MS MR • Tumblr IRL

For years, MS MR has been using their Tumblr to show you what tickles their creative brains. It’s as if you could look at it and know what their music sounds like. Well, MS MR have new music, and it sounds even better than they blog. 

The band has worked with kidmograph to create a very special visual show, which you can check out here. And if you can get to SEATTLE on Thursday, August 6, you can see, hear and feel it all in real life.

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 @ 7:30pm
The Sky Church @ EMP Museum
325 5th Ave. N.
eattle, WA


Entry is limited to capacity, so get there early to ensure success.

Get the new album, How Does it Feel right here

Refreshments to be provided by frappuccino.

P.S. Tell your friends!!

I’ve had a few vanilla bean frappuccinos from starbucks lately and now I’m craving them so muuuuch. damn the suburbs not having starbucks close by  

Name: thea
Time: 00:46
Last Thing I googled: UCAS track
Gender: female
Sexuality: fuck knows
Height: 5′2
Favorite Color: Pink
One thing that makes me happy: my very soft comfort blanket
Movie: Great Gatsby
Last Book: Artemis Fowl 4
Most used phrase: rip
Beverage: caramel frappuccino
Food: sushi
Dream wedding: big and white and puffy
Dream job: writer who gets paid moneeeeeey

I wasn’t tagged by anyone and I’m not tagging anyone just let me talk about myself

Me: I have a venti latte for Greg!

Customer: Uh, is this the caramel frapuccino?

Me: (Stares down at HOT CUP) Uh, no. That’s a latte.

Customer: So is that mine?

Me: (Beginning to think he had multiple drinks in his order) Are you Greg? *Points to name on cup*

Customer: No.

Me: …Well, then that is not yours.

Customer: Yeah but if that’s the frappuccino, its mine.

Me: (Starting to get pissed off) Sir. That is a HOT LATTE. FOR GREG.

Customer rolls eyes.

Ya know. Cause I’M the one that’s wrong.