Okay but
Don’t Imagine spark having real low self because his team gets made fun of a lot
Don’t Imagine him hating him self because he can’t battle well
Don’t imagine him trying to dress tough to cover his insecurities
Don’t imagine him always being in the other twos shadows and being ok with it because he knows he’s not as good
Don’t imagine him being really sad after seeing his pokemons health after a battle and frantically trying to bring them back to good heath
Don’t imagine it. Don’t do it

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Hi Jessa! Hope you're doing great. Sorry to bug you, and I've said this before, Electra is the best fan fic I've read, and so I was wondering do you have something you can share? 3 sentences? A paragraph? A dialogue? Something? I am dying here! And I'm sure I'm not alone. Pretty please? 🙏🙏🙏

You’re not bothering me at all. Here’s a little kissy action for you: 

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i don’t like musical theatre. i don’t know wh- *trips* *hundreds of playbills fall out of pockets* fuCK these aren’t mine *sweating* *tries to pick up playbills* i swear they aren’t mine. i’m just holding them for a frien- *more playbills fall out of pockets* FUCK. i really don’t like musical theatre. *frantically tries to pick up playbills, but fails miserably* *playbills slide all across the floor* well shit.

You Don’t Have to Worry

Member: Wonwoo (Seventeen)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1103

This is super late and I feel bad but here it is! Also I feel like this is really basic and predictable but I didn’t know what to do pls forgive me T^T Tell me if it’s okay! Opinions are always appreciated! -Admin Madi =^-^=

Frantically pacing back and forth as you stared down at the phone in your hand, you anxiously bit at your nails. Why wasn’t he here? Wonwoo specifically said that he would meet you at 2:30 at your apartment and yet, here he was missing in action. Surely, nothing had happened…Could he have forgotten that fast? Sighing and tugging at loose strands of hair out of frustration, you decided to give him a call.

No answer.

“I swear to god Wonwoo…” Calling him time after time again, you were about to give up before you heard a weak groan from the other line.

“Wonwoo!? Where are you? Are you okay? Please don’t tell me you’re in a ditch somewhe-”

“Y/N-ah, I’m not in a ditch. Stop worrying!” Weakly laughing as he held his stomach, he continued. “I’m just not feeling great. I think I might’ve caught something, I’m really sorry.”

“Oh Won, do you want me to come over? Ah, don’t answer that. I’m on my way.”

“No no…Ah, would you mind?” Snuggling further into the covers and pouting, he whispered. “I miss you.”

Your heart fluttered as you ended the call, staring at the device that lay in hand. “I miss you too.”


30 minutes later and you found yourself on his doorstep, fiddling with your key. Finally hearing the satisfying click and turning the knob, you entered quietly. “Wonwoo?”

No answer.

“Why am I not surprised?” Laughing softly as you laid down your bags on his table, you tip toed through the hallway, heading straight for the one place you knew he would be; bed.

Being careful not to make too much noise, you held the knob as you pushed open the door, wincing at the creak that pursued.

Wonwoo turned ever so slowly, a lazy grin spread across his features, “You came.”

“Jeon Wonwoo!” Gently nudging his hips as you sat on the edge of the mattress, you laughed. “Of course I came! Did you think I wouldn’t show up?”

Watching his fringe fall into his eyes as he nodded made you frown and you felt yourself reaching out to touch his face. “Who’s the worrier now, hm?”

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Kyan raced through the snow covered forest on the outskirts of Moonlight Falls, excited to finally go ice skating. With snow crunching beneath his feet, heart pounding a frantic rhythm, he quickly outpaced his fathers.

From somewhere behind him, he heard Jules muffled voice telling him to wait up, followed by Draco’s laughter.

Breaking through the trees he first noticed the frozen pond, followed by the realization that he wasn’t alone. Widened green eyes were the only indication of the other boys surprise, quickly masked by a blank expression. He turned away, once more facing the pond intent on ignoring Kyan.

a love that runs deeper than valleys

read it on the AO3 at

by yesterdays (ihavetoomuchfreetime)

It’s half past four in the morning when Sam gets a call from Bucky.

Sam isn’t a violent man, by nature, but right now, he’d want nothing more than to shut Bucky’s dick in a metal door.

“What,” Sam begins, voice tired and groggy and a million per cent unimpressed, “the fuck do you want?”

