These images of Charleston in the snow come to us from various photographers and donors - some with more information than others. Compiled weather statistics gave us a possible dates…there just has not been that many years where snow has fallen in Charleston! Some of the other parameters (buildings, streets and identified people) present narrowed the date to 1899. It’s still just an educated guess though as weather information was not recorded 100% of the time, making the margin of error a bit higher.

1. Man (unidentified) on the Battery. Possibly 1899.
2. Trolley at Meeting and Ladson (vicinity of 35 Meeting Street). Possibly 1899, photographer M.B. Paine
3. Intersection of Wentworth and King Streets, looking west on Wentworth. Israel Hirsch building (275 King St) - now demolished - visible at right. Possibly 1899.
4. Man (unidentified) walking on the Battery after snowfall, possibly 1899.
5. Marion Square from King and Calhoun Streets, photographed by Dr. Franklin Frost Sams. Possibly 1899.
6. Custom House at 200 East Bay after snowfall, photographed by Dr. Franklin Frost Sams. Possibly 1899.
7. “Lizzie in snow.” Elizabeth Gregorie Sams (1870-1941) standing in the yard of the Custom House, with East Bay Street behind her. Photographed by her husband, Dr. Franklin Frost Sams. Possibly 1899.
8. Looking west on South Battery from East Battery. White Point Gardens is on the left. Photographed by Dr. Franklin Frost Sams. Possibly 1912, 1918 or 1922.

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