frantic dreams

✨🌟🌙 Dreams and Nightmares
  • Aries: Quick and brief dreams, exhilarating dreams of falling then suddenly waking up, explosive and fun dreams of innocence, pleasantly simple dreams, but nightmares of physcial pain
  • Taurus: Dreaming of possessions, dreaming of luxury, dreams of wanting more, consistent dreams, dreams with heightened senses, musical dreams, slow dreams of comfort, but nightmares of sudden and immense change, of losing self value
  • Gemini: All-over-the-place dreams, dreams that are too brief and quick to remember, thought provoking dreams, comical dreams, breathless dreams, dreams of whistling winds, child-like dreams, but nightmares of nothing making sense, of speaking but no sound coming out
  • Cancer: Nostalgic dreams, reoccurring dreams, dreaming of forgotten memories, soft and blurry dreams, dreams of moonlight waters and starry nights, but nightmares of being abandoned and never finding the way back home
  • Leo: Colorful dreams, dreams of being something memorable, dreams of performing talents, dreams of feeling passionately, dreams of loud laughter, dreams of pleasure, but nightmares of losing self-realization, becoming a fallen star and wondering "who am I? Why am I here?"
  • Virgo: Dreams of what could be, worrisome and frantic dreams, bittersweet dreams that are painful yet joyful, dreams of self-reflection, dreams of knowing and readiness, dreams of flowers rising then dying, nightmares of disorderly situations, of being unable to heal inner wounds
  • Libra: Dreams that swing between harmonious memories to nightmares of discordant experiences, dreams that suddenly switch from bright skies to sunset clouds and then to star speckled nights, dreaming of beauty but nightmares of ugliness, of loneliness eating away
  • Scorpio: persuasive dreams, prophetic dreams, empowering dreams of evolving and being reborn anew, dreaming of having deep connections with another, of finally trusting, dreaming of conquering fears, but nightmares of self-destruction, of surrendering
  • Sagittarius: Dreams of experiencing everything, dreaming of yearning to leave and never come back, dreams of following their own philosophies without judgment, dreams of joyfulness, but nightmares of feeling lost and inconsistent, feeling trapped and stuck, of running away in panic
  • Capricorn: Dreams of finding a place to belong, dreaming of finding security, dreams of casual and lighthearted humor, of enticing and memorable encounters, of reaching the epitome of experience, but nightmares of insecurities and losing control
  • Aquarius: Dreams of the future, dreams of reaching the heavens and further, dreams of being surrounded by various types of people, different and weird dreams, dreams of flying and suddenly falling, lightning quick dreams, dreams with flashes of inspiration, but nightmares of being alienated, uncertainty of identity
  • Pisces: Lucid dreams, mystical and fantasy-like dreams, dreams of being happily lost, spiritual dreams, dreams of naive youthfulness, prophetic and symbolic dreams, but nightmares of wandering in confusion and drowning in illusion
let go.

wow okay so i just recently figured out that it’s klangst week and even though my fanfiction blog is still, fairytail, i’ll probably write a lot more about klance ..  @klangst-week

klangst — ANGST, T (language&PDA) — 1.1k words unrequited pining / love

tumble out of bed.
dizzy in the head.
now you won’t let go.

Keith woke up earlier than usual, running his hands slowly against the fabric of his sheets as he fully became conscious and aware of his surroundings. A quiet, deep sigh broke the silence of his room, his heart pounding in his chest and a cold sweat on his forehead due to the reason he was no longer sleeping.


It was a slow drag as he brought himself from under the covers, feet gently hitting against the cold flooring of the castle as he left his room and wandered down the hall to stand in front of a familiar door. It felt as if it took him minutes, hours, days before he was able to gain enough confidence to softly knock. The person behind it and the comforting smell of his bed were the things he sought after, his tired eyes staring at the door decor to pass time.

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I have a headcanon that Hange has a fear of burning buildings, so when I saw one of the choices for day two being nightmare, I had to draw this. Basically, they dreamed they frantically dashed from their barracks to find levi’s barracks burning to a crisp. To clear up the question of why their bleeding, they were not wearing their glasses when they dashed out, so they tripped a few times. 

Levihan week - day 2 - Home|Nightmare: Burning home

Face From The Past *Part 3*

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 1923

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you a part three for “Face from the past” please!!!!!!

