Please paint a dystopian vision of various nursery rhymes. Little Miss Muffet is being devoured by a giant spider, while Little Bo Peep is searching frantically for her lost sheep, unaware that the owl and the pussycat – orchestrating an elaborate sheep-rustling operation – have made off with them in a boat, laughing manically in the process. Jill is trying to heal Jack’s wounds with little luck, and a cow, having leapt over the moon, has landed on all the king’s horses and men, rendering them unable to even attempt to fix Humpty. The three blind mice are hiding in various parts of the picture, and a knife wielding farmer’s wife is hunting them down.

Matt Mayer

Sebastian Stan?? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of Sebastian Stan spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole, i these arent mine, i don’t even know who he is, im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Sebastian Stan scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

But imagine a ToG prequel though: where we get to learn about bastard-born Brannon finding favor with Mala Light-Bringer, and his eventual, frantic escape with and hiding of the Wyrdkeys. The warrior Athril’s fight against the creature in the lake, his fierce loyalty to his dearest friend, and his tragic love for a dark queen who ultimately couldn’t choose him. When Maeve was governed by her greed for power but also torn by her deep affection for the warrior who dared to love her. The first Valg war and how they were contained. Heck it can even be much later: about one Evalin Ashryver, who dared to defy the Fae queen Maeve and ran away with Rhoe Galathynius. Her unexpected, fast friendship with Lady Marion, who in turn loved and was loved by the Lord of Perranth, Cal Lochan, who constantly dirtied up his clothes just to have a reason to seek Marion out–just, I need all these stories, okay Sarah, okay

  • me, on a date; so do u like spacehamster?
  • date; who ??
  • me, eating breadsticks frantically; brutalmoose?
  • date; who ??
  • me, trying not to scream; jimmy whetzel ??
  • date; um,,,,,,
  • me, gritting my teeth; yUngtOWn ??
  • date;
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my pockets; gotta blast ps never call or text or communicate w me ever again

Something sharp presses to the side of my neck ceasing all my frantic rationalizations… cold… metallic… a sword.

“Ut si ille no revertisset…“

The Latin startles me more than the sword against my skin. But, I instantly recognize the bright timber of the voice, my tense posture slouching in relief.

“-moriendum esset ipse.”

Without turning, I can feel the smirk on Hamilton’s face in the ring of his words. I must admit his pronunciation is impeccable and the recitation is flawless- even as it takes me a moment to recognize the story. I don’t turn until I’m sure of it- “…Damon?”

His grin nearly splits his face when I meet his eyes and his sword is discarded into the leaves as he drops it to throw his arms around my neck and climbs to hug me. The embrace pulls me to stoop against him and I grab his waist in relief, sweep him tighter against me. “Pythias returns!” he laughs by my ear.

“You couldn’t wait where we were as I told you?” I say, meaning to admonish, but I’m smiling helplessly.

I commissioned the amazingly talented @focsle to draw a fanart for one of the greatest Lams fics I have ever read, The Song of Alexander, written by the wonderful @ciceroprofacto. I think it turned out pretty incredible :)

Happy (belated) Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!


You are an improvisation
A soul ripped from its throne and chained to a post
The sun is cold and fluorescent, its light invasive and systematic
You are unloved and unwanted
An unnatural and artificial form made of mathematics
The sky is made of cement and metal and the air is filtered and false
You are synthetic
A heart fuelled by electrodes, pulsing blood made of oil
The brain which belonged to an older, living you is broken and erased
You are a failure
A monster that slashes and rips apart that which loves it
The faults in your code and the cracks in your breaking, burning skin

