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Nicki Minaj just tied Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 hits among women

  • Not even Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” hit job could stop Nicki Minaj from continuing to add new jewels to her pop crown. 
  • Wednesday, on International Women’s Day, Billboard broke the news that Minaj has now tied the record previously held solo by Aretha for most hot 100 hits among women. 
  • Aretha and Nicki have 73 entries apiece, with Taylor Swift sitting at no. 2 with 70 entries. 
  • Rihanna also just moved up a notch on the list, with her and Future’s “Selfish” debuting at No. 37 on the charts, surpassing Madonna to take the no. 3 seat. Read more (3/8/17 1:20 PM)

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The tired joke “I knit so I don’t kill people” has lost its sting, but not the core of truth that made it funny. When total strangers notice my knitting, there’s a fifty percent chance they’ll say it’s pretty–but they haven’t got the patience to do it themselves. There’s a one hundred percent chance that I will reply that I knit constantly because I have no patience.
—  Franklin Habit
💖 Valentine’s Day Playlist 💖

Some sweet, special songs to fall in love to. This playlist is entirely made of old tunes that WOC sing. Even if you’re gonna be solo that day, dream to this:  

💖 Fantasy- Mariah Carey  💖
💖  Be My Angel- Mazzy Star 💖
💖 Then He Kissed Me- The Crystals 💖
💖 I Put a Spell On You- Nina Simone 💖
💖 One In a Million- Aaliyah 💖
💖 I Feel Love- Donna Summer 💖
💖 Be My Baby- The Ronettes 💖
💖 C’est Si Bon- Eartha Kitt  💖
💖 I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston 💖
💖 Love To a Stranger- Joan Baez 💖 
💖 Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart- The Supremes 💖 
💖 Temptation- Destiny’s Child 💖
💖 I Say a Little Prayer- Aretha Franklin 💖
💖 Nasty Girl- Vanity 6 💖
💖 This Girl’s In Love With You- Dionne Warwick 💖
💖 Anytime, Any Place- Janet Jackson 💖
💖 Smooth Operator- Sade 💖
💖 Where Do I Begin? (Love Story)- Shirley Bassey 💖
💖 Money Love- Neneh Cherry 💖 
💖 Say You’ll Be There- Spice Girls 💖
💖 Baby Baby Baby- TLC 💖
💖 I’ve Got To Keep My Love Warm- Billie Holiday 💖

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Tell me some weird shit™ that the founding fathers did


• Alexander Hamilton spelled Pennsylvania wrong on the constitution.
• Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the Turkey.
• James Monroe, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all died on July 4th- James Madison died seven days before July 4th.
• George Washington and Lafayette took a nap underneath a tree after The Battle of Monmouth.
• Two days before signing the Declaration of Independence all the delegates got super drunk.
• Benjamin Franklin basically was man whore in France.
• Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay on farting.
• Benjamin Franklin wasn’t allowed to write The Declaration of Independence because they thought he’d put a joke in it.
• Benjamin Franklin took “air baths” which involved sitting in a bathtub fully nude and writing.
• Benjamin Franklin purposely spelt Pennsylvania wrong on the US currency to defer from counterfeits.
• John Adams had a dog named Satan.
• Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post coincidently he was involved in the first major political sex scandal
• While in England bromance Thomas Jefferson and John Adams visited Shakespeare’s house and vandalized a chair he used to sit in by chipping piece out of it.
• During the election of 1800 while bromance Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were broken up; Thomas Jefferson told everyone that John Adams was a hermaphrodite and John Adams countered telling everyone Thomas Jefferson was dead.
• Benjamin Franklin brought tofu to America.
• Thomas Jefferson brought Ice Cream and macaroni and cheese.
• Thomas Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to watch out for giant sloths.
• George Washington currently has $300,000 worth of overdue library books.
• George Washington didn’t know that Chinese people were white.
• During the battle of Germantown, George Washington found a lost dog and stopped everything just to return to dog safely to the British side.
• George Washington was deathly afraid of being burnt alive and asked in his will to be buried three days after his death.
• It’s actually Paul Revere on the Sam Adams.
• John Jay didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence, he is famed for framing it.
• Gouvernour Morris got a blockage in his dick and tried to cure it by sticking a piece of Whale Bone down his fucking penis hole. He got an infection and died.
• Thomas Jefferson having such bad social anxiety that he used to fake sick to get out of public interactions.
• Thomas Jefferson broke his wrist trying to inpress a girl.
• Benjamin Franklin volunteered in the fire department.
• Thomas Jefferson had about 7,000 books and when a Virginian Library burnt down he donated about 1,640 books to the library.
• George Washington was an amazing dancer.
• James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were once arrested for riding a horse carriage on a Sunday in Vermont. Which was illegal!
• Thomas Jefferson had a mockingbird named dick who ate from his mouth and shit.
• Alexander Hamilton’s son and his dying in the same spot just four years apart in the same way.
• Alexander Hamilton talking and talking after he was shot even thought he was fucking bleeding out.
• John Jay quitting politics and becoming a farmer.
• John Adams and Thomas Jefferson holding such a grudge against one another that Johnny didn’t even show up to his presidential inauguration.
• Thomas Jefferson only made two speeches during his presidencies. Both were his inauguration speeches.
• Lafayette giving John Quincy Adams a baby alligator as a gift.
• Andrew Jackson got kicked out of a funeral because his mocking bird kept saying fuck.
• James Madison “accidentally” shipping into US a ton of prostitutes. • Andrew Jackson beat the shit out of a guy trying to assassinate him with a cane.

• James Monroe and Alexander Hamilton almost getting into a duel which was stopped by Aaron Burr. • James Monroe served as both Treasury of secretary and Secretary of State.

(This list is getting too long- so I’ll stop there!)

look!!! i am all for calling out heteronormativity!!!! i think it’s a real issue and we need to see more girl/boy friendships in hollywood.

but maybe don’t for edge of seventeen? aside from her and erwin’s story actually making a lot of sense and not being forced, we need to remember that erwin himself is great representation. erwin is an asian male, a group who hollywood tends to desexualize and sideline. erwin is a fully developed character who isn’t just interesting but is the main love interest in the film, which we’ve never seen. tell me one other mainstream coming of age movie with an interracial relationship. tell me one other mainstream coming of age movie with an asian love interest. please don’t forget that erwin is important and great rep!!!!!

Small list of little shows/movies you can watch on youtube for free ! 💗🌸
64 zoo lane 🐵
Franklin 🐢
Powerpuff Girls (old and new) 💖
Scooby-Doo (old and new) 🐶
Dexters Laboratory 🔎
The backyardigans 🐧
Barbie and the Swan lake 🐦
Barbie and the Nutcracker 🎄
Barbie as Rapunzel 👸
Barbie Fairytopia, mermaidia 🌸

America’s Parents as High School Relationships.

John Adams & Abigail Adams: Power couple. Everyone wonders how she can stand him. But she sees the light.

George Washington & Martha Washington: Those two who have been together for forever and you’re like how

Thomas Jefferson & Martha Jefferson: The relationship every one wishes they had. Feed each other strawberries by hand and giggle romantically in the corner and sing duets.

Benjamin Franklin & Deborah Franklin: “You’re the only girl I talk to, babe.”

Alexander Hamilton & Elizabeth Hamilton: Everybody wanted him until he chose her and then hurt her.

James Monroe & Elizabeth Monroe: Classic tale of the really cool cheerleader and the tall, sweet jock.