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Can you do 3 for frazel??

Frank and Hazel. Things you said too quietly. 

I’ve decided not to question why I’m willing to write a frazel fanfiction…

“I’m pregnant.” Hazel muttered while sitting in her boyfriends office in New Rome. Hazel had just turned nineteen and both her and her boyfriend had plans to attend college in the fall. Frank was burred in paperwork, his pen flying across a piece of paper and his brow furrowed in concentration. 

“Huh?” Frank asked not looking up from his work. “What was that, Sweety?” Frank mumbled while pulling a box out of his desk and replacing his pen’s ink cartilage. Hazel stood in shock for a moment. 

He really didn’t catch that? 

Hazel cleared her throat. “Frank.” She said in a demanding tone. Frank knew this tone. It meant his girlfriend had something she wanted to address. He looked up at her and set her pen aside. 

“Sorry.” He muttered sheepishly. He stood and took his girlfriends small hands in how own. 

“What’s on your mind?” Frank asked, taking on break from paperwork and sitting on his desk waiting for Hazel to speak. 

“Frank.” Hazel began again, biting her lip. “I think- and don’t freak out- but I think I’m pregnant.” Hazel blurted out. Her eyes were wide with fear and worry. 

Frank starred at her before realizing what she had said. His eyes flicked to her stomach and back up to her face. 

“How do you know?” Frank asked 

“I just tell you I’m pregnant and you ask me ‘How do I know’? How do you think I know?” Hazel asked about ready to grab the nearest blunt object and beat Frank with it. 

“Sorry! Sorry! It’s just that… Just a shock. A good one! A good shock!” Frank said standing up trying to cover his blunders as they occurred. He grabbed Hazel’s hands once more. 

“I’m so happy.” He said with a genuine smile on his face. His hand rested on her stomach and the other one holding her close. 

“How can we take care of a child?” Hazel whispered. 

“I am Roman Proprietor. I make good money. I can watch the baby during the day while you go to class.” Frank reasoned. He knew it would be hard to run New Rome with a child strapped to his back but if people thought being a father would make him a less fierce leader they were wrong. 

Hazel smiled up at Frank and put her fears to rest. Somehow, they would get by. It’s not very often two demigods can start a family together. 

Meh. I don’t really ship it. I just accept that it’s there. Like how I accept that the sky is blue. It’s just like… ‘Meh okay.’