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Guess her heart beats for him.
Comic by @live4love136
Fell sans - me @tehrogue
frisk - @ravens-dubs

more to come


HEY @kazefiend @anorha-nono LOOKIE IT’S DONE.

Soooo last week I planned on doing all sorts of shit since it was the 1 year anniversary of my channel…but then work decided to make me do 60 hours so that didn’t happen >_>; So long as things stay under control that won’t happen this week, though. Next up is The Scientist, then a little video to celebrate 1 year (hopefully, as long as YouTube doesn’t reject it), and my short handplates fics!

As always yall can read the fic right here. Kaze has written a couple of other fics in this AU, and I may just do those sometime in the future, with her permission :3 Anyway see you all soon~


Hey guys! I just did a small comic dub of @anorha-nono ‘s amazingly cute flirting frisk comic! //WARNING//PUNS AHEAD//  Based on Anorha’s AU: Flirtfell. Go check out her art, it’s seriously friggin amazing! * A * 

Thanks for letting me do the dub, I had a lot of fun with this!  \>w</ 


Kiss Kiss Fall in love~

Comic by @live4love136


Sans - me

Frisk - @ravens-dubs

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I love The Nanny so much!! I feel like Niles represents all shippers lol

He does!

The show was great.  And I even loved me some Niles x C.C. Babcock.  

Some people refuse to watch because of Fran Drescher’s voice…

but she was so endearing and her comic timing was excellent

I remember watching the Lambchop episode (set to Chariots of Fire) with my whole family back in the day and every single person was laughing so hard they were crying. I feel like true laugh out loud comedy is hard to find on TV these days. Now things are more ironic and witty.  This show was just so pure.

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So I have a very random question for you. Ever watch the Nanny? From waaaay back in the 90's? I can't help but picture Ignis being like Niles. From being the sass master to the his relationship with CC. (I watched it when it was new. Crap my age is showing! Abort abort!!)

External image

BIIITTTCCHHH my mom and I used to watch that show all the fucking time

And you are deadass correct; I can picture a salty ass Ignis in a butler uniform just dragging C.C. by her edges at every turn

But I think she’d try to get into Ignis’s pants after awhile because that man in a suit? HNNNGGGG

But he’d roast her till eternity if she even tried LOL


AMAZING comic version of the audio i made awhile back!

Drawn by @anorha-nono

Frisk Voice @sariaizza

i think it got better. Changed the music up to fit the tone and everything!

Dear Dungeon Episode Masterlist

Want to listen to Dear Dungeon from the beginning? Here’s all our episodes so far! This post will be updated as new episodes are released.

DD0: Teaser Trailer
DD1: Powergamey Rule Monkeys Out for Blood
DD2: Stick to Your Guns and SLARP!
DD3: This Week on Shark Tank: TRAINS!
DD4: Self Esteem on Blast
DD5: Cheese and Cheese Accessories
DD6: Joke Free Zone
DD7: What’s Up, Dungies?
DD8: Tangents Incorporated
DD9: Something Borrowed, Something Poo
DD10: Our Midwest is Showing
DD11: Let’s Get Physical, Musical, Inspirational
DD12: The Cold, Hard Truth
DD 13: Every NPC Should Be Voiced by Fran Drescher
DD 14: The Staff of the Adder is the McGuffin of a Cyberchase Campaign
DD 15: The Manchurian Caninedate
DD 16: Thank You Paizo for Everything Besides Child Scent
DD 17: The Great Mushroom War of ‘17
DD 18: Grease Up Your Tools

Bonus Episodes

Bonus Diary 1: Rock Bottom, Part 1
Bonus Diary 2: Rock Bottom, Part 2



Personality: This is the greatest Moldavite, Fusion of Topaz and Peridot! She is very tall, flexible and funny! Moldavite is always a good option to fight, because she is so fast and her abilitites makes her evoid easily!

Characteristics: As a thin gem being, Moldavite uses a body suit with an extense transparent cape! Also she has an awesome big Octagonal hair, Thanks to Both gems hair forms!

Nickname: Lime mom

Stability: 80%

Voiced by: Fran Drescher (Most known by ‘’The mummy’’ in ‘’Transylvania Hotel’’)

Topaz Loves you!

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Could you do a scenario for Hibari, Mammon, and Fran finding out their s/o has depression? Im sorry for the weird request a a a a


I tried my best, anon! Hopefully, it’s to your liking~

// Admin Chrome



Hibari hadn’t seen you in days.

