Sleepy and cozy, 1 day post-op!!!

There are so many bandages under this recovery binder that it actually feels like my chest is bigger than it was prior to surgery haha. It actually doesn’t hurt to much though!!! The pain meds help a lot and I’m able to get in and out of bed on my own already. :) Also Anna is coming over soon to bring me a frappuccino and hang out with me. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!!!!! It’s so hard not to try and peak haha.

Edit: okay to reblog! My pronouns are they/them :)

A Day in the Life: John Hastings

Actor John Hastings is currently touring in New York with The Merchant of Venice Company.

New York: Placéd in my constant soul

Picture the scene: an actor with a full and luxuriant Shakespearean beard - or ‘Shakesbeard’, if you will - is sitting in a busy coffee house across from his New York hotel, frantically trying to come up with a first line to his ‘Day in the Life’ blog. It is his first day off after a jampacked week in the city that never sleeps. Five intense days of performances in the Rose Theater at the Lincoln Center have come and gone. The constant cries of ‘Frappuccino!’, ‘Your change!’ and ‘John!’ echo around the walls. The cries of ‘John!’ become more insistent. Wait. John? That’s me! My life-giving caffeine is finally ready and gratefully received. I rush back to my corner table, clutching the hot liquid stimulant protectively with a quietly uttered ‘Myyy precioussssss…’

My day always starts with coffee. On a show day, I like to get up as early as my body will allow (usually around 8am) and, having already scouted the area for a coffee shop, go and park myself there for an hour while I review emails, tour schedules and figure out what tourist-y things to squeeze in before we are called to the theatre. If feeling particularly energetic, I use the hotel gym. I made a solemn promise to myself not to allow the many excesses of touring life to warp my body shape and, so far, have successfully staved off America’s constant attack on my waistline.

When we first arrived in New York, we had two days off to acclimatise while the venue was being prepared. Like excited schoolchildren, we rushed to all corners of the city and crammed in as much as possible. A highlight for me was taking the Staten Island ferry. There is something indescribably moving about passing the Statue of Liberty on the way to Manhattan. You can almost feel the many generations of new arrivals staring at the Big Green Lady along with you. It fills you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

After the two days off, we had our first day in the New York venue where we spent the morning doing a line run of the show while the crew put the finishing touches to the set. This was followed by a technical rehearsal where we familiarised ourselves with the space, adjusted lighting, sound, music and made sure that all of the exits and entrances were working. Once that was all secure, we had a quick dinner break before it was time to get into costume and do our first show. The Globe’s production of The Merchant of Venice had arrived.

Traditionally, the Globe has not had a full understudy set up for the majority of its shows, but, under Emma Rice, that has changed. My role on this tour is to be part of the Ensemble (various servants, a jailer, a very snappily dressed Venetian guard etc) and to understudy five parts. Though the focus is obviously on the show in its normal state, we have one or two understudy rehearsals a week to make sure that we know the exact path of each character covered. It also provides a welcome opportunity to fully explore each part out loud instead of, as I often do, muttering the lines as I walk down the street (near my London home, there are several people who think I am the local nutter).

When the show is up and running, I like to spend as much time as possible backstage running the lines along with the scenes. It’s very important to get the rhythm of the actor you are covering so if they do have a random mishap and you have to go on, you don’t then make it difficult for the other actors by drastically altering the established fabric of the play. Outside of the theatre, I make a concerted effort to look over at least one of my understudy tracks every day, ensuring the lines are there and mentally mapping out the geography of each scene.

The show comes down at around 10.30pm and I like to have a wind-down drink after the intensity of Shakespeare’s Venice. New York is such a melting pot of a city and there is something for everyone, but I tended to go for the quieter dive bars rather than raucous music venues. Our next stop is Washington DC. I cannot wait.

Want to see The Merchant of Venice on its UK and international tour? See where the company will be playing. 

The Merchant of Venice will play in the Globe Theatre from Tuesday 4 October until Saturday 15 October. Book tickets. 

(Photo © Marc Brenner)  

[30 Questions]

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1. let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now? im not really confused about anything right now? 

2. what were you doing at 11 PM last night? i was trying to sleep because i had work the next day. the key word here is trying, i didn’t really sleep at all…

3. how do you feel about 3 AM? im impartial about it. i don’t really care? 

4. I bet you kissed someone last night, right? hahahahaha no

5. you can drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? green tea frappuccino

6. do you like hickeys? i guess so? never really had one so i dunno BUT they seem nice and look kinda cool ehhh

7. is there someone who continuously lets you down? me.

8. do you always answer your texts? yes

9. last time you talked to one of your best friends? uhh

10. are you a silent or talkative person? i don’t talk a lot so i’m a silent person

11. is anyone else in the room with you? just my sisters

12. do you cry easily? it’ll depend on what is happening

13. what is your family like? overbearing, annoying, ughhhh. regardless, i still like them

14. what was your last text message? the times for my bus

15. most embarrassing moment? too many

16. if you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get? eyebrow?? i dunno. i dont really think of this!

