OK, I’ve now watched Franky’s departure scene about 60 times and you’ve gotta love how many “fucks” the writers managed to cram into those last 2 minutes: “You fucking alko, fucking lezza, fuck off…I fucking love ya…don’t fuck up…FUCK THIS PLACE!” 

Not since Bette Fucking Porter has the word fuck been used with such versatility.

The Fridget scene was sheer perfection (well, aside from the fact that I could’ve done with a 45 minute uncut edition, including what happened afterwards), but I loved the glorious Franky/Boomer scene earlier on in the epi almost as much. I was crying, and then snorting with laughter through my tears - soooo cute! So now we know what Franky’s “pet project” was when she spoke with Bridget in the library…she’s been trying to make it up to Boomer all along. 

Franky, you ARE a good person, and I’d pay good money to see you and Bridget living happily ever after.

Thank you, Wentworth, for being the one show that didn’t shit on my OTP from a great height. God bless Australia!