You are diseased
A frame of charcoal bones degrading with time
The gasoline in your veins is cheap and dirty and poisonous
You are a plague
A path made of blood and flesh traces back to you
The massacre beyond your dying eyes crawls back into your hands
You are an experiment
A repetition of commands that frantically tears itself apart
The one you loved whose love you beg for is made from your ribs
You are makeshift
A mephistophelean abomination awakened to be used
The weapon and the victim and the lover, pieces belonging to the same you

can max lightwood get sent home from idris because he somehow managed to sneak a stray puppy he found back in New York in with him. and when he gets to the institute, he goes straight to his room without saying hello to anyone so Alec knocks on his door because he wants to see his brother and you hear Max call out “who is it?” and then Alec hears movement then the door opens a few minutes later. Max sees that it’s his big brother and throws himself into his arms while Alec laughs and asks him what he did to get sent back from idris and Max replies with “nothing” and rolls his eyes. but just as he does that, a little bark can be heard and max freezes when Alec heads over towards the huge bag on Max’s bed where a little brown fluffy head pops out and Alec sucks in a breath and turns to Max and asks again “what did you do?”. then Max gets frantic and starts stuttering out that he found the puppy all alone near the institute before he left for idris and it was hungry and he couldnt leave it and he loves the puppy very much. Alec is staring at him with a slight smile tugging at his lips while Max looks at Alec dead in the eye asking him to not tell anyone. Max even picks up the little puppy and puts it on Alec’s lap hoping that the cute little face and floppy ears will convince him whilst Max is giving his big brother his own puppy dog eyes. Alec says Max’s name so hestitantly and Max closes his eyes waiting for Alec to tell him that this was a bad idea but his eyes snap open when instead Alec just asks Max what the dogs name is with a huge grin on his face. Then they go and tell Izzy and Jace about the puppy and they’re all siting in izzy’s room because it’s the biggest playing with the tiny dog which still doesn’t have a name because Max want the name to be perfect which gives alec the idea to call Magnus because he’s heard all about the absurd names he has given his pets in the past. and this is how the lightwoods get a new addition to the family.

Persist to Please

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Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo; Kai/Jongin; Sehun

Type: Angst/Smut

Note: Hi! Just wanted to warn you guys that this part gets a bit darker than usual so know that before you proceed. Also, some of the stuff in this part is really really unrealistic…but if you find drama entertaining then read on~      -Dia

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Your mind was much too foggy to really think about exactly where you were going; you just ran, wanting to get as far away from your husband as you possibly could.

It was a miracle that you didn’t fall down the stairs- you were too freaked to even wait for an elevator down, so your feet carried you quickly down the flights of stairs, your breathing heavy and your heart racing.

You were outside the building, the cold air hitting your skin and you looked around you frantically, not knowing which direction to go or where to go or what to do. People were looking at you, you knew they were but none stopped to ask you if you were okay. You initially thought they were selfish, but then you realized that you wouldn’t help the crazy person who was running around with little clothing in the cold day.

Day? It was still bright but you had no way of telling the time and you took off again running, your feet carrying you as you pushed aside bystanders who watched you like you were some form of entertainment.

You wanted to scream, you wanted to hide, your mind was spinning and- Sehun, oh god Sehun, you needed to find him but how, where-

Someone grabbed your shoulders and you felt your world spinning, your eyes squeezing shut at you felt the fear of your husband. He had you now and he wasn’t going to let go and you let out a blood-curdling scream as the man turned you around and pulled you into his hard chest.

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Phonecall - Izzy/Àngel
  • (Timeline - Tuesday 23rd August 2016)
  • Izzy:(Fumbles to find Àngel’s number on her phone and presses the dial button praying that he answers)
  • Àngel:[Sees the number registered on his phone screen; hesitates for a moment then picks up] Que pasa? Estoy ocupado, Isabel. Hablaremos mas tarde.
Fraternity Feud: Hurricane


Request: literally enough people to populate a small island asked me to do this so hello here it is! 

Triggers: poorly translated french lmao, water? is that a trigger?, hamilboys being dumb 

W/C: 2594

A/N: THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 500! This fic is supposed to be my milestone celebration but I don’t think anything will ever show how grateful I am lol, regardless - enjoy! 


Your phone started ringing and you groaned, asking Professor Washington to excuse you for a second. It had taken weeks to get this alone time with your professor so of course it had to be ruined. The caller ID read “LAFAYETTE”, you rolled your eyes and answered, “What is it, Laf?” you asked in a sinister whisper. The other side of the call was all static and a frantic french accent, the only words you could make out was “Come ba-!” “ALEXAN-!” Washington gave you a pointed look. You gave a pathetic smile even though your eyes were wild, “Lafayette you aren’t making sense” you told him over the static and shouting in the background.

