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A Penny For Your Thoughts, £400 For Your Meal

its now been a clean 2 weeks since i posted the last thing so here we go i guess,,, next thing i post should be the angus thongs au so i hope this tides you all over xxx

my love to @alrightevans @alrightpotter and @prongsyouignoramus for helping me get it from the mess it was when i wrote it 18 months ago to this


8:50. Avery glances at the bill and goes down to his car to retrieve his conveniently forgotten wallet.

8:59. Malfoy goes down to see what’s keeping him.

9:29. Nott slips out to answer an important call.

9:44. Mulciber dons his coat to take a piss.

9:51. Severus excuses himself for a quick fag, and Lily is left sitting alone at their table with a growing sense of suspicion.

9:53. Lily finally convinces herself to look at the bill, and her stomach drops to her knees.

11:41. “Ma’am?” the waitress asks, and Lily was sure she’d seen the worst of the girl’s frown, but she was wrong.

“A-another glass, please,” she mumbles, and the waitress’ eye roll and impatient huff says it all. There are eight or nine completely full glasses in a little grove in front of her already, and she doesn’t exactly have a plan of action, but at least this is buying her more time.

She’s buying herself more time, with money she doesn’t have.

“Of course,” the waitress spits, and sweeps away.

This close to midnight, Lily’s fairly confident they’d like to shut up shop shortly. She tears her eyes away from the frankly excessive amount of wine sitting full in front her, and glances around the previously bustling dining hall. She almost, almost pegs herself as the last diner, but there’s a man about her age on the other side of the room. He has a dozen or so desserts scattered around him, each as untouched as every one of her wine glasses. He gives her a tight smile as they make eye contact, and turns back to his food, pensive. Lily does the same.

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      ‘My secret is a bottomless pit,’ Sobran warned.
      'I always thought it was about love. Then you insisted “he” not “she” – and I still thought it was about love.’

➵ the vintner’s luck, by elizabeth knox

Date 33

Pairing: Dean x Cas

AUYou always bring your dates to the restaurant I wait at and now you’re here alone… you okay mate? (I don’t know who’s AU this is, so if anyone knows let me know so I can credit them!) 

Words: 938

A/N: So I know you’re all waiting for part ten to the Raindrop series, and just know it is coming! For now though, I hope you enjoy this! I don’t really write Destiel, (hell, I don’t even know if I ship it,) but when I saw this AU I just had to write this quick drabble! 

_ _ _ _ _ 

“Finally!” Janice quickly began to loosen her bowtie at the sight of Cas. “How do you keep getting away with being late to your shift?”

“I guess I’m just charming that way.” Cas threw a smile in her direction, “Thanks for covering for me, again.”

Janice rolled her eyes and shoved a stack of menus into his hands. He pretended to be weighed down by them.

“Cry me a river.” She said, throwing on her jacket. “And don’t forget to see who lover-boy comes with tonight!”

“He’s gotta be somewhere around date number thirty-two, right?” He glanced in the direction of the table the man always reserves for his date.

“I’m thinking more.” She raised her brows and checked her phone for any messages. “Anyways, see you tomorrow.” Janice waved him farewell and pushed the back door open, leaving it swinging behind her.

With a small smile on his face, Cas walked to the front of the restaurant to begin welcoming in the dinner guests. Couples entered, snowflakes sparkling in their hair. Some women had large fur scarves around their necks, others wore jackets that swept the floors.

“Good evening,” Cas found himself repeating constantly, “Name?” He would ask to check the reservation book.

“Dean Winchester.” One man said. Cas shot his eyes up to find lover-boy staring at him. “The usual table.” He continued.

Cas nodded and brought Dean to his table, noticing there was no one else following.

“Shall I start you off with some water?” Cas asked once Lover-boy sat down. He made a mental note to not call him by his made-up nickname out loud.

“That would be great. Two please.” Dean fiddled with his fork as he spoke. Cas swallowed thickly before nodding, unsure of why he did.