A/N if there is an actress, model of singer that you think looks like Daniel Sharman let me know because at the moment I’m just using Meghan Ory as a placeholder…

<< Part 2

You watched as the Sheriff got ready to go on a date, he stood there looking in the mirror playing with his hair trying to make it look presentable. “Oh, I should’ve got a haircut.” He mumbled.
“Well, you know someone your age should be happy you still have hair to cut,” Stiles said walking up in front of him.
“I think you look great.” Scott smiled.
“You guys are still idiots.” You smirked picking through the Skittles looking for your favourite flavour.
“Well, thank you, son I should have had.” The Sheriff said looking at Scott and you sniggered while attempting not to choke on your Skittles.
“Oh, what the hell am I doing? This is a terrible idea.” Noah said undoing his tie.
“What, Dad Dad, it’s one date, okay? The town of Beacon Hills won’t implode while you’re out with one woman.” Stiles paused. “Or man.”
“It’s a woman, Stiles,” Noah assured.
“Okay.” Stiles smiled and you looked over at them.
“A very beautiful woman.” Noah continued.
“What beautiful woman, by the way?” Stiles asked.
“None of your business. Either one of you.” Noah said looking at both of them.
“I want to know,” Stiles mumbled.
“Stilinski! Stilinski!” You frowned and opened the door looking at the boy causing all the commotion and smirked. “I’m going to kill you.”
“Well… That’s looking pretty much impossible unless your… I don’t the male black widow.” You mumbled popping another Skittle into you mouth as your lazily strolled in front of the desks.
“Donovan, if you think that shocks me, remember it was well-documented in your Anger Expression Inventory.” Noah sighed. “Deputies, escort the prisoner out.”
“I’m not angry like I’m gonna throw a brick through your window. I’m angry like I’m going to find you, I’m going to get a knife and I’m going to stab you with it until you’re dead. And when you look at me and you ask me why remember right now. Because this is why.” The guy explained and you and Stiles had the same thought as you clapped and Stiles spoke.
“Wow, that was awesome. That was awesome. That was great. We do one more? Give us another one, maybe like Christopher Walken this time, you know. Okay, you know what? It’s fine. You’ll have plenty of time to work on it when you’re in your tiny, little cell, you know. Just stuck there, forever.” Stiles said sarcasm dripping from his voice. Donovan smiled pretending to turn before attempting to launch forward but he didn’t get very far considering Klaus had grabbed onto his hoodie and lifted him off the ground.
“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Klaus asked.
“Mr Mikaelson please put him down so that they can get him the hell out of here,” Noah said and Klaus dropped Donovan to the floor lifting his hands in surrender and then stepping aside to let them lead him out.
“Come on Little Beta time to go home,” Klaus said gesturing for you to leave, you rolled your eyes and then walked out of the Sheriff station with him. You were about 5 minutes into the drive when you got a frantic call from Stiles telling you something had happened and directing you to where it was.
“How do they function properly?” Klaus asked.
“I don’t know but we have to go.” You said tapping his arm.
“No, we’re going home.” He said.
“Come on.” You groaned.
“How are you supposed to get anything done if you don’t get a proper night’s sleep?” Klaus asked.
“Never got a proper night’s sleep in New Orleans.” You argued.
“You didn’t have to go to school in New Orleans.” Klaus shot you down.
“ It might be Mikael.” You added and Klaus gritted hi teeth as he drove you down to where they said something had happened, Klaus wanted to check if it had anything to do with his father. When you got there it was quickly noted that it wasn’t Mikael but it was, in fact, Tracy, you noticed Theo and climbed up to where he was silently and waited for him to turn around “why are you being a creep?” You asked.
“How’d you do that?” he laughed looking up at you shyly.
“I was trained by a Hybrid his hearing is better than a wolf’s so…” You shrugged. “Whatcha doing up here?”
“Well Stiles doesn’t trust me and I don’t want to seem like I stepping on toes but I need to know what going on if I’m going to help anyone.” He answered shrugging. You nodded.
“Well, I should go before my Alpha starts growling again.” You informed him.
“Scott??” he asked confused.
“No Klaus.” You said gesturing to the man who was now looking around confused. “See you at school.”