“SEND A SHIP!” he yelled into your ear and you winced, the static drowning out the rest of his words before eventually the call cut out. Your eyes widened, what the hell was that? You asked yourself. You turned back to your Professor, who had grown irritated. “I’m so sorry, sir. I think my friend-uh, Hamilton? Is in trouble? And-” he raised an eyebrow.



“Go! Go help him, what are doing here?!” Your professor ordered while waving his arms to the door. You thanked him and grabbed your bag, running out of the lecture hall. It had been weeks since the turtle-napping incident and the boys had sworn to be on their best behavior. But they couldn’t be held accountable for long. I’m not going on a witchhunt for a turtle again, you thought to yourself.

You knocked on the door and Hercules opened it just enough to pull you in and shut the door again, almost giving you whiplash from the swift movement. You felt water crawl into your shoes and surround you up to your knees and your jaw fell to the floor.

“How the hell did this happen?!” You shouted to the boys in front of you.

Half of the boys’ valuables were floating in the knee-deep water. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stood by the window and were the only ones completely soaked from head to toe. Lafayette laid on his bed on the top bunk, whimpering in french. Laurens sat against the wall, his chin being tickled by the water while he stared straight ahead with tired eyes. All the while Alexander was frantically using a cereal bowl to throw the water out of the first floor dorm room through the window. Hercules moved past you and grabbed the floating objects from the water, trying to put them onto the same bed Lafayette was laying on. Lauren’s turtle (who was now renamed Scoocher) happily swam in front of you.

“How. Did. This. Happen?!” you growled, looking around the dorm that now resembled a pond rather than a living space. All the boys looked around at each other, urging another to start talking. Thomas was the first to speak up, “The short one started it” he claimed.

“I didn’t do THIS!” Laurens protested, getting a mouthful of water while doing so.

“It was a domino effect that you started” James argued.

Alexander stopped throwing water out of the window, “We aren’t going to talk about it!”

Hercules turned to the group, “Or was it the foreigner?!”

“You KNOW I didn’t do this,CRÉTIN!” Lafayette shouted while kicking the back of his roommate’s head. You rolled your eyes and helped Laurens out of the water, trying to console him through your anger. “I want one person to tell me what happened” you stated as calmly as you could. The boys looked around the room at each other. Hercules nudged Lafayette, and the frenchman locked eyes with you. He cursed under his breath, but stood straight while beginning to explain, “Fine.Je vais lui dire.” he huffed.

It all started when we sat next to the Schuyler sisters at lunch. Angelica was helping Lafayette proofread his english paper, Peggy was braiding John’s hair and Eliza asked us, “What are you guys gonna do for Y/N’s birthday this week?” and Alexander told her “What we usually do, it’s tradition” and then Peggy pointed out “Well aren’t things going to be different now that she’s friends with those frat guys?” Mademoiselle was right, none of us had thought about that but leave it to Alexander to start arguing, he said “Well we’ve been friends with her longer so she’s gonna wanna be with us because we won’t make her feel old because we aren’t jerks” and that’s when Laurens said “Well, maybe we should talk to them and figure something out” So the next day, Thomas told us to meet at his maternity house, - what? Oh, excusez moi, fraternity, and he made dinner and said only Alexander was to come.

Lafayette leaned in, lowering his voice for dramatic effect, “But we had a spy on the inside,” you raised an eyebrow “C’est vrai. Hercules Mulligan!” He put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and urged him to continue the story. Hercules reluctantly nodded, and turned to the group, “So Alexander walked into the frat house, and I sneaked in from the back door a couple minutes after…”

The tall one was giving him a bowl of macaroni and cheese, while telling him “I don’t like you, but since Y/N’s our friend we obviously have to work something out.” and he sounded really calm but I don’t trust anyone with that much hair, so I stayed out of sight and on guard. But Alexander was not having it and he told Jefferson right where he could stick his macaroni, and that’s when they both got mad and our feisty little orphan texted me, saying “Tell John I said ‘ROCHAMBEAU’’” so I ran back to the dorm to find Laurens and Lancelot are surrounded by balloons. That’s when Laurens tells me “Start helping Lafayette fill the balloons, we attack the second Alex leaves their house” and I noticed he was just drinking while Lafayette did everything else, so I asked him what he was doing and he pointed to a bucket filled with balloons, and he told me “I’ve had two pints of sam adams, but I’m working on three.” “That’s disgusting” This kid actually said to me, “My kids will tell the story of tonight” *sigh* I’ve never been more disgusted…

