frankie lyman

Today Fresh Air remembers jazz singer Jimmy Scott, who died Thursday at the age of 88.  He was popular in the 1950’s and influenced both  male and female singers, including Nancy Wilson and Frankie Lyman.   Early in his career, some of his listeners who knew him only from recordings, thought he was a woman.  That was a result of a rare genetic condition that prevented his body from undergoing the complete process of puberty. Contractual problems helped stall his career, and he didn’t make any records between 1975 and 1992.  But that 1992 album started a comeback, which included  singing at President Clinton’s 1993 inaugural ball and being named a Living Jazz Legend by the Kennedy Center.  When Terry spoke with him in 1992, they started with the title track from the album he’d just released, All the Way, which led to his comeback.   

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