Magickal Frappuccinos!

As a witch and an avid coffee lover, I felt like its time for some frappuccino magick (and some suggested stones you can pair with them)!

A little disclaimer - No, I am not being paid to post this or anything… I just really like coffee. 😊

☕ Caramel - Bring some sweetness into your day! Caramel is sticky and sweet, so drink some to attract positivity and comfort to stick with you throughout the day! You could also drink it while you’re studying to help things stick in your brain. Pair with sodalite.

☕ Chai Creme - Don’t you mean the perfect spiced up love potion in coffee form?? This frappuccino uses a spicy chai tea which contains black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, star anise, and pepper aka your perfect blend of passion, charm, courage, lust, and aphrodisiacs.. *wink wink*. Pair with garnet.

☕ Cinnamon Dolce - On the go? Pairing cinnamon, coffee, and sugary goodness is great for boosting your energy! Relaxing? Who doesn’t love a warm cinnamon-y sugar feeling? You can also use this beverage to bring peace and relaxation! Pair with carnelian / blue lace agate. 

☕ Coffee - Coffee is fantastic for mental clarity and grounding. If you’re having one of those days, get some coffee and go for a walk. Take advantage of the boosted alertness to enjoy nature, clear your mind, and overcome any internal blockages. Pair with hematite.

☕ Cotton Candy - (Does not contain caffeine) This vanilla and raspberry frappuccino is perfect for two things: peace and love. Vanilla’s calming aroma paired with this fruit of patience encourages peace of mind. On the other hand, vanilla’s loving vibrations paired with raspberries’ fidelity give you a perfect romance drink. (Raspberries are also used with pregnancy spells which is great because it is also caffeine free!) Pair with moonstone.

☕ Green Tea - Matcha green tea is great for healing! It boosts immunity, reduces bad cholesterol, promotes healthy cell growth, is high in antioxidants, and helps you to relax if you are tense. When drinking, you can see your beverage cleansing and detoxing with every sip you take. Pair with bloodstone. 

☕ Java Chip and Mocha - One word: chocolate. These two frappuccinos are practically the same thing except one has chocolate chips in it, so I’m going to group them together. Chocolate is all about love and friendship, and people often give or receive chocolate as rewards. Pair it with a self-love bath and indulge. You deserve it! Pair with rhodonite. 

☕ Midnight Mint - How about a minty sweet cleanse? Mint is all about protection and cleansing, and when paired with chocolate brings a little positivity with it. Mint is also great for breaking spells, hexes, and jinxes, so if you’re feeling a bit wary, go grab yourself a drink! Pair with black tourmaline.

☕ Pumpkin Spice - The perfect drink around Samhain to give you all your favorite fall spices in one! Pumpkins are fantastic for bringing some money your way especially when paired with the other spices in your PSF. On top of that, pumpkins are great for divination. Tarot readings in Starbucks, anyone? Pair with aventurine. 

☕ Strawberries & Creme - (Does not contain caffeine) Strawberries are very similar to raspberries correspondence wise. This drink is great for innocent or platonic love and happiness! Pair this drink with a friendship spell, or just grab one with your best bud. Pair with rose quartz.

☕ Vanilla Bean -(Does not contain caffeine) Vanilla is always known for its amazing aroma! This drink is fantastic to drink for positivity, whether for yourself, or paired with a spell for others or your home. Pair with amethyst.

☕ White Chocolate Mocha - I love white chocolate for glamour! Just like regular chocolate, it brings positivity, but white chocolate has a sweeter and lighter taste to it. Drink this in the morning to give yourself some boosted confidence and self-positivity for the day! Pair with selenite.

Added note: You can always switch out regular milk for almond milk! Almond milk is great for wisdom, prosperity, fruitfulness, and healing. 

Drink up and enjoy!

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DIY Black Frappuccino!

It’s too hot for black lattes, so let’s make a black frappuccino! ☕

MBTI & Starbucks Happy Hour

DISCLAIMER: Based on a true story. This post is not sponsored by Starbucks (although that would be nice, just sayin’) ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

INFJ: pays for their co-worker because they forgot their wallet and INFJ always gives them benefit of the doubt

INTJ: did not notice and did not care until it became a mandatory office Starbucks Run

INFP: was the first one to mention that Happy Hour was back, first one to go to the meeting spot, and last one to buy their drink out of politeness

INTP: caves under pressure and orders the most boring drink on the planet because they were taking too long to decide

ISFJ: tells the group that they left cookies back at the office which would pair nicely with the frappuccinos

ISTJ: orders the same frappuccino every single time during Happy Hour, always at 3:10 p.m.

ISFP: loads up their frappuccino with lots of syrups to experiment with flavors and shares their drink with the rest of the group

ISTP: didn’t come to work today but gets spotted at the restaurant next to Starbucks

ENFJ: asks everyone what they are going to order before they order as conversation

ENTJ: tries to haggle with the barista, successfully claims a free drink based on a technicality

ENFP: buys a frappuccino but forgets to claim it from the counter because they get distracted by conversation

ENTP: causes a heated debate on which is the best frappuccino that ends with ENTP being told to shut up

ESFJ: helped organize the office Starbucks run

ESTJ: during check-out, casually suggests a couple of ways Starbucks could better re-organize themselves given the chaos of Happy Hour and low-key lands a job interview

ESFP: gets hit on by the barista, leaves with a free drink

ESTP: flirts with the barista, leaves with a free drink (it belongs to ENFP)

Lori Aquino said the Unicorn Frappuccino caught her eye on social media. Then people at work were talking about it.

“I saw it was coming out today, so I decided to try it,” Aquino said at a Washington, D.C., Starbucks. “I’ll probably put it on Snapchat or Instagram.”

She bought one to share with her two coworkers.

And the verdict?

“It’s kinda nasty,” Aquino said.

Letitia Winston agreed: “Nope. That will not be something I come looking for.”

But Moriam Animashaun was more forgiving. “It’s not bad,” she said. “It’s just really sweet.”

Unicorn Frappuccino: A Digital Age Drink

Photo: Amy Held/NPR

Frappuccinos for the signs

Aries: Chai Crème

Taurus: Red Velvet

Gemini: Butterbeer

Cancer: Birthday Cake

Leo: Cookie Dough

Virgo: Green Tea

Libra: Cinnamon Roll

Scorpio: Midnight Mint Mocha

Sagittarius: S’mores

Capricorn: Lemon Bar Crème

Aquarius: Oreo

Pisces: Unicorn