The next morning you were pleasantly surprised by the group that had gathered “Tracy wasn’t just having trouble sleeping. It was a real disorder. It was night terrors.” Lydia explained.
“Well, now she’s the night terror. Especially since no one can find her.” Stiles added on.
“Okay, I know we’re all tired and miserable.” Scott looked over at Mason “Except for you.”
“Oh. I’m sorry. This is all just mind-blowing. You’re a Kitsune. I don’t even know what that is.” Mason said he was like a kid in a candy store.
“You are my favourite,” You decided.
“I’m still learning.” Kira smiled over at him.
“Liam, we said you could tell him. Not invite him to the inner circle.” Stiles glared and you rolled your eyes.
“Isn’t telling him inviting him into the inner circle?” You asked.
“Uh, I’m in the inner circle?” Mason asked.
“No.” Stiles and Liam answered at the same time.
“Guys, look, back to Tracy. She’s just one lone wolf. We can find her.” Scott reasoned.
“One lone serial-killing wolf,” Malia added.
“Uh, she only killed one person, you know. The other two were mauled.” Stiles corrected. “All right, what do we do when we catch her?”
“I say we put her down,” Malia informed them and you smirked.
“Klaus is going to love you.” You smirked pointing at Malia who smiled at you.
“Intense,” Mason said and you laughed.
“You are definitely my favourite.” You nodded.
“Guys, let’s concentrate on catching her first. We’ll figure out the rest later.” Scott decided.

You were about to grab some extra sleep when you saw Liam running down the halls. “Hey what’s up?” You asked.
“Tracy is here!” He answered.
“Where’s Scott?” You asked.
“AP Biology,” Liam answered.
“AP?” You asked and Liam nodded. “Nerd.” Liam lead you to the class and you told him to wait there before walking passed the open door to grab Scott attention. “Scotty listen up… Tracy is here in Mr Yukimura’s history class, Liam is going to pull the fire alarm and then you can make your way there.”
Liam did as you said and you walked into the class just as everyone else was walking out. You saw a girl trying to get Tracy to go, you quickly walked over smiling “It’s okay I got her, you get out of here.” You smiled and she returned it before quickly leaving. Tracy then reached out clamping her hand around your wrist her claws digging into your wrist. “Well, this is new.” You mumbled through gritted teeth.
Scott slowly talked her down but she collapsed and you were left with a bleeding arm “Why aren’t you healing?” Liam asked.
“I’m not sure yet.” You mumbled. You found one of the more quiet staircases and called Klaus while the phone was ringing you looked up to find Theo walking over to you he crouched in front of you.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine.” You answered through gritted teeth as a pain shot through your arm.
“I don’t think you are,” Theo mumbled looking at your arm.
“What’s wrong Little Beta?” Klaus asked when he answered the phone, noting the heavy breathing.
“Are you dying?” You asked.
“Not that I’m aware of love,” he answered. “Why? Are you?”
“I might be I’m not healing.” You explained.
“Calm down, is that kid around?” he asked.
“What kid?” You asked.
“The one you bumped into,” Klaus answered.
“Theo? Yeah.” You answered.
“Give him the phone,” Klaus ordered. You handed it over to a confused and scared Theo, who got a quick rundown of what he was to you. After hanging up the phone Theo slowly and gently reached out and closed his hands around your wrist, after a few seconds you were healed, you looked down at your wrist and frowned.
“It’s part of being mates, this isn’t something we can choose to be a part of,” Theo explained helping you stand up. “What happened to you?”
“Tracy was here, they took her to the animal clinic.” You explained. Your phone buzzed.

