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In announcing this victory to Congress, Washington, though he cited almost every other major-general who was with him in battle, did not mention Lafayette’s name. This was the first time Washington had failed to do so in recounting any action in which Lafayette had taken part. Hamilton and Laurens also listed those who had distinguished themselves, and Lafayette was not among them. Dr. James McHenry, another of Washington’s secretaries, likewise called the roll of Monmouth’s heroes. Of Lafayette he said only that the marquis was ‘sadly disappointed’ and 'peculiarly unhappy’ not to have won any laurels that day (for 'the honors of war….have a distinguished place in the breast of a French noble-man’); but he added that, after the retreat was checked, Lafayette’s conduct of the second line was 'very judicious.’ A few months later Washington was to feel called upon to write a letter recommending Lafayette to Benjamin Franklin. In doing so, the commander-in-chief listed the several actions in which Lafayette had fought under his command and acquitted himself gloriously. The battles of Brandywine, Gloucester, and Barren Hill were cited; but Monmouth Court House was passed over in silence.
—  Lafayette In America by Louis Gottschalk. This has always been odd to me. Was it that Lafayette drove his troops too hard on their march to the battlefield in the preceding days? Was it that Lafayette was one of the first officers to quit the field (after arguing with Lee that they should not do so) because he was ordered to fall back? Was it something he did during the battle? Was he afraid or did he not want France to know of a battle he didn’t perform spectacularly well in? Hm.

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what can you tell us about ben franklin's sex life?

Benjamin Franklin’s wife was named Deborah- she died in 1774. Just a few of the babes that Benjamin Franklin accumulated include  Anna-Louise d`Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy, Madame Helvetius, Margaret Stevenson, Polly Hewson, Madame Foucault, Countess Diane de Polignac, Countess Wilhelmina Golowkin, Catherine Ray, Georgiana Shipley, Madame Le Veillard, Madame Le Roy, Countess Houdetot… 

Franklin himself was frightened by his sexual appetite, admitting in his autobiography that:

“The hard-to-be-governed passion of my youth had hurried me frequently into intrigues with low women that fell in my way.”

Franklin had an an illegitimate son in Philadelphia and neglected his wife. Franklin had a succession of relationships with younger women. Some of the affairs were sexual and others were platonic. Gossip about Franklin and his women followed him throughout his adult life, someone even took the liberty of writing a poem about him:

Franklin, tho` plagued with fumbling age

Needs nothing to excite him.

But is too ready to engage

When younger arms invite him.

There is a legend about a statue of Benjamin Franklin saying that he climbs down at night and goes to the nearest bar. 

Franklin arrived in London on Christmas Eve at the age of 18. He was accompanied by his friend, James Ralph. Franklin and Ralph partied, drank and whored around London for most of 1725. The friendship ended when Franklin made advances to Ralph`s mistress. Franklin returned to Philadelphia in 1726. In the 18 months he was overseas, he had written to Deborah Read once.

For the next several years,Franklin courted a number of women. In 1731, one of his mistresses gave birth to a son. The identity of the woman remained Franklin`s darkest secret.

At the age of 30, Franklin settled down, taking Deborah as his common wife. But one of his more revealing writings, which took the form of a letter to a young man in 1745, was suppressed for almost two centuries. Franklin`s Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress was published in of papers. The letter appears to be a response to the young man`s question about how to deal with his raging libido.

Franklin says that there is no medicine against, “The violent natural inclinations you mention” and prescribes marriage as the best remedy. Older wome, he said make better lovers, he asserts, because they are more helpful when you are sick; because “there is no hazard of children”. 

1757-1775 Franklin lived in London as the agent while Deborah, remained in Philadelphia. In 1767 Charles Wilson Peale paid a surprise visit to Franklin in London. As Peale recounted the event, he found the front door unlocked, went up to the second floor to Franklin`s apartment, where the door was ajar. Peale said inside he saw Franklin with a young lass sitting on his lap, and they were kissing and fondling each other. Peale retreated down the stairs, made a quick sketch of the scene and departed- he basically drew smut. 

1776 to 1785 Franklin as United States commissioner to France. He made this note in his diary shortly after his arrival: “We met six or seven country women in company, on horseback and Astride; they were all of fair white and red complexions but one among them was one of the fairest women I ever beheld.”

Franklin proceeded to omg wow the French court in general and its ladies in particular. There was a ceremony in which he was paid homage by 300 young French women, several of whom-picked for their physical beauty. Way to excite the old guy. 

(All sources come from Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren)

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