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           “Mijo wake up! You are going to miss school like this”, Mrs. Reyes shouted, making Gabriel wake up stopping a drop of drool that was slipping along his lips, he jumped up from the bed as soon as he realized where, when and who he was, grabbing his clothes, putting on his shoes over his socks and taking his bag that was dropped in the floor, when he was about to run downstairs he ran back in to grab a tiny pile of papers from is desk, he went on to grab a pear and give some kisses to his mom: “Bye mom, see you soon”, rushing through the door as he put on a jacket over his wrinkly shirt, and some pants. “Ah Gabriel, why do you always leave such a mess in your room Mrs. Reyes asked herself, seeing her son running through the dirt path.

           Jack’s ears heard some fast thuds in the distance, making him slow down a bit, as the noise came a bit closer he started to run a little faster with a little grin on his face: Jackieeeeee, wait uuuuup!”, Gabe screamed, huffing from the small lack of air, finally reaching Jack calmly walking with his light blue shirt and jeans:

Gabe: “Oh come on take that stupid grin off your face”

Jack: “Hehehehe what grin? I’m just slowly making my way to school”

Gabe: “Haha, I know you heard me, and just started running away!”

Jack: “Hehehe, whatever… how did you sleep?”

Gabe: “Poorly, you?”

Jack: “Me too…”

Gabe’s tail started to move towards Jacks when he said:

Gabe: “Look, about yesterday…I-”

Jack: “Oh no the school bell, c’mon or we’ll be late”

           The rabbit sprinted his way to the entrance leaving the cat alone without getting to complete his thought, arriving at class he set on his spot, holding his fingers strongly entwined apprehensively looking a Jack surrounded by a group of other kids, when they finally traded looks, Morrison coldly changed focus, leaving Reyes with an even stronger feeling of guilt. As the day went on Gabe tried to approach Jackie several times, all of them failing, each time leaving the cat more and more frustrated, by the end of the school day he grabbed the rabbit by the arm, pulling him to a corner of the school, and waited a bit to let most of the people pass by, pressing Jack against the wall holding him by the arms. Both remained silent for a moment as Gabe’s head moved toward morrison’s:

Gabe: “Look… I know you’re mad, but ignoring me won’t help.”

Jack’s expression changed quickly to a more serious and sad one inching his head to himself:

Jack: “Mad? No, I would be mad if you punched me or whatever, but telling me that? It’s just… It’s just cruelty…” -He said as tears started forming in his eyes.

Gabe: “And how do you think I feel? The fact that soon I’ll not be able to see my best friend in the entire world? Maybe forever? I just… it just sucks man…” – As tears also formed in his eyes

           Soon enough both where on the ground, tearing up their tails moved towards one another Gabe’s connecting to Jack’s on the base, holding it a bit harder than it has ever before, the pain from it didn’t bother the bunny, because it was so minimal and he felt comfort on Reyes’s touch, they moved neared each other, first hugging putting their faces over one another’s shoulder, so the other wouldn’t see their crying face:

Gabe: “I don’t wanna leave you, I just want to stay with you forever.”

Jack: “I… I want to stay with you forever too…”

           They just stayed there, both wanting that this moment would last forever, it was like they were meant to be that way, everything seemed perfect, the warmth, the position, even the tiny points of the grass that would cause some itching felt like velvet, they made it feel like velvet for the other, the air was better, the stars where shinier, life was better if they were together they made it better for each other. Taking a moment to appreciate their memories, the cat whispered:

Gabe: “Hey… how about we just live in the forest, we can take care of each other”

           Jack sobbed a bit followed up bit a light snort.

Jack: “Hehe…. The city kitty living on the forest”

Gabe: “He… yeah I guess you’re right but still… I really do want to stay with you… forever…”

Jack: “… I love you Gabe”

Gabe: “I love you too Jackie”

           It felt strange at first, but remembering all the years, it just felt right, after some time, they both got up and headed home, , their hand and tails tightly tied together, they had a sad smile on their faces, trying to the chat it away, but It was impossible, a sweet breeze came to them nearing their destination, as they both went to the river, and going against its course they hit the waterfall that generated the place that was the scenario of so many adventures, and they sat there, for as much as time would allow, hearing the soothing splash of the water, and the current flowing right in front of them, Gabe laid his head in jack’s shoulder making his face tickle with the soft fur from his tiny pointy ears, in a swift natural movement they kissed for the first time, a sweet, delicate and fast kiss, and just like that their sad smile turned into pure happiness. They went home after some time, stopping by the hedge, saying good night to each other and giving a good night kiss, making both sure they would finally sleep well.  