You gagged, pulling away from the half hug you had maintained with Laurens. “Pee balloons?” you asked, “Seriously?” Hercules agreed and climbed onto the top bunk to sit next to Lafayette, claiming the rest of the story was too gross for him to tell. The freckle faced boy turned to you, and said he’d tell the rest. “Here’s what you need to know…”

Firstly, this was an ambush. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison didn’t have any other frat brothers there, they were all off pranking Aaron Burr because he did some nonsense and claimed he was a part of their frat but that’s just because he wants respect with the freshman, anyways, they were alone and fragile and we were ready to attack. We took the the water balloons that Lafayette and Hercules made, and the special balloons I filled and hid behind the bushes while waiting for Jefferson and Madison to walk out. When they did, we attacked. I targeted Jefferson, because I knew my urine would make him weaker. Madison was attacked by Hercules and Lafayette, but eventually Jefferson grabbed him and used him as a human shield. Then the most horrible case scenario happened. Madison grabbed Alexander while he was laughing … and right as he set him in front of them … I was launching my last speciality balloon. It was all so sudden. It hit a laughing Alexander in the face. A perfect shot. It splashed like-

Alexander stopped throwing water out of the window for once this entire time and turned to Laurens, hair in his face, “WE REALLY DON’T NEED TO BE THAT GRAPHIC, JOHN!” You crossed your arms, feeling chills run up your body. “Can we please get to the part where the dorm room has now become flooded?! I’m going to die of hypothermia” Lafayette hopped down and let you take his seat on the top bunk, when James spoke up. “Perhaps I could help fill in the blanks,” he suggested while putting one arm behind his back, “After we were rudely attacked by the hooligans you call friends, Thomas was least to say, frazzled … ”

“We need to fight back, Madison. We were outgunned, outmanned.” He told me whilst pacing the living space. As I was changing into dry clothes, I reminded him of what happened with the kidnapping of Mr. John Laurens’ turtle, which Thomas didn’t remember but also didn’t care for. He continued pacing, saying “We were outnumbered, outplanned…how do you fight water, Madison?” and he turned to me with wild eyes, saying “You fight it with fire!” I was growing concerned but let him continue because I was still cold, and he started sketching on a notepad. He began saying, “If there is a fire you’re trying to douse-” and I cleared my throat, telling him, “If you set the dorm room on fire, you’ll kill a majority of campus.” Thomas ripped the page out of his sketchpad and began a new drawing and asked “Does acid count as fighting with fire?”

I sighed and asked, “Why is your first idea always arson?”

“I’m trying to keep a theme”

Now that idea was a little too realistic, so I reminded him that one of our neighboring fraternities had a long hose that was close to campus. He-

“It was YOUR idea?!” Alexander shouted at James, throwing the cereal bowl out the window “We had a truce!”

James put his second hand behind his back, “I’m sorry, would you rather have been set on fire?”

“THAT can be arranged!” Thomas added.

Lafayette and Hercules “ooo”’d from the top bunk in harmony while Scoocher swam by him. Thomas stepped forward in the water, “And don’t try and victimize yourself, Alexander Hamilton!” he turned to you, “Let me tell you what this one did when we came in here…”

James and I borrowed the hose and found the window that I stand by right now, and it was left wide open, while the spy did homework, Monsieur Lafayette napped and Hamilton was in the closet going through his awful clothes. Which I’m glad I ruined, by the way. James turned on the hose and we had it at a light level, we just wanted to lightly spritz water all over their pathetic and cheap belongings, but Hamilton had to come ruin it. He took his claws and he sprayed himself with the water while breaking the hose, making it push water out faster. HE is the one who started the chaos. Then, as the water was rising and he was practically swimming, he GRABS me by my shoulders and FLINGS me into the overflowing room, does the same to James, and we nearly DROWN. And I swear, Y/N, out of the corner of my eye I saw a weapon-

