My mum ended up chatting with Harrison’s parents and when they heard we travelled for 3-4 hours and we came for my birthday, so they sent down Harrison and Liam at the end to say hi to all of us… It was probably the best happy birthday i’ve ever got tbh 

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Janeth sama, do you have head canons for what Mugiwaras do in their free time?

Hahaha, I’m a fan of those nicknames ❤︎

Hmm, I have never thought about it. But let’s try!!

  • Luffy 

Eat!!!?? Ok, I think he’s still the adorable dork who is playing with Usopp and Chopper on the swing of Sunny, making some stupid jokes or just fishing. Anyway, if he’s not with them becuase they might be busy, he would bother any of the Straw Hats to get distracted, like asking Brook to play a funny song, Sanji to cook some meat or Franky to show him some cool stuff.

  • Zoro

Training, sleeping and fighting Sanji, definitely. But let’s add more here, I think he gets distracted watching the lil’ bro trio (Luffy, Usopp and Chopper) from the crow’s nest (because they’re so funny and this is so cute) or enjoying the view of the sea. I think he’s a very calm person.

  • Nami

Studying most of the time like drawing some of her maps with her window open most of the time because she wants to being concious of the weather. Reading with Robin or taking the sun with her and picking some tangarines. Anyway, she always look up for Luffy because she’s sure that he’ll do something stupid.

  • Usopp

Playing with Luffy and Chopper most of the time, like I said. I’m sure he sometimes uses to train his aim or physical force, and why not? He sometimes asks Zoro to help him. He likes to paint!! So I’m sure he has a painting of all the Straw Hats, when they’re in their freetime, he asked them if he can do it and of course they all agree!! Also, he goes with Sanji to get a snack. So precious, isn’t it?

  • Sanji

Apart from cooking for all the crew. I think he’s always reading receipts or cooking books, even when he has already read them. Also, he’s always writing the process when he’s cooking, because maybe he wants to publish his own cookbook :’) He always make coffee for Robin, withouth asking her because he knows he always want some, and he always ask to Nami what she want (because she always wants something different). He does the same for all the crew, but he would never admit that. When all the crew are eating he stays quiet and smiling, watching how they’re enjoying his food. Also he enjoys to see the sea while he’s smoking. 

  • Chopper

Playing and studying! He’s a responsible child, to be honest. Trying some new medicine. He loves to listen the stories of Usopp and Robin. Also, he likes to sleep in Robin legs and always asks Sanji to make him some candies or just giving him some ideas for the dessert. Sometimes he accompanies Zoro to see him train, because he thinks he’s awesome!

  • Robin

Reading all the time. But when she finish a book, she goes with Luffy asking what he’s doing, because she always enjoy to see them playing (and if Luffy falls to the water she’s there to save him). Also, I imagine her telling some stories of the books she had read (she’s a mom ;w;).

  • Franky

I think he’s the one who’s always helping the lil bro trio with their ideas of creating some cool stuff (he’s a great father, ok?!), designing new ideas for the sunny or weapons, and helping Usopp with his inventions!! And, and, and always helping the crew with any necessity, like Robin needing another bookcase. He’s a wonderful person!

  • Brook

AH, always singing or creating new songs. Laughing at the lil’ bro trio. Also, I think he helps Sanji in the kitchen, like setting the table for the breakfast (he wakes up early, like Sanji, so yeah :’D) or washing the dishes!! Also I think he’s always playing the violin while he walks all over the Sunny (like here) and Robin likes it when she’s reading. This is so beautiful.

Anyway, most of the time it ends with an outdoor banquet ;) 

Oh god I enjoyed to write this so much ;w; Thank you anon!! Like you made me remember why I love One Piece!!!!? Thank you!!! This is gold. 

butt-a-palooza  asked:

could I ask for all the straw hats daughter h/c

Yes, of course


  • already done here (with Shanks and Mihawk)


