This has got to be my favorite part of season 4. Look how fucking happy she is. She’s glowing. She’s so in love but her world is about to go to shit and that breaks my heart so much.
Spoiler: who died in Wentworth?
She found love in a hopeless place. Now it’s official — Bea Smith is dead.

Sources say producers deliberately wrote Bea Smith’s character out of the show for dramatic purposes, rather than Cormack wanting to leave the series.

I’m officially broken after watching the finale of Wentworth. This season has been nothing short of a roller-coaster of emotions. Each episode left you on a heart wrenching cliff hanger, and by the next episode you’d feel relieved about a situation for 5 minutes, when something even more drastic would come along and fuck you up even more.

This show is amazing, the writers, cast, crew everything about it is perfection, down to the last detail.

How beautiful is the concept of the seahorses. A simple idea, which is so aesthetically pleasing.

This show makes you laugh, smile, cry, shout and swear at the screen. You experience the emotions and turmoils of the characters and each situation they go through. That being said, I’m not sure how I’m going to wait a year to find out what happens next. <3 

He used to bring me roses....

If you lived in Australia in the 1980s, you watched Prisoner Cell Block H. I think they sent you to prison if you didn’t.

Even if you’d never seen more than half an episode, you still knew all the characters and could sing the theme song. It seeped in through your pores.

Prisoner wasn’t always good. Sometimes it was camp, silly or downright bizarre, and the budget was so low the actors probably had to bring their own coffee. But when it was good, it was smart, funny, original, daring and touching.

Something I adored about S1-3 of Wentworth was that the people making it seemed to love Prisoner even more than I did.

Most original Wentworth characters were new versions of Prisoner people. Many Wentworth sequences mirrored episodes of Prisoner. S1-2 especially showed an interest in topical social themes which Prisoner also embodied.

And then there were all the lovely little nods to the original show, like Joan pulling the barred gates across in S3E12, or the Blackmoor flashbacks where the sets and costumes looked just like those on PCBH. Probably only me and three other nerds even noticed, but somehow that was what made it delightful.

In S1-3 I felt like the makers of Wentworth believed they had the best job in the world, remaking PCBH. They didn’t pander anxiously to Prisoner fans; they WERE Prisoner fans, and their attitude towards the original was affectionate, sometimes challenging, playful and grateful.

It’s perverse, but I imagined the creators of Wentworth S1-3 cheering the first time they showed Bea Smith putting someone’s hand in the steam press, or Franky Doyle smashing up the school room. I could nearly hear the crew high-fiving each other when Joan Ferguson first pulled on her black leather gloves. When the writers penned the line “Open the door, Freak, or Vinegar Tits gets it!”, I pictured them punching the air. Just like I was doing at home.

I’m curious to hear what other people thought, but I didn’t get much PCBH love from S4.

Sure, there were references. Jake Stewart, Sonia Stevens, Bea versus Joan, Vera throwing herself at anything in trousers. But I dunno - I wasn’t feeling much geeky joy.

There seemed fewer visual or verbal references to PCBH, fewer iconic 80s moments reimagined. There wasn’t the exploration of controversial social issues that characterized both PCBH and Wentworth S1-2.

Bea and Joan’s epic battle in Wentworth S3 was classic Prisoner, but in S4 they seemed to be just going through the motions. And some of the S4 choices, like turning Joan and Shayne’s family life (which in Prisoner was loving and transformative, if dysfunctional and doomed) into just another case of Joan’s “evil manipulation”, felt more like a betrayal than a reimagining.

Did the makers of Wentworth get sick of PCBH after three seasons? Had they gained so many younger and non-Australian/non-British viewers that they figured the original show didn’t matter any more?

I’m not sure, but it makes me sad.

Still, on the bright side, who’s up for a PCBH marathon?

And who wants to read some PCBH fanfiction? Come on, writers, get scribbling!