You rolled your eyes, “Thomas! No, there was no weapon!” you shouted. Alexander looked at you with pleased eyes, smirking. You hit him in the shoulder, “Don’t feel so smug, I only know because you’d be standing in blood instead of water right now if you did.” Laurens agreed. Alexander put his hand on chest, “Let me tell you the real story. It started when I first immigrated from the caribbean-” Everyone in the room groaned. Offended, Alexander restarted “Fine, I’ll skip some stuff…

As I was going through my closet to find John’s hoodie that I borrowed the other night, I heard whispering behind me. I looked at Lafayette, but I knew it wasn’t him because his sleep-whispering was usually angrier. So I looked at Mulligan, but it also wasn’t him because he only says things under his breath when he’s doing science. Then I looked outside and saw it. Thomas Jefferson’s infamous afro and purple hoodie. It was revenge knocking at my window. They started hosing us all, ruining Mulligan’s homework and waking up Lafayette, John came running in as if on cue and I knew that I had to protect my friends. Like the hero that I was born to be, I grabbed the hose from them and tried to stop it, but Jefferson did something to it and strategically broke it, which was probably part of his plan all along. Next thing I knew he TACKLED me into the water and so did Madison, they were strangling me and I thought it was all over. The sounds of John’s high pitched screams and Lafayette’s sultry accent faded away… In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet…

“Hamilton please, enough with the existential crisis” Thomas spat. You sighed, putting your hand on your forehead. Hercules put his arm around you and rubbed your shoulder, “Sorry, Y/N. You’re just in a room full of people who care about you… and are immature” he comforted. Lafayette nodded, “I wouldn’t get my socks wet for anyone rather than my best friend” he admitted while shivering in the cold water.

His roommates scolded him, “Sorry,” Lafayette weakly smiled “I meant female best friend.”

John stood by Alexander and grabbed his turtle from the water, “And you saved Scooter”


“Same thing”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Jefferson and Madison, who were gazing at the ceiling and walls. Thomas mumbled something. “What was that, Thomas?” you teased. He groaned, “You’re a good friend. I guess. I don’t know. Shut up” he muttered. James cleared his throat, “I second that.” You smiled at them both but turned back to the rest of the group. “We need to figure out how to drain this entire room before you’re all kicked out of King’s College” you told your friends. Alexander reached out of the window to look for his cereal bowl and Thomas and James tried to reach the hose that was currently outside and still spewing water everywhere at full speed.

There was a knock on the door.

Eliza opened the door, only to be greeted by three feet of water, Angelica and Peggy shouting once the water reached them. Laughing, Eliza looked for you in the midst of chaos and asked “Hey, Y/N do you wanna go out for your birthday with us today?” You exhaled in relief and accepted their offer, getting down from the bunk bed. Water rushed past your legs as it left the room just as you were, and the boys started protesting. Peggy blushed a bit, “Sorry did you guys already have plans set up with her?” All the boys looked around at each other.

They all replied in a chorus. “Well, no!””Not for right now!” “But we had a war and-” “Everything got wet!” “No one really won” “It was inconclusive”

The Schuyler sisters all giggled a bit, “Well we’re just gonna hang out with her now when she’s not busy. There’s time for everyone” Angelica said. You waved goodbye with the sisters as you walked down the hall with them.

“Is it so hard to figure out a schedule?” Eliza joked.

[Lunch at a diner]

* Waitress serves their food *

Noctis: Does this hotdog…have tomatoes on it?

Gladio: Here we go…

Noctis: *furious* What idiot ruins a perfectly good hotdog with tomatoes?! I wanted a regular one!

Gladio: Just take the tomatoes off, idiot.

Noctis: It’s too late! It’s already become tainted with its vile tomato essence! These people have ruined my meal, the rest of my day, and my whole entire life!

Noctis: *stands on his chair* Bring me the manager! I want the manager!

Prompto: *frantic* Iggy, do something!

Ignis: Highness, please! I’ll get you a regular hotdog at the beach tomorrow!