Sheriff Station

“How does everyone have my number?” You asked.
“I don’t” Theo smirked and you rolled your eyes.
“Look you go find Scott and I’ll get to the Sheriff Station okay?” You asked. Theo nodded and you both went separate ways, you got to the station just as Lydia got slashed by Tracy’s tail, you dodged the girl and slid over to Lydia. “You can’t feel this can you?” You asked.
“N-no” Lydia answered.
“I need a belt.” You said looking around you weren’t wearing one, though. “Okay, I’m going to push down on this okay? You need to tell me if you can feel it okay?” You asked.
“Okay.” Lydia managed to say.
“Malia,” Lydia called when the were coyote came into the station.
“Lydia?” Malia asked.
“Hey, it’s not as bad as it looks. Malia. Listen, Tracy, She thinks She thinks she’s asleep. She thinks she’s dreaming. It’s a night terror.” Lydia tried to explain.
“I- I don’t know what that means!” Malia said frantically.
“She- She’s not dreaming. She’s not asleep. Get her to understand.” Lydia continued.
“Malia! Basement. They’re in the basement.” The Sheriff said.
“They?” Malia asked.
“Tracy And my mother.” Lydia clarified. Malia went to the stairs rushing down them and you continued to press on the wound, the boys came in a while after and Theo had the same thought you did and you managed to shuffle back on the floor, you didn’t move when they put her in the ambulance instead you stayed put at least until Scott came over.
“(Y/N)?” he asked gently. “We’re going to go the hospital do you want someone to take you home?” Scott remembered how uncomfortable hospitals made you feel given your past experiences.
“I can take her if you want.” Theo offered. You nodded standing up slipping slightly Theo reaching out to catch you before leading you out. Theo took you home letting you hold on to the sleeve of his shirt while he was driving, he was sure you had no idea you were doing it.
“Thank you.” You said as he pulled up outside your house.
“Your welcome.” Theo smiled. “Are you going to be okay?”
“Yeah.” You answered getting out of his truck, you walked towards your door from inside Klaus could smell the blood and the door was swung open before you even got to it. Klaus didn’t ask any question instead pulled you to him, he knew it wasn’t your blood but that was only because of the smell, so instead of asking you questions he just walked you into the living room and hugged you until you were ready to move.

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“Infinite mercy flows continually
But you’re asleep and can’t see it.
The sleeper’s robe goes on drinking river water
While he frantically hunts mirages in dreams
And runs continually here and there shouting,
“There’ll be water further on, I know!”
It’s this false thinking that blocks him
From the path that leads to himself,
By always saying, “Further on!”
He’s become estranged from “here”:
Because of a false fantasy
He’s driven from reality.” 

~ Rumi 

~ Art Brittany Herring
~ George RedHawk animation

Marco- Star I have something to confess, I don’t really think i like Jackie. recently I’ve found someone in my life who means much more to me and I want to treasure forever. I know we’re only friends right now but I’m hoping that I can turn that into something more

Star- oh Marco you feel that way? I love you too!

Marco- thanks for your support star- I was nervous to tell you at first but now I think that I’m ready to make it official

Marco- WITH TOM!

Star- *wakes up screaming*

Marco- *runs into the room half dressed* Star! What happened?!?

Star- (frantically) I had this dream where you liked me except you didn’t like me you liked tom and you were trying to tell me and

Tom- (from across the hall) false alarm?

Marco- Yeah I’ll be right back babe

Like the Back of my hand

Solangelo Soulmate AU

based on @let-gavin-free‘s au: Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it shows up on your soul mates skin as well.

Word count: 1,555

tags: #solangelo, #will solace, #nico di Angelo, #soulmate au, #pjo, #katealot

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Sample: Will felt that tingling sensation on his forearm that he knew so well. He glanced down and grinned when he saw the intricate pattern of a sunflower appearing in black ink on his skin. Lately his soulmate has been really into flowers. Not that he was complaining or anything…

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The Story of Vampire Michaela, Vol 1 - Chapter 1 - Part 1

Disclaimer: This light novel is written by Kagami Takaya and illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato. I do not profit from this.

I just wanted to help bring some translation of the new novel so I teamed up with the anonymous translator, Fang. Please note that while this is being translated from the original Japanese text, the translator is not a professional so there may be mistakes. Any illustrations included are self provided.

Viewer discretion is advised.
Prologue » here

« Owari no Seraph: The Story of Vampire Michaela »
Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Yuu and Mika (Part 1)

Just another day for us livestock at the vampire city. Our daily lives is having our blood sucked away.

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anonymous asked:

Top 10 favorite Batman villains?

oh boy this is fun so ill get right to it

10. Kirk Langstrom – Manbat

I list him as #10 because while hes much higher on my list of favorite characters, he’s more an honorable mention in the rogue category.  Kirk’s about as much a villain as the Hulk is– more or less good/neutral in the comics with a footnote of Occasionally Destructive As Hell.  But I really love this loser lame ass Batman-groupie scientist, I wish they had addressed in tv media that he really did originally wanna be a hero like Batman and it just fucked up really badly, and I REALLY would love to see him awkwardly trying to avoid being involved in rogue clique affairs at Arkham.

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shoutout to @adrelix for the wonderful art that smacked me in the face and demanded I write these two. 