At first, he ignored it. Him and you both had your own relationships and jobs outside of your relationship, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal that the two of you hadn’t really had any interaction.

However, Hibari started noticing the dinner that was barely touched, the paperwork that had started to pile up, the ringing of your phone that was never answered. He knew that something was wrong at that moment.

That night, when he knew you were home, Hibari cornered you in the bedroom, where you always migrated to now right when you got home. Seeing you now, Hibari could barely recognize you.

Dark bags under you eyes, skin sickly looking, an obvious change in weight. Your eyes were not holding he light anymore, and there wasn’t a hint of a smile anywhere on your face. It looked as if something was taking all the energy away from you, as if you couldn’t find the strength in yourself to move and interact.

Hibari knew immediately. He was always sharp like that, which was one of the many reasons you fell in love with him.

There was no confrontation. Hibari just lied in bed with you, your body bundled up in his arms, in a rare instance that he would cuddle you. Hibari’s chin rested on your head, his soft breathing and warmth helped calm the endless noise in your head.

Once you finally fell asleep (which hadn’t really happened for a few days), Hibari had woken up, his hand coming up and brushing your hair behind your ear as he watched your sleeping face. After a moment of indecision, he leaned in, kissing your head.

Hibari really just wanted you to get better, and he would do anything for you to reach it.


“…” Mammon didn’t know what to say. Honestly, it never occured to him that anything would bring you down. As much as he disliked your usual quirkiness, Mammon had begun noticing that life was much different with it.

There was no more breakfast before he got up. You had begun to sleep in more, way past the time that Mammon awoke. Mammon had to scrummage around the kitchen to find something edible, when he realized that getting you out of bed was futile.

Less talking, which Mammon didn’t really mind, however, Mammon never really realized just how quiet it got without your mindless chatter. It felt as if there was no other living creature in your home besides him.

Decreased affection, which really put Mammon off. While he never really initiated anything, Mammon secretly liked that you showered him in hugs, kisses, sex. There was a drop in everything, and Mammon was starting to think that the issue was more serious than he orginally thought.

At first, Mammon thought you were angry at him. He replayed all the interactions you had with him up until the point where Mammon finally noticed the shift in behavior. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe there had been news that had upset you? Mammon searched your records and talked to everyone that you had any sort of relationship with, trying to find something that had traumatized you. The search had came up dry, which had left Mammon even more worried.

Finally, he ended up asking you. Which had resulted in you getting all down and quiet again. Mammon did some damage control, taking back his question, and left you alone. You had gone back to your room.

As a last resort, Mammon searched the symptoms online. Which had given him a dozen explanations, but Mammon then knew the answer the your recent behavior. It hurt him knowing what you were going through right now.

Mammon entered your shared bedroom, getting into bed alongside you. The lights were off, and you had already dozed off to sleep, the sheet lightly moving in rhythm with your breathing. Mammon wedged his way underneath the sheet with you, his arms coming around your back to hold you.

It was the first time that Mammon really initiated any sort of affection.

He trailed his lips up your shoulder, before resting his face on the back of your neck. Mammon sighed, his breath fanning your skin, making a shiver run down your spine. You woke up, and upon feeling Mammon’s arms wrapped around you, you intertwined your hands with his.

You were going to get through this together.


“[Name], why do you keep locking yourself up in our room? If you want me to sleep on the couch, just say so.” Fran’s deadpan voice was muffled through the door, yet you could hear the underlined worry in his voice.

Fran knew you like the back of his hand. He was very good at reading your expressions and actions, and he had memorized all the different types of reactions you had to different types of scenarios. However, lately, Fran has seen a drastic change in your personality.

You always had been so lively before, and the energy that rolled off of you in waves had worn off, leaving only a more tired person behind. Fran could tell you were trying so hard to be optimistic and energetic in front of him, but he knew that you were forcing yourself, yet didn’t know why.

It hadn’t really worried him until you stopped reacting to his teasing.

Fran had made fun of your laugh (which he had always found so adorable, yet you barely even truly smiled nowadays). He could tell that it was strained, which he called you out on. The room had gotten colder it seemed, and you grew quiet. Fran knew that something was wrong.

Now, here he was, outside the door of the bedroom you shared, hoping that you would tell him what was wrong. Fran wanted to help you.

After a few minutes, the bedroom door creaked open. Your head peaked out of the crack, looking down at Fran, who was staring right back at you. Your whole demeanor just seemed so tired, and all Fran wanted to do was bring you into his arms.