17. honestly, what’s on your mind right now? what i am gonna do tomorrow

18. where are you going on your next vacation? haven’t thought about it

19. where have you lived most of your life? metro vancouver, canada

20. do you curse around your parents? hahaha do you want me to get killed?

21. are you happy with where you live? ehh it’s alright, could be better but i’ll take what i can get

22. words you can’t spell half of the time? i dk

23. what were you doing last night at 12 AM? read question 2.

24. do you cook? kinda

25. name four things that you wish you had. a better life, a new 3ds xl, ps4, more money

26. ever meet anyone you met on tumblr? i wish

27. how is your hair? very long, it ends at half of my back? i plan to cut it soon.

28. think back to January 2007, were you single? yes.

29. are you nice to everyone? eh

30. how do you feel about sea aquariums? i love them. i love water pokem– i mean animals :)

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Overwatch-Themed Frappuccino Series

Disclaimer: While I am a Starbucks employee, these cups and drink recipes are purely fan-made. They are not official drinks, but I will post how to order below if anyone is interested in trying one. This is all in good fun! Some drinks in this series are simple modifications on existing drinks. Some (later on) may be difficult to order or rather expensive.

#1: Genji Shimada 

  • Green tea frappuccino 
  • with white mocha instead of classic syrup 
  • matcha powder sprinkled on top

Sweet and refreshing with notes of green tea!


i am a very tired barista who has had one too many ppl come in and say they want “a coffee” but they really mean that they want a latte. im gonna break this down real quick:

Latte - espresso shots and steamed milk with foam on top
Mocha - chocolate, espresso shots, and steamed milk with whipped cream on top
Americano - espresso shots and water (tastes better than it sounds, trust me)
Cappuccino - espresso shots with a tiny bit of steamed milk. half the cup is filled with foam. unless u really like a mouthful of foam, this drink is a waste of ur time
Frappe/Frappuccino - a ton of sugar, espresso shots, and milk blended with ice. usually topped with whipped cream and drizzle (literally these things are more sugar than coffee)
Macchiato - this one is kind of up in the air. every place makes it differently but basically its an un stirred latte with less milk, usually comes with caramel drizzle and vanilla flavor.
Coffee - also called house coffee, drip coffee, etc. when u tell a barista u want a coffee theyre going to think u mean drip coffee. as in the kind u make at home with a machine. never use the word coffee as a general term for every coffee drink when ur in a coffee shop, the barista will think u mean drip coffee and youll end up with a drink u didnt want. oh, and a fun tip: house coffee actually has more caffeine in it than espresso does.

i dont work for starbucks, this is a general guide for what these drinks are at most coffee shops. and hey–if ur confused about what a drink is, ask the barista! its their job to know what these drinks are and if they dont kno theyre probably new so cut them a lil slack.


Despite showing up to the party hella late (Saturday afternoon to be exact) My family an I still managed to have a skele-TON of fun at AMW this year! And i gotta say this is the biggest project that i have ever tackled. 3 cosplays done in a  month was asking a lot, but through pure determination, a little help from my family, and way to many double-shot caramel frappuccinos, I actually succeeded in making all 3 ;w;. (we hit a few snags with Paps armor but that will be fixed for future cons ;P along with some cosmic eye socket lights for all 3 oooooooo :3c ) 

Undertale captured my heart, and here i show my token of appreciation. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to challenge myself <3 

And thank you to the lovely con goers that helped us take these pictures, if not for you we would be pictureless!  

The Great Papyrus: Me! Purpledragoncaptor

Sans The Skeleton: @arseniccatbug

W.D. Gaster: Our super cool Mother ;P 

AMW 2016

krazykomodosfm  asked:

Tracer drink plez?

Try this!

This is not based on a menu drink, so it’s a little more difficult to order. Try to be considerate and patient with your barista and let them know you have a special recipe. 

  • State Size: (Tall, Grande, or Venti)
  • Creme-Base Frappuccino 
  • Orange Mango to the Bottom Line of the Cup
  • Whole Milk to the Second Line of the Cup
  • With Vanilla Bean Powder 
    • [The standards are 2 scoops for a tall, 3 for a grande, and 4 for a venti]
  • With Whip Cream and Cinnamon Dolce Topping/Sprinkles

It’s a surprisingly light drink and has a citrus/mango kick to it! There’s also no caffeine in this one. Crisp and refreshing! 

I’m going to be compiling a list and reposting the drinks in this series with cup art and a more uniform design. To give credit where credit is due, this has become a collaboration with a coworker. These drinks are fan-made recipes by two baristas and are not affiliated with Blizzard or Starbucks.