The gloves were…I want to say spur of the moment but that’d be a fucking lie and even I’m not that big of a liar. I don’t want to think about what they mean though because it’s normal for…friends to get each other custom made gloves right? It’s normal to watch your roommate so much and so often and so close that you notice the way their hands shake when the temperature drops and the weather changes. And it’s completely normal to want to smooth out their knitted eyebrows with a gentle finger and a lame joke right?

I’m pretty sure it’s normal but then what the fuck do I know? I’ve never had any real friends before, not ones who would drop a subject when I stopped answering, not one who avoided shit altogether. I don’t know if a friend is what I am to Kohe because it doesn’t sound strong enough but it’s the only word I have.

He’s sad, in a strange way, not sad like he missed his favourite tv show but sad like he lost his entire family and maybe he has. What do I know? I know he’s Japanese, he speaks the language too fluently to not be, and I know he can forge official documents like a motherfucker and I know he’s got a thing for music. He thinks I don’t notice the way he sways when he’s listening to his music or that I can’t hear when he turns it up loud enough but I do. Maybe someone else wouldn’t have caught the music, the violin pieces that sound sad like the instruments themselves are crying, but if Kohe wanted a normal roommate he would’ve fucking got one.

I leave him alone all night, let him do whatever it is he does and try not to think about the way his mouth fell open when I tossed the gloves at him. He’s handsome as hell and I wonder if he realises sometimes, he’s always hiding his face somehow but I know what he looks like; he’s got some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen even if I can’t see the colour. I wonder what colour they are sometimes, when I can’t sleep because the phantom pain of broken ribs puncturing my lungs is too much or the ghost of a heart attack snatches me up.

I think about what colour would suit him; green, brown, blue, black. I think brown would look best on him, a nice deep brown like the colour of tree bark when the sunlight hits it just right so you see all the veins of hazel and chestnut show up against the flat umber. I think his eyes would look like home if I could see them properly, I think his eyes look like home even though I can’t.

Sometimes I think about showing him, I think about looping an arm around his waist and pulling him into me until we’re chest to chest. I think about the expression on his face when I lean in for a kiss, waiting for him to push me away, waiting for him to say he doesn’t want this and him not doing a single thing. I think about how soft his lips would feel, maybe I’d taste the cigarettes he smokes and thinks I don’t know about, maybe he wouldn’t.

I’d show him after we broke the kiss, I’d whip off the stupid glasses I have to wear now and show him what I gave to an entity that never proved himself to me. I’d show him the price of my loyalty and maybe he’d tell me about his past, just something, one little nugget of understanding. Even if he didn’t tell me anything though, I’d tell him about lying there on the cold rooftop and waiting for my death. I’d tell him how scared I was, how much I hated Chin Chin and how much I wanted to die because nothing was worth this pain.

Maybe I’d even tell him about the panicked, frantic dreams I’d wake up from thinking I was still there. Maybe not, might not be something you told friends, even friends as close as Kohe because it was too personal or whatever, I still didn’t know how this worked. Still, the gloves had to be a step in the right direction, right?

When I opened my door and found the glasses in a ziplock bag stuck to my door, I decided that it definitely had to be a step in the right direction. I’d seen the sunglasses in Kohe’s room a few times, they were ray-bans, at least two hundred bucks and I’d never seen him wear them. I knew they had to be related to his past because who the fuck owned shit like this and didn’t do anything with it?

I wore the new shades when I strolled into the kitchen for breakfast and Kohe was wearing the gloves, neither of us said anything but words were never our strong suit. I bumped his hip when I reached past him for the milk and he smiled at me as brightly as I’d ever seen, as anyone had ever seen probably.

And here, in this tiny ass apartment wearing expensive shades and eating knock-off brand cereal with a man who barely spoke but understood a whole bunch, was something that other Frank’d never had. The other Frank had never met Kohe, probably didn’t even know the guy existed which meant at last, at least, here as something that was mine.

It was nice to have things.

and all the lights will be (and all the waves the sea)

Okay, so this is for @hayles2448 who asked for CS post-Underworld h/c with nightmares and snuggles. What you get is ummmm melodramatic angsty af Killian Jones not dealing with nightmares? I’m super sorry about whatever this is. No, really, super sorry.

1k-ish, rated T, title from Enya’s The Humming.

At first it seems all he does is sleep.

He dozes off in the booth at Granny’s, and wakes with a start in the passenger side of Dave’s truck to maple syrup in his beard and an amused smirk from the Prince. Henry has to shake him awake more often than not when he slips into unconsciousness on the deck of the Jolly. Swan lets him sleep on the couch and never complains when he starts awake with a splutter and absolutely no idea what’s happening on the Netflix.