Hey so to give out some insight I used winnie the pooh and franklin the turtle as somewhat of a reference on the ideia of the forest setting, so for me they live inside trees (yeah really specific and non important idea), they have in this part about 16~17, also i’d like to make this not like continuos chapters just make some story from a certain period on their lives and i changed the writting style for two reasons: 1.There’s way more character conversation compared to the last one, and  2.I’m just a idiot who can’t have anything consistant on his life. So Yeah, hope you enjoy the second chapter of this fanfic on the au created by @hinoart

PS: I’m not trying to shit out content, i just love this AU so much ;^;


Sweet Child of Wine 1/6

RvB Reverse Big Bang
Artist: @gaveremy
Art: Found here
Characters: Wash, Donut, Tucker, Grif Junior
Ships: Wash x Tucker, Donut x Doc

Summary: When life is anything but easy sometimes it takes a good heart to help heal the broken spirit. But you know sometimes it just takes good wine to forget about it.

It had been a long day for the blonde man walking across town, his coat bundled tightly around him with a hat covering all but a few stray pieces of hair; all the while carrying a large bag over his shoulder. Everything about him looked as though he was young carefree kid just walking the streets in the early morning. But he knew in his bag was his uniform, he tried to never wear home. One to many bad experiences made him realize it was just better to wear civvies home. He also knew if anyone got in his face and actually looked closely they would see the bags under his eyes from the clear lack of sleep.

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There is a number of officers in this street, almost every other house between the Orange Tree and King’s Lane. They are all very peaceable, but the neighbours do not associate with them. I really pity them sometimes … touching book of music, having [time] hanging on their hands and no…. This has been our Thanksgiving day.
—  To Benjamin Franklin from Jane Mecom, 5–15 December 1774
The Things That Wait (1/4)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
CHARACTER DEATH, Language, Canon-typical violence, Psychological manipulation and trauma
Rating: T
[Reverse Big Bang Entry] Tucker opens an unexpected email that ends up sending himself and all of the Reds and Blues toward a collision course with the unexpected and the completely deadly. In doing so, they face a beast familiar to many of them – the Meta – whose single minded efforts to complete himself with what remains of the Project Freelancer AIs could spell the death for more than a few of them..

A/N: AT LAST! My entry for the Reverse Big Bang held by @rvbficwars in collaboration with my sister from another mister, always lovely and enjoyable beyond compare @theeffar who made me SO pleased by giving me an excuse to create a real Horror Story for an RvB fic – the one genre I’ve really wanted to try out in RvB but have so far – until right now – not had the opportunity for!

The Reverse Big Bang was a blast and working with Effar is, as always, a blast. So very much thank you to the other mods of the blog for running such a smooth, tight ship and for working with me in all my silliness and the confusion of the last few weeks as I tried to straighten out my evolving situation. 

The final wordcount for this chapter is 5454 exactly, and the overall wordcount for this four-part fic should be 24k! So YAY! I hope it’s as enjoyable to read as it was to write!

Starting at Zero

One thing they neglected to tell Tucker about being promoted and reassigned was just how fucking boring it was going to be. Which one wouldn’t have thought because, for one, he was having to work with the exact aliens that had been trying to wipe out the entirety of the human race for the whole Great War. That, alone, should have been full of excitement.

But fighting aliens was a lot less dangerous than being worshipped by them, and as much as Tucker’s self-proclaimed ego might have determined otherwise, he was not enjoying the constant drooling of four-jawed creatures who were constantly trying to touch his kid.

Which was weird and creepy.

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Issa Rae (First black woman to create and star in a premium cable series)

Oprah Winfrey (First woman to own and produce her own talk show)

Serena Williams (First tennis player to win 23 Grand Slam singles titles in the open era)

Shonda Rhimes (First woman to create three hit shows with more than 100 episodes each)

Ava DuVernay (First black woman to direct a film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar)

Gabby Douglas (First American gymnast to win solo and team all-around gold at one Olympics)

Dr. Mae Jemison (First woman of color in space)

Mo’ne Davis (First girl to pitch a shutout and win a game in a Little League World Series)

Patricia Bath (First person to perform laserphaco cataract surgery and the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent)

Aretha Franklin (First woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Ursula Burns (First black woman to run a Fortune 500 company)

Rita Dove (First black U.S. poet laureate)

Loretta Lynch (First black woman to become U.S. Attorney General)

#TheyAreTheFirst #BlackExcellence

I had a dream last night that I discovered that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name is short for Benjamin FrankLin-Manuel Miranda, and realized that at some point in the future when he becomes old and time travel is invented, he would travel back in time and BE Benjamin Franklin and introduce people to various innovative ideas, and that all those years he was a diplomat, he would actually be traveling back and forward in time. In the dream, I thought, “That’s why Benjamin Franklin isn’t in Hamilton. He didn’t want anyone to realize they’re the same person.”

I feel like Nicolas Cage in that movie.