• Student/ Soldier in training | Nobel | 18 years old
  • Lazy and carefree but at the same time a real worrywart
  • He is the son of an highly regarded judge from the fire clan
  • His father wants him to be a proud and strong soldier to protects his family but Furansu keeps skipping training
  • He has no interest in fighting so he barely uses fire
  • He believes in ghost and spirits
  • He’s weak af when it comes to physical strength but his fire magic is still strong because of his rank
  • Has a lot of fake friends since they’re only nice to him because they’re afraid of his father
  • Lives with his mother at the borderline of the fire clan and the neutral clan
  • Is friends with Yue who he visits from time to time to learn more about planting and animals and teaches Yue how to read/write and probably I don’t know maybe future love interest???? I HOPE AT LEAST FURANSU WILL WAIT
  • Pi  is his childhood friend with whom he used to skip school together and still hang out
  • Is trained by Topaz and makes Furansu really uncomfortable cough always has to catch him when he is trying to skip classes