Had a good day with Amanda today. Actually wasn’t that awkward, I mean wasn’t awkward at all. I thought it would be though cos we hardly know each other that well but In fact we’re really similar! WY was gonna come too but apparently fajitas are more important. Lmao. Fajitas actually seem like a good idea right now, well not right now cos it’s nearly 3am but I want fajitas for lunch tomorrow now.

Took the train today by myself for the first time, haha yes I’m seventeen and I don’t think I’ve ever taken the train myself… It’s cos I used to be a bus person but trains seem like the better option now. Got to Central for free as well - ticket guy never came so it’s their fault.

Had McDs for lunch, yes we’re so healthy. & done some shopping today, Amanda finally got her hat that’s she’s been wanting along with other stuff that were on sale but I was only out for leggings. Somebody get me a job? I’d really appreciate the money….so I can buy more clothes.. Lol…

Went to Starbucks and I got a caramel frappacino. Omg yum. Just yum. We had a wee gossip and got to know her more. I mean we text everyday but I’ve only known her for less than a year and not really got to know her till today.