They tell him it must be a side-effect of what he’s been through – that it’s normal, to be expected – and he bites his cheek so as not to point out the folly of their theories.

There’s nothing normal about what he’s been through, but gods, how he loves them for pretending. He just wishes he could pretend too, but it’s hard when he can still feel the snap of bone when he curls his fingers to accept Snow White’s proffered cups of tea.

It ought to be easy, to pretend (to forget). There are no scars to mark his agonies, no stitches to pick at, or bruises to poke to remind himself of everything he’s survived (or hasn’t). There’s just bone deep exhaustion, and gratitude, and sleep.

Until, of course, there isn’t.

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“They’re like flies.” England mumbled into his pillow, sweat slicked bangs clinging to his face. “Bloody awful things– they just lack the grotesque wings…”

America chuckled slightly, sifting his fingers through the other nation’s hair. “I think they lack more than just the wings…” He mused.

“Not really. Not when you get right down to it.” England shifted into his touch but didn’t say anything, affection mute. Actions spoke louder than words, sometimes. “They’re scavengers with a million lenses for eyes and the ability to be where you least want them to be." 

A sigh. "Yeah.” Because it was true. “Sometimes I wish we were all just a big secret, you know?”

England turned over, the sheets slipping down to pool at his bare hip. “You can’t hide when you arguably live forever. And bureaucracy is lazy– it can’t keep secrets. It doesn’t care enough to.”

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the signs as my favorite songs

Aries: Hit and Run//Lolo
(you poured the gasoline and I drove into the flames. history will hate us but they’ll never forget our names)
Taurus: Telescope//Cage the Elephant
(fills his life with pointless things and wonders how it all turns out… frantically searching his dreams, he wonders what it’s all about)
Gemini: Fallout//Catfish and the Bottlemen
(but we just always seem to just fallout when I’m in most need of it and you just always seem to just call out when I’m up for leaving it)
Cancer: Pale Blue Eyes//The Kills
(if I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see, I’d put you in the mirror I put in front of me)
Leo: Givin Em What They Love//Janelle Monae
(I am sharper than a razor, eye made of lasers, bolder than the truth…I am sharper than a switchblade, first and last of what God made and that’s the truth)
Virgo: Hunger//Sam Sure
(and you should hold your breath from behind your text to second guess all the things that run around my head, no more, no less, than chemicals and pheromones)
Libra: New York City//Among Savages
(are you testing the lord with the cards that you’ve been dealt? where do you find peace in the middle of the city?)
Scorpio: Hurricane//MSMR
(welcome to the inner workings of my mind, so dark and foul I can’t disguise)
Sagittarius: Same Ol’//The Heavy
(I believe if a man could fly, I’d be just like a bird trying to escape from your lies, and the truth would never die)
Capricorn: Love Lockdown//Glass Animals
(I can’t keep my cool, so I keep it true. I got something to lose, so I gotta move. I can’t keep myself and still keep you too.)
Aquarius: Montreal -40C//Malajube
(I’m inspired by the worst to enrich myself and I love truly that you make me hallucinate)
Pisces: Joe Tex, These Taming Blues//Phosphorescent
(I mean I called upon a bunch of angels, calling, “angels, ain’t you supposed to come and take away these blues?”)

Remembering Sunday | Suga | 1

A/N: Here is the first part! There will be either three or four parts, I’m not exactly sure yet, but I’m hoping you guys like it! This first part may not be all that exciting, I’m sorry, but it’ll get interesting soon. :)

Originally posted by hugtae

▶ ▶ Part 2

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes

Started making his way past two in the morning

He hasn’t been sober for days  x

            It wasn’t meant to hit Yoongi as hard as it did.

           It wasn’t meant to keep him up at night, or to break his heart into a million pieces, or to steer him away from being sober for a fraction of a second on any given day.

           It was supposed to be a one time thing, and nothing more. Yoongi wasn’t looking for love, because he knew love itself wasn’t a real thing. It was a figment of a person’s imagination, and it was something that people wasted so much time on everyday because in the end, you’re always left in pain. Always. There is no love; there is only a lustful fantasy that you share for a single moment before you leave the next morning to find another.

           There is no such thing as love.

           There is no such thing as love.

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