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ask-papa-franky  asked:

♬ = singing to them

Franky: OW! Hey there pretty woman! This is dedicated SUPER song that goes to you!

Aldonza: Huh? A song? To me? But why would you-

Aldonza: Oh!

Aldonza: You mean a duet? After all you can’t sing without some melody playing along with it?

Franky: OW! That a SUPER idea! I’d assume that this was not what he had in mind but he will take it  

Franky: Yeah! Yeah! That will work just fine! Here we go. One… Two… Three…

((guys, the song that I asked the mun of Franky on what he would be singing is this Link. That is funny because I know after every chorus he would add and “OW” after it!!!))

// @ask-franky39


1. Wouldn’t It Be Nice // The Beach Boys
2. Work This Body // WALK THE MOON
3. Because // The Dave Clark Five
4. Burning Love // Elvis Presley
5. Saturday In the Park // Chicago
6. Golden Revolver // San Cisco
7. California Girls // The Beach Boys
8. I Won’t Let You Down // OK Go
9. Love Never Felt So Good // Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
10. Jackie & Wilson // Hozier
11. Portugal // WALK THE MOON
12. Suspicious Minds // Elvis Presley
13. Dancing In the Moonlight // King Harvest
14. Let’s Hang On (To What We’ve Got) // Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
15. Chloe // Grouplove
16. Rollercoaster // Bleachers
17. Sedona // Houndmouth
18. Someone New // Hozier


can we please be disappointed by zev’s lack of appearance w/o shitting all over morrigan and leliana