“Sam, oh my god,” Bucky begins, sounding frantic. “He painted a 6 ft by 6ft portrait of me using only coffee, and he gave me roses again and the card had nothing but a love heart, and he keeps kissing me on the cheek and then running away? He made me – made me – an oak menorah, and!” He takes a deep breath, “he knitted me - when the fuck did he learn how to knit, Sam? – an exact replica of the quilt we had on the couch in our first apartment!”

Sam blinks, and looks at his clock. It is far too early to deal with this shit. “…Okay?”

“Sam! What do I do?!”

or a fic in which Bucky is paranoid, Sam is tired, and Steve is an in-love, weird, sappy little shit.

Words: 1843, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at


Eden was in her bed, underneath multiple blankets, hugging her plushies. When Greed had tucked her in she had seemed fine, but now she was getting tense, whimpering in her sleep.

The air was stale. Hot and humid, but unmoving. The only sounds in her ears were the low hum of machines and her own breaths, which sounded shaky in her ears. There was a constant pressure around her neck, she let out a whine and suddenly there was a jolt and white hot pain assaulted her nerves. Where’s Dad and Papa? Where am I? Eden thought, frantically, whimpering softly as she panted for breath. She opened her eyes and her unfocused vision was almost too hazy to see her surroundings, but she recognized enough. Her breathing picked up, fear flooding her veins.

The sound of a metal door opening was no new noise to her, but it was unwelcome. The sound of boots clicking on the floor made her gulp. She clenched her eyes shut as she heard the door of the cage she was in open, yelped as her hair was grabbed and she was yanked out.

The face of her nightmares was suddenly in her face, the head scientist smirking at her. “You may have escaped once, but you won’t again, little fox. You wouldn’t have anywhere to run to, since we killed your little ‘family.’” He growled in her face, starting to drag her out-

Eden awoke with a scream, only recently healed hands clawing at her throat, leaving angry red lines

Please, Daddy

T.O.P | Smut | Completed

Requested by @christinarusher (I apologize for the wait)

Warnings: Daddy!Kink, Bestfriend!T.O.P, Slight Exhibition/Humiliation, Hair Pulling, Multiple Orgasms, Spanking, Fingering, Dry Humping/Humping, Oral Sex, Thigh Riding Anal Sex, Slight Saliva Play, and a dash of Begging

A/N: This is exactly how to NOT do anal sex and for Christ Sakes’ do not have sex where anyone can see you.

You felt your heart sink as you grasped at the undeniable emptiness within the drawer of your antique nightstand. Your beloved diary that withheld all of your secrets had vanished into thin air, and panic was starting to kick in.

Your hands clung to your head as you pulled at your hair, frantically, your heart racing like no other.

You see, it wasn’t just a diary. It was a fenceless playground for all of your sexual fantasies. Said fantasies, of course, centering around your best friend, Choi Seunghyun, and your never ending want to be fucked good and hard by him while you called him daddy… 

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Enchanted Forest AU set in modern times

After being pissed off by Ferid, Mikaela decides he needed a walk so he exits the cabin and then eventually gets lost in the woods. To his incredible misfortune, Mika gets caught in a storm and frantically searches for shelter. He then finds a little wooden house in the forest. Luckily when he knocked, somebody answered and…wait what, it’s a child? And wait what…are those pointed ears?

Yuuichirou is an innocent sprite who had just moved in to his own house. He was warned about humans, how they waste everything and trash and destroy the forest, but Yuu, young and inexperienced as he is, is quite a curious one. So when somebody stumbles upon his home, he asks them nonchalantly. “So you are human?” “Why are you here?” “Do you really intend on destroying the forest?” “Why are you glowing?”

Mikaela just wants a shelter from the rain.

[i can’t sleep last night so i did this lol what even]
Mika isn’t really glowing. He’s just gorgeous and Yuu can’t find the right words xD


Sometimes you think parts of your internet presence are forgotten and then you accidentally delete a 6 year old playlist from your 8tracks and someone emails you, frantic, for a copy because it’s “very very very important” to them. Nobody forgets anything! My high school mixes have meaning!


the mind rots
with frantic display,
breathing in Morse Code 
to decipher the heart.

the thoughts sharpen 
to tangle into the mingle
of our separation,
but is executed
before your touch 

The dreams die
when you seed
yourself into even
the sweetness 
of sleep,
casting the lungs 
a baited jail
of breathless deny.

the arms detach 
to reach for stars
with your fingerprints 
inking the sky.
Your blinding light -
It burns and 
pricks at the 

The mind rots again,
with your numbing
rejections and 
warm, toxic 
the gift of
a thousand poisons 

and death, you have given me
to drink for centuries
once more.