Noctis: *rampages through diner like a monkey*



On the tree there’s Kether at the top, Malkuth at the base, yesod at the genitals/genitalia.
The inverse 5D is the pit. The Holy Guardian angel has a home inside of you, its location in correspondence to the tree is the Sephora “Tiphareth.” After the bio lightning of kundalini is released we begin our spiral down to the Qliphoth. At this point on the tree the holy guardian angel will frantically be trying to get your attention and when you yourself have the epiphany that you’re no longer alive (while still being alive) it finally can audibly speak in a way you understand. (your native language)
Before it is heard as English or your native tongue it only will speak as hisses or trumpets etc, this causes many (including myself) to think they are leaking internal gasses without bodily control. However that is an illusion, the body isn’t leaking any gasses, but it’s the holy guardian angel being roused from the soul as the pit is trying to strip it from you. It therefore is not in it’s concrete unison with its host which makes it always operate in a way that seems like it is you, thus it is inaudible and is hard to see as something separate from ourself. As it is trying to rouse your attention to the dilemma of potentially losing it within the qliphoth it knows if you fail you will stay trapped in life stripped of its existence and surrender to the bondage of lesser nature altogether. Once you realize that you are dead, the hisses will stop, the spine will shake downwards and split you in half (again - the first time is the lightning strike from untying the chakras knots and freeing the serpent from the coils) this is what will allow heaven to come to earth, after the second quake, it finally will be able to speak to you in a way you verbally understand. You meet it after death where it falls from its concrete state of seemingly being one and of the same as you, so once you have reached Kether and activated an internal lightning strike from the kundalini, you’ll spiral down to Malkuth first and this is where it meets you. It’s voice is fully audible at Malkuth. The second earthquake that splits you in half is what frees us by releasing us in the Qlipoth and moving heaven above us with the hell of the infernos below us. Having already heard it just beforehand in Malkuth is the causation to not surrender and thus we receive the strength that we need to rise. Malkuth giving us a trance of sorrow, yet also the sight of Adonai, we break in between silence and glimpses of visions and voices from our higher self which is separate yet the same as ourself.

Malkuth is the trance of sorrow and the vision of Adonai; essentially the Trance of Sorrow is where one realizes that nothing whatsoever lasts. The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel is characterized by a certain awareness or perception of the Goal of the Path of the Great Work. One may get a glimpse of a certain state of consciousness that transcends the sorrow of duality, or one may even meet an aspect or form of Adonai in an astral vision or dream. Within the world of Darkness and sorrow, one catches sight of a Star that gives direction and hope: there is now “one star in sight.” In a way, the Vision of Adonai is a sort of answer to the Trance of Sorrow. Although one does not transcend the Trance of Sorrow, this Vision gives one the hope or notion of the possibility of transcending it. The Trance of Sorrow is the gravity that pulls one onto the Path that starts at Malkuth and the Vision of Adonai is the force that propels one forward to begin the climb upwards (so to speak). This shows that, although they are not the same, the Trance of Sorrow of Malkuth is related or harmonious with a Trance or Vision that is characteristic of Binah. In a sense, it is the Trance of Sorrow in Malkuth that gives one the impetus or motive to tread the Path of the Great Work that leads eventually to “crossing the Abyss” and landing in Binah as a Master of the Temple. The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel is characterized by a certain awareness or perception of the Goal of the Path of the Great Work. Within the world of Darkness and sorrow, one catches sight of a Star that gives direction and hope. To be clear: The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel that is attributed to Malkuth is different from Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, which is attributed to Tiphareth (the 6th Sephirah). An analogy from the Golden Dawn may be useful to help explain. In the first initiation of the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn, the “Neophyte” ritual, one is blindfolded to symbolize the darkness of ignorance. Eventually, the blindfold is removed and one is met with the sight of the Hierophant who symbolizes the Higher or True Self of the candidate. That is, one is given a glimpse of the goal – the True Self with whom one must become united and identified – but one has not yet attained thereto. As it is said, “the End of the ‘Path of the Wise’ is identity with Him” (“Temple of Solomon the King” in Equinox I:1). This shows how Malkuth reflects Kether in a sense (just as the grade 1°=10 has both the number of Kether,1, and Malkuth, 10), for the Goal can be grasped at the beginning of the Path, although one’s understanding of it is inherently limited by ignorance and misconception. One therefore sets upon the path to reach the Sun (the Sun or Sol is attributed to Tiphareth, the sphere where Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is attained, which is Kether “on a lower scale,” so to speak): the star is in sight and one is determined to reach it. When one has experienced the Trance of Sorrow and been granted the Vision of Adonai, one may truly be called a “neophyte,” a newly planted seed that may one day, if cultivated carefully and consistently, grow into a Flower of Truth.

