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I long for you. I, who usually long without longing as though I am unconscious and absorbed in neutrality and apathy, really, utterly, long for you // Franz Kafka.


But you can’t love someone back to life

Annabel Scholey as Antoinette de Bourbon / Henry Cavill as Claude de Guise 


I KNEW IT I FUCKING KNEW IT I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY but yEAH. GUYS. FRANZ LISZT’S VOICE IS OUT THERE ON WAX CYLINDER AND I AM FREAKING OUT OKAY LIKE. I was gonna type this out as I was listening to him but i couldn’t because holy shit his voice is everything I could ever wish for I swear I could feel myself melting in my chair. It’s really hard to hear because wax cylinder recordings are all crackly and shit but Liszt’s voice has this really chocolatey, buttery quality to it, like his piano hands are caressing your vocal cords as he speaks. g o d.  G O D. It’s as though he came back to life and is seducing people all over again.