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Charleston killer Dylann Roof grew up in a fractured home

… his ‘violent’ father beat his stepmother and hired a private detective to follow her when they split, she claims in court papers.

Franklin married Paige Mann in 1998 when Dylann was four , At age 15 Dylann’s life began to go off the rails.Roof’s tattoo-covered dad was verbally and emotionally abusive to his wife during their 10-year marriage.In court papers Paige claims Franklin subjected her to a ‘pattern of control and mental manipulation’ that ended with a vicious assault.

The two divorced in 2009 and Dylann, then 15, was left with his indifferent father. Dylann Roof soon quit school altogether, family said, preferring to drift between video games and drugs.

Harris County Criminal Court, Franklin Street, Houston, Feb. 18, 2016