“F-Fran… I’m just not feeling well lately…actually, it’s been going on for a while now.” He could tell that it was painful for you to tell him your feelings, but Fran was glad that you tried to. Gently nudging the door wider, Fran managed to get himself into the room.

Gathering you into a embrace, Fran contemplated on what to do. He knew, now, that it was going to take some time, it seemed, to get you to feel even a bit better.

“I’m always willing to help you, [Name], please don’t forget that.” Letting go of you, Fran sat on the end of the bed, his hands linked together with yours. You stared down at him, processing his words, before a soft smile graced your lips.


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Sans!!!!

Another Frans comic by @live4love136
Geeze I’m on a roll with there comics XD

Fell sans - @tehrogue (me)
Frisk - @ravens-dubs

last frans for a while. Promise. Sure people are sick of it.

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Fran for "You have a fever." please!

And that’s the last one for the KHR Back-to-School Event! Thanks for participating!

“You have a fever.”

Fran gave the nurse an blank look. “How many years did you spend in medical school in order to state the obvious?”

Bristling, the nurse set the thermometer aside and chose to ignore the rude remark. “I’ll page the secretary and let her know you’re on your way to the office. She’ll call home.”

“I don’t need to go home.”

“It’s important that you go home to rest and recover. Staying at school will only make your illness worse.”

Locking eyes with the nurse, Fran managed to force past the haze of his fever to use his abilities. The woman grew dazed and said mechanically, “But I suppose you will be fine for today. You can head back to class.”

Fran stood and exited the nurse’s office. I-Pin was waiting for him outside and she jumped to her feet. “What did she say?”

“That I’m fine,” drawled Fran.

His red and sweaty face said otherwise. I-Pin glared disapprovingly at him. “You manipulated her to stay in school, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, and now I have a headache. I told you I didn’t need to go to the nurse.”

“You know what can happen if you don’t treat a fever,” said I-Pin in frustration. “You can’t just leave it.”

“I won’t. I know how to take care of myself. Your concern is appreciated but not needed. See you after class.”

He walked off, leaving I-Pin behind. She shook her head and dug out her cell phone. “Fine. You won’t listen to me, but I know someone you will listen to.”

“Fran Hamasaki, please report to the office.”

Lifting his head sluggishly from his desk, Fran took a moment to process the announcement that came over the intercom. He stood up and started out of the classroom, heading down the corridor. He tried to think of anything that he had done recently that would result him being called to the office, but couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing.

He wasn’t expecting to see Squalo, so he paused in the entryway in surprise. Arms crossed over his chest, Squalo regarded Fran coolly. “Get your crap. We’re leaving.” Fran opened his mouth to protest, but Squalo cut him off with a quiet, “Now.

Pursing his lips, Fran obeyed. He stopped by his class to collect his books and then his locker to get his bag. Squalo was waiting for him outside and they started towards the car parked at the curb together.

“I-Pin called you.”

“And she shouldn’t have effing had to,” growled Squalo. “You should know better.”

“I would have kept an eye on it,” snapped Fran. “It was only for five hours, anyway.”

“Mammon ever tell you what happened to the Salvo Family’s illusionist?”

Fran grimaced. “Many times. Fever caused her to suffer serious hallucinations, and accidentally brought those hallucinations to life in her delirium. They killed her.”

Squalo’s artificial hand slammed into the side of his head. Fran’s vision exploded with stars and when it cleared he found himself face-to-face with the swordsman, a strong grip on his chin.

“The next time I-Pin has to inform me you’re ill, it won’t just be the fever you’ll have to worry about. Do you understand me?”

“Yeah,” muttered Fran.

Believing Fran was sincere, Squalo relinquished the teen. They made their way to the car and climbed inside. Shifting the gear, Squalo paused and said, “You’re already a pain in the ass. Disrupting one of us in the middle of the day to come get you is far from the most annoying thing you’ve done.”

Squalo had addressed the issue without Fran needing to voice it, and the warmth of the car’s heater and the man’s affection caused Fran to be drowsy with sleep.

“Well, since you’re already out here, let’s pick up some ice-cream,” said Fran with a yawn.

Squalo didn’t bother to answer, figuring the kid would figure out Lussuria had already stocked up on cold food upon receiving I-Pin’s call. But Fran didn’t press the matter, already falling fast asleep in the security of Squalo’s car, the swordsman’s hand resting lightly against his flushed forehead.

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"Blood is thicker than water but maple syrup is thicker than blood so technically pancakes are more important than family."

are you saying that you love pancakes more than you love me? that’s pretty fucked up.