franz ferdinand 30 day challenge

Franz Ferdinand 30 Day Challenge
Day 21: I became a Franz fan because…

…I have never had a real favorite band … I was always looking for a band that play rock, but not hard, that have the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and main singer have beautiful voice. Music must be full of bright rhythm and juicy guitar riffs, and the texts must have deep sense. I wanted to find something in songs, something from within, maybe text, melody, or more often, some unexplained energy. My favorite band should have the style, unique style, both in music and in philosophy, and clothes too. But the most important factor - my favorite group should consist of smart, erudite, a little strange, as we all do, and very interesting people. Also I would not like arrogant musicians, who consider themselves above the fans. And, of course, their music should give sincere pleasure, and not just because it is fashionable, because it is classic or something like that. That is my picture of perfect band. And one day I found it! I discovered them better and screamed - here it is, here it is group of my dreams! So sorry that I have learned about Franz Ferdinand so late (year and 2 months) :( But I hope still rejoice to the new album with other fans and go to Franz concert… because 10 years for band - it isn’t much ;)

Franz Ferdinand 30 Day Challenge
Day 5: Favorite picture of Nick McCarthy.

I took this photo in 2009. Nick had injured his ankle, so he was confined to a chair on stage. Still, he managed to give out that burst of energy that he does when on stage. During one of the songs, he smiled and put his foot up on the keyboard while playing and waving. It was such a cute moment, and Nick obviously didn’t let his injury slow him down.

Franz Ferdinand 30 Day Challenge
Day 26: The saddest thing you heard about them

Without taking into account all the gossips, I was most upset when I heard that Alex thinks that FF are a pop group. Well, what kind of pop? Their music isn’t shallow. However, if we follow Kapranos’ definition: “We play real pop music. It appeals directly to the natural people’s instincts. If you wiggle your foot to the music - it is pop”, - it becomes clear that he is right.  The only thing he made wrong in my opinion, it's  the choise of the word. To me, this definition corresponds to the rock ‘n’ roll. And then it all fits … well, with explaining is not so bad, but still  somewhere at the subconscious level my ears are jarred when i hear comparison to pop, even if I realize that implication is different.

P.S. I should get used to Alex’ philosophy already, haha…

but actually the saddest thing about FF is that they’ll never come to my country and I’ll…probably will never see them…*sobs*  sorry

Franz Ferdinand 30 Day Challenge
Day 16: Favorite band before Franz Ferdinand

- I’ve always loved music. I listened to the songs of different performers and enjoyed them and that’s all. But I have never had a real favorite band. I was never interested in life, philosophy, and human qualities of musicians. But one day I found a live performance of the song with a beautiful solo at the end (it was What She Came for). Then I found an interview with singer and was impressed by his intelligence and sense of humor. After that it all started. They are still my only favorite band and I am proud to be fan of smart, humorous, charming, and good guys who play music that gets to the heart and gives incredible energy.

*I can talk about them endlessly* :D