Me trying to explain a kid hater why he should care people are reporting him. I swear to dear freckled jesus I tried.

He’s just 13 yrs old, so the replies are actually something you would expect from an kid.

Interesting enough the third message he didn’t want to post in his blog.

And I think he still didn’t get my “college library” analogy in the first ask XD

Terminated Spammers

For those who met the spammer franzferdifan (13 yrs old kid making a lot of fuss), his blog was deleted after people reported him.

If you check the list of spammers that you put on the ignore list, you’ll discover that many of them had their blog terminated, such as truererifactz, rnonarchy (all her blogs), artificialcarpet and socialjellicentwarrior, if not they stopped spamming.

Report. If you see an spammer, ask them to stop spamming and if they refuse make an report. In the worst cases, send screenshots to the tumblr staff via e-mail. They will take down their blogs in few days.


I hope you take that as a warning. The tumblr staff do not agree with that shit about ereri being against the tumblr’s guidelines (obviously), and they do not accept spam no matter your excuse for it, and THEY WILL END YOUR BLOG if you keep spamming.

And if you don’t know, tumblr can and will block your IP adress if they think it’s needed, and that means that you won’t be able to make anymore new accounts. So, if you still want to have fun on tumblr I suggest you guys to follow the damn Community Guidelines.

It’s time for the spammers to realize that no matter how gross they think our ships are, tumblr does not accept spam.

Spammers, it’s time for you to realize that no matter how much you hate us and our ships, you’re the only one at wrong here and tumblr made that pretty clear already.

Told you guys that this war was over before even starting.

PS: franzferdifan, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but I told you so.