frankie stevens

Hell Bent- WOW

WHAT a finale!!?? 

SOOOO happy that Will Jackson was the one to do it. Allie definitely helped, but it really said something that Will did it. I was so shocked I thought it would be Jake under that hoodie. But who DIDN’T have motive. 

Seriously the plot was SO good. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. 

The way Bea’s picture was looking at her was so poetic. I loved it. 

What an ending. 

When Franky saw Bridget and said ‘I love you! and I’m coming back.’ All the feels!!! GO FRANKY so badass this episode, especially when she said to Sonia ‘I will snap you like a twig’ a glimmer of the old Franks <3 loved itttt

and wow Liz’s attack on Sonia, what a sneaky one! Didn’t know she had it in her! 

So much happened and wow. I’m very satisfied though, that the Freak’s reign of terror after 4 seasons is now over, and my Franky has escaped!

Next season should be SIIIIICK!!!