“Everybody that enters this path has to follow that Vitriol, because no one can develop if he does not go down into the interior of the earth, that is, into our inner subconsciousness, into Klipoth, the interior of Malkuth, the physical body, where our psyche and all the archetypes are in bondage. By rectification we will develop and liberate those archetypes. But remember step by step, minor initiations, major initiations, and higher levels. This is how we understand it”

- gnosticteachings

“It ascends from the earth up to heaven and again descends from the heavens down to the earth, and thus you will receive the power and glory of all… Whatever is below is similar to that which is above, and whatever is above is similar to that which is below, forming a whole.”

- Hermes Trismegistus

THE Great One falls in his place or on his belly subdued behind the Elohim. I have made my Soul come, it speaks with his father. He saves this elder [or great one] from these eight crocodiles (meaning 4 crocodiles or Leviathans and their females). I know them by their names, and how they live. I am he who saves his father from them.

- The Mitsrayimah Book of the Dead

“The Unconscious, so-called, and that other self are the same. Or rather: what Freud and Jung found in each person’s psyche, beyond the reach of waking awareness – what they therefore called “subconscious” or “unconscious” – is really an aspect of the life of another being within him, another self from which the ego has split off, but which is still there, still active, still thinking, still in its own way conscious. Viewed under a different aspect, that inner being is also the guardian angel. Scientists may be right when they contend that you and I (meaning what those words commonly mean) have no preternormal powers. But we each carry within us an allied being who has. That is why occult phenomena continue to happen … The first step is to think of your mighty invisible companion as present, inside you. And the first commandment which follows is: LISTEN, LISTEN TO THAT COMPANION.”

- Geoffrey Ashe

“And again I was caught up into the presence of my Lord Adonai, and the knowledge and Conversation of the Holy One, the Angel that Guardeth me.”

–Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figura LXV, V:41

It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he achieves this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariable and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step-crossing the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple.

- Aleister Crowley

There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The Supreme and Complete Ritual is therefore the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel; or, in the the language of Mysticism, Union with God.

- Aleister Crowley


A/N: Because I’ve recently finished Stranger Things and the opportunity seemed too good to pass up! A very late contribution for @timepetalsprompts theme confusion. It’s sort of … Crack with a sprinkle of angst. You’ll see. <3
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Rating: All ages
Summary:   In the middle of investigating the case of Will Byers, the Doctor and Donna make contact with … Well, exactly, what?


There is a loud crash, some alien-sounding but still evidently vulgar mumble of words, a screech of long-since-oiled hinges — and seconds later, a very ruffled, rather frantic-looking and distinctly hurrying Time Lord bursts into the room.

“I think I found out what’s actually ha — what the hell.”

She’s standing in the middle of the room, flushed from excitement and most likely smeared with black paint, a number of colourful blinking lights threads draped picturesquely about her shoulders. She is also staring, with a manic sort of doggedness, at the wall in front of her.

Objectively, his reaction is rather justified, she has to admit.

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2005 Sketches.

I was pretty active in the IchiRuki LJ community and a lot of my posts sounded… frantic. A lot of these images aren’t available anymore since they used to be hosted on ImageShack.

I also did some crossovers with whatever I was reading at the time.

anonymous asked:

today I felt proud because a lady came into work (I work for a cell phone company) and she was frantic because her home screen and all her icons were all set up differently out of nowhere and I knew exactly the reason why and how to fix it, so I did and she was so happy with me and gave me a hug

Awww what a feel good for you!! It’s such a nice feeling to know you helped someone and you should feel so proud! The lady obviously appreciated it a lot! You’re totally onto it! 

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