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Guess her heart beats for him.
Comic by @live4love136
Fell sans - me @tehrogue
frisk - @ravens-dubs

more to come


Anyway, this is still the best version of “I Feel Pretty” and you can fight me on that.


Kiss Kiss Fall in love~

Comic by @live4love136


Sans - me

Frisk - @ravens-dubs

anonymous asked:

I get the feeling Jack and Robin will only bring Anti back in horror role-playing games/ games involving demons: at least horror games where he could do voices. A lot of people thought he would do something Anti-based in Oxenfree but he couldn't because there were voice actors so he couldn't 'perform'. So I'm guessing Anti will only show up in games where Jack can do creepy voices, like Fran Bow and such. :)

That would make a lot of sense because he pulled out all the stops for Anti’s arrival. Now it’s just a grave reminder that he’s still here ;)

You'll Be Back (Cover)
  • You'll Be Back (Cover)
  • Underfell Sans (TehRogue)
  • Hamilton/Underfell

So i first attempt singing at fell and this was the best take i got over a week of trying.

Why am i singing this as Fell Sans? Well There was a Comic done to the song by @live4love136 That you can see HERE Which was inspired by a fanfic by  @skelegirl-fanfic 

Since i said i wanted to sing stuff in Fell Sans, i gave this a go before i try Be Prepared.

Also, cause i love this song from Hamilton 

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Fran Bow x Jack: Finally, Peace…

I love Fran Bow and the voice Jack makes for each of the character. And so, we combine the two and… that happened. Yep

Congrats on 7M Jack :D
Here’s to 8M and many more!! Bring out cakes and cookies and we’ll dance all night, wooooo!
And sorry if he looks a bit on the girly side, I really tried D:


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Sans!!!!

Another Frans comic by @live4love136
Geeze I’m on a roll with there comics XD

Fell sans - @tehrogue (me)
Frisk - @ravens-dubs

last frans for a while. Promise. Sure people are sick of it.


Now with animated comic

Comic by @live4love136 inspired by fanfic by @skelegirl-fanfic

Music from Hamilton