that is Conde/Mary/Francis. Mary gives big speeches and likes to remind people that’s she a queen but she NEVER does anything ANYONE in charge would do, she only thinks about herself, and is a HORRIBLE queen, wife, friend, and person. 

Do we get to see Kenna and Bash work out married life? Nope. They’re barely in the first few episodes though they seem pretty happy there, but then out of nowhere romantic bullshit angst comes along and ruins everything for no apparent reason other than to create more romantic drama. WHY??? Neither Kenna or Bash have learned anything from this, every episode is nearly the same with the two of them, and they haven’t grown at all, in fact all of the character development and progression they’ve made has disappeared and they’ve since become shallow remains of themselves. Instead of being loyal and fierce, Kenna is now all about sex. Instead of being brave, caring, and everyone’s favorite Bastard, Bash has become…a whiny, boring bastard. 

Lola has grown some this season, but the only time her character has anything to do is when she’s with a man, like Francis or Narcisse, and even those scenes have forced romantic undertones. 

Instead of giving Louis Bourbon a personality, we instead are subjected to his wanting sex and power while furrowing his eyebrows constantly, This character could have been freaking amazing, one the audience could root for and feel sorry for at the same time, but now…he’s so boring…and most of the viewers can’t wait until he dies, in fact they’re counting down the days. He wasn’t built up as a proper villain, he wasn’t given anything really, instead the writers pushed him together with Mary and then with Elizabeth instead of developing his character, giving him a reason to do what he does, and feel the way he does. It’s so disappointing because I think the real Louis de Bourbon is one of the most fascinating figures from this time period, a man who inspired people, had charisma, was a good leader, a heroic underdog at war with his religious beliefs and his lustful side while trying to survive in a country that wants him and all others that share his beliefs dead. How could the writers have messed up such a wonderful character? I don’t know how it’s possible, but they have screwed up every single amazing storyline that was gift wrapped and left at their doorstep, which they then decided to stomp on, piss on, and then hand back to the viewers. How is it possible for them to screw almost everything up? You’d think it’d be impossible, but by god they’ve done it somehow. 

And all of this focus on love triangles and boring characters’ boring love lives is soooooo boooooring and repetitive, it makes the plot move at a glacial pace, most episodes end up feeling the same or are filled with repetitive or filler scenes which are nearly the same as what we just saw in the episode before. The writers have more than proven they can’t handle love triangles and these sort of story lines, and yet they focus on them time and time again, moving away from this show’s strengths and the writers’ strengths. 

How is it possible for the writers to continually screw up this much? 


Mary Stuart’s ode on the death of her husband, King Francis II (requested by mariavalois)

In my sad, quiet song,
A melancholy air,
I shall look deep and long
At loss beyond compare,
And with bitter tears,
I’ll pass my best years.

In my springtime’s gladness
And flower of my young heart,
I feel the deepest sadness
Of the most grievous hurt.
Nothing now my heart can fire
But regret and desire.

In my unwonted pain
I can no more be still,
Rising time and again
To drive away my ill.
All things good and bad
Have lost the taste they had.

I shall cease my song now,
My sad lament shall end.
Whose burden aye shall show
True love can not pretend
And, though we are apart,
Grows no less in my heart.