Walking back to the kitchen, Cas quickly filled up two glasses with water. He stared out from the kitchen at the empty seat across from Dean. Janice’s jaw would have dropped. Lover-boy had never been stood up. If anything, every date he brought in seemed to be in love with him in seconds.

Checking behind him for his boss, Cas took out his phone and texted Janice. She replied with about twenty surprised-face emoji’s.

“Thanks.” Dean took the glass straight out of Cas’s hand, gulping down half of it.

“How about I start you off with an appetizer for now? On the house.” Cas realized that this man would end up spending the night alone.

“They’ll be here.” Dean stated, looking up to meet his waiters blue eyes.

“Alright.” Cas began to turn when Dean cleared his throat.

“But, some bread would be nice.”

Cas nodded and headed back to the kitchen. He grabbed a plate of bread and oil from the baker and headed back out to the table.

As Dean picked at his appetizer, Cas stole glances in his direction while waiting on other couples. Perhaps an hour had passed until Dean ordered himself some wine.

“The usual?” Cas asked.

Dean furrowed his brows, “No. Something stronger.”

With his fingers gripping his notepad, Cas discussed the different choices before agreeing to take Dean to the cellar.

“I don’t usually do this, but…” Cas said as he swung open the wooden door, “You’ll get to see all of our options.”

Dean inhaled the aroma of the mix of wood and wine.

In the small room, Cas could suddenly smell Lover-boy’s cologne. It was intoxicatingly musky.

“How about,” Cas held out a bottle of red to Dean, “this one?”

Dean took the bottle from Cas, fingers ghosting over his as he did.

“Maybe. Got anything older?” Dean asked. He didn’t know much about wine, and frankly he never cared to learn. So why he suddenly wanted to spend the rest of his night in the cellar with his waiter, he wasn’t sure.

Dean glanced at his watch again, before checking his phone. No new messages.

“It’s actually getting kind of late.” Dean began while Cas pulled out a bottle. “Thank you for…for all of this, but…”

“Sorry they didn’t show.” Cas said immediately.

Dean shoved his hands in his pant pockets and shrugged. He watched Cas as he placed the bottle back. His dark hair contrasted against his white shirt. Dean couldn’t help but beg silently for Cas to turn around, just so he could see those blue eyes again.

They walked back to the table in silence, neither suspecting the other.

“I’ll take the check now.” Dean sat down, taking another sip of his water.

“It’s on me this time.” Cas gave him a tight smile.

Dean pursed his lips. “Then can I at least tip you?” He asked.

Cas let out a small laugh and nodded. Dean smiled back and took out his wallet.

“I’ll be right back.” Cas looked past Dean to see his co-worker motioning for his attention. Dean nodded and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and a pen. He looked back at Cas who was helping out what seemed like a trainee, then back at the money.

Swiftly, he wrote down his number. Then traced over it. Three times.

“Sorry about that.” Cas seemed to appear out of thin air by Dean’s side. He folded the twenty and placed it directly into Cas’s hand.

“Thanks, man.” Dean pushed his chair in and started towards the door.

“Have a good evening.” Cas said from habit, watching Dean’s back. The tinted glass door shut slowly behind him, and Cas was left frozen in his spot. He unfolded the twenty, ready to place it into his pocket, before noticing the bold numbers.

Grabbing his phone, he sent another text to Janice:

Looks like I’m date 33

YouNow Know All Our Secrets Part 2/2


Summary: YouNow just got a litttle steamy *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Genre: Fluffy

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 500+


Dan logged onto twitter quickly, wasting no time to get on to his Tumblr too. Phil walked in with two wine glasses and a bottle of their best red wine.

“Frankly I could’ve settled for a Ribena but this is even better,” Dan skipped the wine glasses and drank straight from the bottle.

“So do we deny it and say the whole thing was a joke and that we knew the webcam was still on?” Phil whispered. Dan knew Phil got frustrated sometimes with the fact that Phan was always just one big cover up story after another.

