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Dancing with the Stars Season 25 Week 2 Night 1: Bored to Tears

So we’re back again with another recap of DWTS. And let me get a couple things straight before I start. The first is that I hate when they do weeks like these. The quality of dances suffers significantly when the stars have to do more than one dance a week, super early on in the competition. The second thing is that Ballroom night was so incredibly boring. Besides like three dances, they could have kept the rest of that. It really looked like no one wanted to be there. The hosts, cast, judges, all of them were over it. So if I don’t have much to say about some of these dances, just know that it’s because the whole night was boring. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Debbie and Alan- Quickstep (Score=20)- This was a much better dance from Debbie. She was much more comfortable out on the floor. She still needs to work on her frame, but otherwise, it was a decent dance. I still worry about how much of an impact she’s having on the audience. Because at the end of the night, I end up completely forgetting about her. Hopefully people are voting for these two because I do enjoy them when they are on the screen.

Nikki and Artem- Waltz (Score=21)- This was a decent dance from Nikki as well. She was more confident out on the floor this time around. The issue with them is that this dance was rather flat. It needed more rise and fall. I also want her to work on her movement just a tiny bit more. She’s just a tiny bit rigid and I need her to completely let go and feel the dance.

Lindsey and Mark- Quickstep (Score=21)- This dance was way underscored. The judges nitpicked her to death. They were talking about fixing things that they usually don’t even focus on until about week 5. I think Lindsey should have gotten a 23. It would have accounted for the point that Len took off while Bruno and CAI gave it the 8s that they should have. She was one of three celebs that was nitpicked to death tonight and it makes me wonder what is going on for this to be happening already.

Barbara and Keo- Tango (Score=17)- This was a much better dance from Barbara. I was actually able to watch and stomach it. She didn’t seem as awkward and her technique was much better. I’m glad she was able to get a decent dance in before her elimination tonight.

Nick and Peta- Foxtrot (Score=19)- To be honest, I didn’t actually pay too much attention to this dance. About halfway through, I got bored and started to gaze off. So I’m not sure about the stumble that the judges seemed to see. But he did improve, though not that much. He wasn’t as awkward in his movements and he loosened up a bit from last week. I think the judges overscored it by a point.

Drew and Emma- Quickstep (Score=20)- This was one of the few performances of the night that I actually enjoyed. I don’t know what it was about this number in particular, but it felt like Emma actually put her all into choreographing this routine. It did not feel that way for any of the other dances before this one. Drew went out there and really did a great job. His feet were doing some strange things as he was traveling around the floor and his frame still needs some work. But I actually think everything else was just fine.

Vanessa and Maks- Foxtrot (Score=24)- Mmm. This was scored way too high for various different reasons. The first was that CAI just conveniently decided to miss both of the lifts in this routine. Which is why I need them to tell her to cut it out with the lift police. She is not consistent with it at all. There was also a lot of time wasting done in this dance. There was barely any foxtrot that was actually done. And finally, there were some issues with technique during the actual foxtrot. It was a little rough at times. I like Vanessa, but this dance was way overscored. It should have gotten about a 20.

Frankie and Witney- Tango (Score=23)- Frankie is actually a good dancer and he is definitely going to make waves in this competition. Witney gave him a great dance and Frankie killed it. The biggest issue was that he needs to relax. You could see how tense he was in his shoulders. But everything else was really shocking to me. I never thought that he could be a good dancer.

TO and Cheryl- Foxtrot (Score=20)- This was a terrible song for a foxtrot. However, Cheryl actually made it work.  TO was so much better this week. His technique was 10x better this week than last week. He was way less wild and he danced to his size. He still needs to work on his frame a bit and his feet, but otherwise, this was good. It does suck that his attitude is off. If he were more invested in the show and how well he does, I think Cheryl could actually take him far. But after that package tonight, I’m not sure if he’ll make it through tomorrow’s elimination.

Sasha and Gleb- Viennese Waltz (Score=23)- Hmm. This was a definite improvement over last week. Sasha was way more confident and she was moving a lot bigger than last week. She’s got a natural grace and elegance about her that make dances like this so easy to watch. However, I don’t think it was 23 worthy. So it makes me wonder why she was overscored. She should have gotten a 21 at the most.

Victoria and Val- Tango (Score=24)- So first off I’m going to say that this was the best piece of choreography that Val has done since Laurie’s Viennese waltz. And Victoria did a great job given her circumstances. Now, I don’t think this was 24 worthy. I would have given it a 21. The reason is because her legs were very soft and she wasn’t as grounded as she needed to be for a tango. I understand that this is not her fault but it was lacking from the routine and showed. It lacked conviction and power. This makes me wonder how Victoria is going to do with other dances like this, later on in the season. I don’t see this problem really going away.

Derek and Sharna- Foxtrot (Score=19)- This was one of my favorite dances of the night by far. Derek is a great performer and his technique isn’t even all that bad either. He does have things that he needs to work on (like everyone else in week 2) like his feet, his hold just a little more and his posture, but it’s not as bad as the judges made it out to be. He should not be last on the leaderboard and in fact, should be one of the highest scorers of the night. He deserved no less than a 22. The dance was actually good. So I have to wonder what the goal is here.

Jordan and Lindsay- Viennese Waltz (Score=24)- This dance was another one of my favorites. I absolutely love some of the things that Jordan does to add another dimension to his dances.  There were moments when it may have been too jerky, but it never affected the whole dance. That’s all I can really say. It was another great dance.

So at the end of the night, Barbara and Keo and TO and Cheryl were in jeopardy. And Barbara and Keo were eliminated. It sucks for Keo but I’m not surprised by the result. As far as tomorrow’s elimination goes, I think Debbie and TO need to be extremely worried. With all of that said, let me know what you all thought of the night and I will talk to you all again either tomorrow or Wednesday.