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I always see Derek whenever there's a superman gif and its just so surreal to see the dark brooding werewolf smiling and happy

i just picture stiles being his douchy self and crushing-hating the actor derek hale who plays superman, and stiles is a fanboy of cavill because that’s a hunk and this dude just won’t cut it…. until he accidentally meets derek hale the broody actor who’s on a coffee run and he hasn’t shaved, his hair’s longer than on screen and just got his moka frappuccino crushed on his chest… stiles ends up taking off his plaid and offering to this random dude, who can’t even fit one of his arms on it, on a Wednesday… Two years later they are married.

MS MR • Tumblr IRL

For years, MS MR has been using their Tumblr to show you what tickles their creative brains. It’s as if you could look at it and know what their music sounds like. Well, MS MR have new music, and it sounds even better than they blog. 

The band has worked with kidmograph to create a very special visual show, which you can check out here. And if you can get to SEATTLE on Thursday, August 6, you can see, hear and feel it all in real life.

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 @ 7:30pm
The Sky Church @ EMP Museum
325 5th Ave. N.
eattle, WA


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