  • Man, Zoro’s daughter Kuina is basically Mikasa Ackerman from SNK, with shoulder lenght green hair and a terrible sense of direction and with a loving and living parent
  • As a child she’s rather rowdy, serious and very hardworking, coz Papa Zoro makes Kuina YOU CANT STOP ME lift weights everday that would make a modern body builder lose his shit
  • That’s why as a young woman she’s ripped, feminine but ripped, like I said; think Mikasa Ackerman or Korra from LoK
  • Zoro’s birthday presents are always different bandanas and haramakis in different prints and colors, she’s actually always thrilled about them
  • Train together to spend time together
  • The crew loves her of course to pieces, she’s especially fond of Chopper and Nami but won’t admit it
  • “Stand upright when you lift them you little wimp!”
  • She falls asleep often during the day, out of complete boredom, mostly on Zoro’s shoulders, than he wraps an arm around her and strokes her head while smiling at her
  • She mostly wears japanese themed stuff, like a comfortable Kimono or something like that
  • She’s gorgeous as Zoro is handsome, but she’s SO AWKWARD around her damn crushes like she once asked Zoro about crushes and what she should do and he all he had to offer was:
  • “Child, I have no idea, I only got together with your other parent because Franky had his finger in the pie and helped me speak to them.”


  • Nami and her little girl, she will finally understand all those feelings Bellemere must have felt when she first hold her  and Nojiko in her arms and it overwhelms her
  • From a very little age, Nami tells her about Bellemere and Nojiko and shows her the beautiful world of Geography, Tangerines and Money
  • Nojiko is the cool aunt everybody wants and Nami’s kid has
  • Yes Nami’s daughter is a red haired, freckled, orange’s eating and geography loving little girl
  • But other than that SHES SO GOOFy, no sign of Nami’s greed or cunning
  • “Mama….I got into a fight with a kid, BUT he insulted you.”
  • “Did you give him a black eye?”
  • “Yeah, I think.”
  • “Good girl, Mama is proud, here you have a few berries, go buy yourself ice cream.”
  • I must say the teenage years are gonna be very very frustrating for Nami because her and her daughter argue a lot during that time of her life
  • And she just misses her little goofball that did as she said
  • Of course she still loves her more than her own life and would do anything for her, except teach her how to fight, she’s not supposed to fight, Mama Nami is here to protect her!
  • When she’s older she grows taller than Nami, one or two inches and wears similar stuff to what Nami wears


  • I definetly much rather headcanon Usopp with a son, but here you go with a daughter
  • Usopp has a beautiful daughter, her name is Merry and she has gorgous, curly blonde hair and big brown eyes.
  • She’s tiny like really really short and adorable
  • She’s no scaredy cat, but she’s careful, watchful and considerate
  • Other than that she’s very cheerul and girly
  • She’s very funny too, but it’s mostly accidental because people laugh at the funny expressions she makes
  • Usopp tells the BEST bedtime stories hands down
  • Mama Kaya and Merry have the cutest Mother daughter relationship
  • Did I also say she has perfect sight and is a boss at sharpshooting?
  • No ok she’s a badass sniper
  • Do you remember when Shanks gave Luffy the hat? The same emotions with Usopp giving his daughter his goggles and his first sling shot
  • “This is the best gift ever”
  • Like with every child the crew loves her
  • She goes crazy about Franky and his robot tricks like there is no tomorrow


  • already done here (with Law and Ace)


  • Mama Robin and her biological baby :’)
  • She looks just like Robin, only that her eyecolor is different
  • Wakes her with kissing her on her forehead, and she always dresses her in partner look, when she’s little, it’s the cutets thing ever
  • “Do you have the same cowboy hat in a very small version?”
  • OMg Robin is so perfect, everytime her daughter reads a book that Robin gave her she tells her to keep an open mind while reading because she discussion cards prepared, so they can talk about it later and analyze the characters
  • So while Robin is a fighter and a badass who is not afraid to become really dark and brutal when someone pushes her
  • Her little girl on the other hand, is a total, 100%, certified, absolute, supreme pacifist
  • Robin is super tall and her daughter even taller about 
    6'4" and dresses very very ladylike
  • Her and her daughter get along like sisters during her teenage years because Robin has such a patient personality and her daughter is as levelheaded as her
  • LORELAI AND RORY TOTALLY (more intellectual maybe, and Robin is far less crazy)


  • Same with Usopp, I totally headcanon him with a son, but here you go
  • His daughter has blue hair and always two stars painted on her cheeks right under her eyes, its so cute
  • She got her way of saying ‘SUPER’ from Franky
  • I can totally see her wearing dreads or these braids, because of a genderbend Franky fanart I’ve seen once but be it.
  • Yep she too has all sorts of crazy hairstyles
  • She wears Hawaii shirts and capris all the damn time and has giant sunglasses she rarely takes off, also handshoes because she experiments a lot
  • Everytime she does something awesome which is all the time tbh, Franky becomes a crying mess
  • She’s actually really short and compared to her giant Dad, its the cutest thing ever