franky & erica

Erica vs Bridget

I’m currently re watching season 1 and it’s making me so mad…
Erica and Franky had known each other for over a year; while building their relationship and chemistry. Yet, Erica still allowed Franky to take the fall for selling drugs to tony- which Franky was charged with and placed in the slot for weeks. (Even though Erica very well knew it wasn’t Franky)

On the other side, Franky was placed in the slot for verbally abusing Vera, and Bridget went to the moon and back for Vera to drop the charges on Franky and get her removed from the slot (and Bridget only knew her for what, 24 hours?).

Bridget Westfall genuinely cares for Franky and Erica was just in it for the thrill.