Harley Quinn Suicide Contest 'Discovers' Not So New Artist

Jeremy Roberts has 74 comics credits to his name, including some for DC.

In a beautiful and tearjerking twist befitting only the greatest Hallmark movies, DC discovers that the “New and Undiscovered” artist was… why, it was within them the whole time!

After hosting a largely controversial contest just to promote their interest in seeking new talent, DC hires an artist that has 70+ credits and even worked with DC itself in this calender year.

Such heartwarming
Very poetry
Involuntary celibacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Let’s all take a moment to consider that someone made a page on Wikipedia about the “medical condition” known as “Involuntary Celibacy” and that there is a section on Causes that includes:

An analysis by Denise Donnelly et al. of a group of incels revealed that only 29% of virgin incels (those who had never had a sexual experience) had ever participated in kissing or other activities involving a partner. Her research indicates that as incels (and virgins in particular) miss key milestones in their sexual trajectory they find themselves on a radically different sexual development path than their peers.

Other factors, as identified by Donnelly’s 2001 life course analysis (unless otherwise cited) include shyness; inability to relate to others; poor body image; difficult living arrangements (e.g. with parents, roommates, or in an isolated area); inconvenient work arrangements; lack of transportation; disinterest in having sex in the absence of love or a relationship; commitment to a marriage or relationship with a partner who is not interested in having sex with them; reduced physical ability to have sex as a result of illness, injury or handicap, or because of difficulty in developing and maintaining erections as a result of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Additionally, men may disqualify appealing women as “relationship material” based on the stereotype that beautiful women are less likely to be faithful as girlfriends or wives, or to become good mothers, and would be the most likely to seek divorce.

The world is a magical place.


American Horror Story: Coven - Main Title Sequence


Holy gosh. Frankie linked me to this: A dating site exclusively where men pay attractive women to go on dates with them.

No, seriously.


The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer.

One of the TellTale Developers has recently said “The thing that we repeat around the office is the world doesn't give a s— if you’re a little girl.”

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DC Universe Online [Mentor: The Joker]

Joker: You there! Go break up Bane’s Venom smuggling ring. He’s horning in on my territory and I hate it. Go steal all of his venom.

Me: You got it, Mister J. (Gee, this doesn’t really feel all that Jokerish. I mean, yah, turf wars and petty squabbles, but the end result are cleaner streets in Gotham. I hope this doesn’t–)

Joker: Oh yah, and once you get the Venom, start injecting ludicrous amounts into random people just to see what happens.