“No it’s not even believable because that was beyond a joke.” Dan murmured. “Sure the Valentines Day video could be dismissed but this is undeniable. Either you have really good acting skills, which we both know you don’t, or it’s real.”

“How about we just come out,” Phil whispered. Dan nearly spit out the wine, his eyes widening at the idea.

“But-” Dan said. “We said we wouldn’t until we were in the right state, you now. We’re at the peak of our careers! We could lose fans or get fired from the BBC, and I didn’t even go to college I have nothing to fall back on but my lesbian looks!”

“Dan you’re being unreasonable, you have a lot to offer. You could easily get into the entertainment industry.” Phil gave Dan a peck on the lips. “Plus our fans already ship us and we both know the BBC loves Phan. Are careers aren’t threatened Dan, so please just think about the pros and cons.”

“The pros outweigh the cons,” Dan cheerfully laughs. “Yes! Let’s do this, first we post a video then we tweet and make some Tumblr posts…”

“Woah you need to slow down Dan,” Phil chuckled. “We still haven’t decided what to do about the whole stripping on camera thing. I mean the internet not only saw me attack you like a horny lion but they almost saw you…naked.”

“Oh you failed to acknowledge the fact that they could clearly see my dick! When you’re hard and only in your boxers it doesn’t leave much to the imagination!” Dan stood up to get another bottle of wine as he had finished the first bottle all by himself.

“I suggest you lay off the alcohol in case you drunk tweet or something,” Phil laughed.

“I think me drunk tweeting is the least of our problems, I checked and Tyler Oakley’s tweet has gotten more than 17 thousand retweets not to mention the Tumblr post is approaching 100,000 notes!” Dan checked his phone again, a flood of texts piling in.

“That’s it! I’m making a video that can set every record straight, and to hell with the YouNow video, let the Phandom have a field day with it!” Dan marched out of the lounge and upstairs to his own room. He shut the door so loudly that the whole house shook, startling Phil in the process.


Dan didn’t emerge from his room for over two hours, despite Phil repetitive knocking on his door. When the time neared midnight, Dan finally made an appearance in Phil’s room. His eyes red and swollen like he’d been crying and alcohol smelled on his breath.

“I uploaded a video,” Dan started. “I drank after each shot basically, but it’s up on YouTube. I posted it on all my social media including Facebook so it’s basically impossible to not know about the video.”

“Why?” Phil asked quietly, his voice cracking slightly.

“What?” Dan asked while taking a spot beside Phil on his bed, wrapping his arms around the older male.

“Why’d you do the video without me?” Phil finished.

“I explained in the video that it wasn’t a coming out video because I wanted to do that with you. The video was just addressing privacy, that’s it I swear!” Dan kissed Phil’s shoulders gently.

“Really Dan! Aw you’re the sweetest, you honestly have no idea how much I love you,” Phil kissed Dan, each kiss more passionate than the last.”

“How about we finish what we started?” Dan nibbled on Phil’s ear, leaving a trail of hickies along Phil’s neck.

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” Phil breathed and they dove under the covers in a dash for love.


Part 2 up in only 12 hours YAY! One-shot comes out tomorrow plus a new chapter of Bad For You. Plus i have to take a two day break from Tumblr shoot me because I’m going to an amusement park then it’s my moms birthday so I have to be the worlds most angelic daughter 0:)

a long walk to a dark house - part eleven

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!

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I know I have a lot of young followers who are still in high school, so I hope it’s reassuring when I tell you that if you never had a boyfriend in high school it really won’t affect you. Shoujo manga and John Green novels make it look like having some boy who loves you and some 2deep4me parties is the only way to live life to his fullest… but contrary to people who go “life is short!” and yolo or whatever, life is long as hell. You’ll have time to date people when you’re financially stable, know what you want and men are at their ripest (in their 30s) (maybe even later. Look at Richard Armitage. like fine wine)