frankie stevens

Hatter is a mad lad but he 100% cares about his lesbian teacup child! (Ayyyy it’s ya shortie CDD! Cherry Dream-on Demon! Or Marcy it’s your call. ) This is for my comic Fruitloops, but it’s gotten to that point in development *going on for a year and a half* where I’ve thought of some characters as tinies lmaooo.


Even Though Emilie’s role in this movie wasn’t that big, I still think she did a great job at acting a fiesty, ‘I-don’t-need-no-man’ kinda girl. Though I would of like the movie as a whole if Frankie(her character) had fallen in love with Cesar Faz(Clifton Collins Jr.’s character)

Emilie did portray a not so typical 1950’s woman to a tee, which once again proves that she is an amazing actress.