- Y.M © N.O.V, if only you loved me too

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85 with Giriboy please :) ❤️

85. The best thing in the world is waking up beside you

Your fingers searched frantically for your alarm as your boyfriend was still snoring besides you, how could he sleep through this? You finally managed to turn the alarm off and you fell back into your pillow. The thought of leaving your warm and soft bed made your heart hurt.

“Babe?” Siyoung mumbled into your neck, his breath tickling your skin.

“Yeah?” His arms were wrapped again your waist and his body pressed against your back. He was like a sleepy child when he first work up. He would need at least 2 cups of coffee before he was fully awake. But for the moment he was clingy, enjoying being close to you before going to work.

“I love waking up besides you.” Feeling yourself smiling at his words, you hid your blushing face into your covers and held back your giggle.

“Why?” You asked, expecting a romantic answer that was going to make you fall in love with him all over again.

“Because the beds always warm.”

Close enough.

You know how there is one guardian on the other team who has it out for you, and you just KNOW it because he is climbing over obstacles to get YOU. Yeah, that happened last match. 

Here is a bit of a back story. A few matches BEFORE, a Titan barely got away from his death by my hand and he decided to dance at my ghost. “Oh…okay.” So, I eventually find him again (I didn’t actively hunt him down, but if I saw his name I knew what I was going to do). He is low on health hiding under a ledge and I stab him in the head for the kill. I dance in front of his ghost.

Fast forward two or so matches… I can tell he his frustrated with me as I keep killing him with Ironwreath, because while playing Vertigo; when he spots me, he just GUNS for me. He is frantically jumping over things to get me. He eventually got me once with just outside the range of his Fist of Havoc. 

I thought it was a fun game of cat and mouse.

Legacy Play - Generation 4 - Dwyer / Bartlett Family  

Gina woke up late that morning. Her body ached from yesterday evening’s frantic raid of the jewellers in magnolia promenade.

She’d had to climb through a small window and had nearly become wedged in it thanks to her rounded rear end. 

Gina: Eugh, I’m so glad I have the day off today. I need a rest!

Making Out with Sami Zayn Would Include;

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

  • Butt grabs
  • Lip biting
  • His hands teasingly going under your shirt and his nails scraping gently against your skin
  • Loving the feeling of his beard against your jaw
  • Sweet pecks that turn into urgent and passionate kisses
  • When he gets drunk, his kisses are teeth clashing and frantic
  • Grinding on him gently when your straddling him on a couch
  • His hands on your jaw or the back of your head, holding you securely to him
  • Yours always on his waist or his chest, loving to feel his heartbeat
  • Deep breaths in the midst of making out because you can’t breathe
  • He loves to pick you up and wrap your legs around your waist
  • Lazy Sunday morning kisses in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee to brew in one of his shirts
  • Kisses outside in the snow after he accidentally throws a snowball and it hits you square in the face
  • Bathtub kisses
  • Kisses at one in the morning when he can’t sleep
  • His hands going under the bottom of your shorts to feel you
  • You’re both not big fans of using tongue
  • Gently brushing your lips against one another after a fight to be cautious
Great Excitement Under The Tree
  • Great Excitement Under The Tree
  • Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura

Soldam (Mega System 1), 1992
Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura

WHAT AN EXCITING GAME!! Well, not really. I found its odd combination of Tetris and Reversi very difficult to grasp, which is kind of a hard sell for an arcade game. Despite feeling like yet another puzzle game riding the coattails of Puyo Puyo, it may actually predate the arcade version by several months.

The soundtrack is another story entirely. Its exceptional fusion-y style sounds suspiciously like it was ghostwritten by Toshiya Yamanaka, bearing a very strong resemblance to his work on Spindizzy II. This song in particular’s frantic 8th note runs (or 16th notes if you want to get pedantic about the drums being in double time, you pedant) and muted brass sound almost like if Jun Ishikawa went jazzy. The other music I have heard on the Mega System 1 sounds great, too! Clearly, I have been sleeping on Jaleco.

I can be charming if I want. :D

The forth date has been planned! I invited her over and I am cooking an italian seafood pasta dish for her. I’ll also have some red wine. She is bringing salad and bread. I am not much of a cook, but I can make like three sleect dishes really well; this is one of them. But even though I’ve made the dish before it has been a while and I’m a tad nervous.

So lots of frantically cleaning my apartment and grocery shopping tonight.