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I’ll Wear Out the Words “I Love You”

Written for @blogyblogblog​, who wanted fluffy Matt/Foggy wedding fic.

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There was a special bond between cousins who were born in the same year. In the Nelson clan, Foggy had Mitch. Mitch was the one who screamed down the house when Foggy fell into the pool, aged four. He was the one who collared Foggy at their thirteenth Christmas and told him what to do if he got within kissing distance of a cute boy or girl. He was the one who had counted his pennies during his HVAC apprenticeship to buy enormous flats of cheap beer, and drove ninety minutes to drop half of it off at Foggy’s dorm at Columbia.

And he was going to get a Hell’s Kitchen special right in the jaw if he didn’t stop cockblocking Foggy, family tradition or not.

“I’m putting my foot down, Bipper,” Mitch said, crossing his arms in the middle of Foggy’s bachelor party. Across the room, Foggy saw Jessica Jones latch onto the nickname with her PI superpowers, and he pointed a warning finger at her. She shot him a glance that said, quite clearly, “I’ll forget it for now, but you owe me.”

“The wedding’s a week away, dingus,” Foggy yelled, “you can’t make Matt move out for a week!”

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