frankie it was right down from your house

Home For The Holidays

Anon: Hai!! Could you maybe write a Frank Iero imagine where him and the reader have to pretend they’re dating because of family or something like that, and end up together??


You blast the radio in your car as you begin seeing the familiar surroundings of your home town. It’s Thanksgiving so you came home from college to see people who you haven’t seen in a long time. You’re staying with your best friend Frank who you grew up with since he lives right around the corner from your house. Since you didn’t feel like being around people all the time and his parents went on vacation to get away from the cold, you decided to stay with him. You pull up in his driveway and turn the car off before stepping into the cold November air and walking up to the door. Only seconds after you knocked, the short man appears in the door way with the biggest smile on his face. Without even exchanging words, you hug each other, inhaling his familiar scent.

 "It’s been so long, Frankie" you say as he welcomes you inside. 

 "I know, right. What have you been up to? Is college kicking your ass yet?“ He asks which makes you giggle as you take off your coat and boots.

"Hell yeah. You know I suffer from chronic procrastination. Of course college is kicking my ass.” You both laugh as he hands you a beer and you plop down on his couch. You sigh in relaxation before remembering something. 

“Oh shit, I was supposed to call my mom when I got into town.” You say pulling out your phone to do so. She answers and you can tell the house is busy. The sound of pots and pans, people talking, the oven beeping. All of this and Thanksgiving isn’t even til tomorrow! 

 "Hey, Mom.“ You say, a small smile appearing on your face. 

 "Hey, sweetie! Did you make it into town okay?” She asks. 

 "Yes mom. I’m at Frank’s. How’s everything over there?“ 

 "Oh we’re all getting things ready for tomorrow. Your sister’s new fiancée is cooking wizard! He can make a mean pumpkin pie too. I’m so glad my daughter picked a man who can cook because we all know she can’t cook to save her life.” She mumbles then laughs loudly. She starts talking to someone else in the background and giggles before realizing she’s still on the phone. 

 "Oh, (Y/N), honey, I have to go. Danny wants to show me the video of the proposal! Love ya! Bye.“ And before you could even respond, she hangs up. You sigh and put your phone away. 

 "What’s wrong?” Frank asks, popping Christmas colored m&ms in his mouth. 

“My sister beat me again, like she always does. She’s so fucking annoying! She always had the perfect grades, the soccer awards, she was her class president, she’s the one who got a car when she turned sixteen because she’s just the perfect fucking child. Now she’s engaged to some "cooking wizard” named Danny and I’m gonna have to sit at the dinner table while my mom asks ‘why haven’t you brought a boy home yet? Are you a lesbian? It’s okay we love you no matter what.’“ I sigh and drop my head and Frank giggles at the absurdity.

 "I’ll go if you want.” You look over at him as he pops more candy in his mouth. 

“What good would that do? You plan on proposing to me, Iero?” You raise an eyebrow and he laughs. 

 "No I meant like I could pretend to be your boyfriend. Just to make the experience less terrible.“ You smile at him. 

 "Would you really do that for me?” He nods.

 "Of course.“ 

 "Okay well….lets go pick out your outfit because if my parents see all these tattoos, it will be a whole different conversation.” You giggle, dragging him upstairs to raid his closet. This could actually work. 

 You fix Frank’s collar and brush off his sweater before resting your hands on his chest and smiling up at him.

 "You ready?“ You ask and he nods. You grab his hand in yours before ringing the doorbell. Your mother answers the door cheerfully. 

 ”(Y/N)! Oh and a handsome young man, what’s your name?“ She ask excitedly. 

"Hi, I’m Frank. It’s nice to meet you Mrs. (Y/L/N).” He smiles. Your mom quickly ushers you in from the cold. 

 "Guys, (Y/N) is here and she brought a gorgeous young man with her!“ She announces, running ahead of the two of you into the dining room. You look up at Frank who’s still holding your hand and he just shrugs. Eventually, everyone gets settled at the table and begins eating. You and Frank sit across from your sister and her fiancée. 

 "So, where did you two meet?” Your sister asks, putting some turkey on her plate. Well shit. You hadn’t thought about the backstory. How were you two gonna be on the same page about everything if you hadn’t talked this through beforehand? Before you could spit out one of the lies you were concocting, Frank started speaking for you.

 "We met at one of my shows. I’m in a band. She was wearing the cutest little skirt and a ton of rubber bracelets and for some reason she stuck out to me. As soon as I saw her I knew that we would meet again.“ He smiles to himself and you notice it.

 "Well, do you plan on getting married? I expect at least two grandkids.” Your mom says making your eyes go huge. 

 "Mom! Slow down!“ You tell embarrassed. 

"Well, I don’t want you just sleeping around with someone you’re not married to!" 

"Mother, please!” You beg her to stop. Frank puts a hand on your thigh.

 "It’s okay, (Y/N)….Mrs. (Y/L/N), your daughter is one of the most caring and kind hearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would actually love to spend the rest of my life with (Y/N) and at some point intend to marry her. She’s just so incredibly gorgeous, I wouldn’t want anyone to steal her away.“ He chuckles and you look at him in awe of how well he’s handling this. The look in his eyes makes you wonder how much of this he’s making up but you push the thought away as you listen to the next story Frank is telling to everyone at the table. Somehow you make it through dinner for another 45 minutes before walking hand and hand out the door.

 "It’s was really nice meeting you Mrs. (Y/L/N)!” Frank says and your mother kisses him on the cheek. 

 "Anytime, sweetie. Hopefully (Y/N) brings you back around so I can see you before Christmas comes.“ She laughs. The two if you go out the door and stand in front of his at for a few moments staring at each other before you wrap your arms around him and squeeze him tightly. 

 "Frankie, you’re the fucking best!” You say into his shoulder with a huge smile on your face. He puts a hand on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. 

 "It was no problem, (Y/N). I’d do anything for you.“ The way he said that made something click inside of you. It sounded….different. More genuine. You look up at him, snowflakes falling into his eyelashes. He smiles at you and as it fades away you connect the space between your faces, kissing him softly. It felt so perfect and comfortable, as if this was destined to happen. When you finally pull away, you just hold his face in your hands. 

 "Did you mean everything you said in there?” You ask sweetly and he nods. 

 "I-I mean the whole, like, marriage thing was just, y-ya know-“ his cheeks flush redder than they already were and you cut him off with another kiss.

 "Let’s just go home, doofus.” He nods and you get in the car.

 Once you get home, you sit on the couch in front of the fireplace, warming up from the freezing cold outside.

 "You know, Frankie….“ you say, crawling on his lap, straddling him.

 "My mother did say she expected two grandkids. Should we uh….get to work on that?” You say tauntingly, attaching your lips to his neck and sucking softly. You slide a hand up his thigh and you can hear his breath hitch in excitement. 

 "Oh, definitely. She seemed very serious about it.“ He smirks, placing his hands on your waist and sliding them up your shirt. 

 The "cooking wizard’s” pumpkin pie was nothing compared to the dessert you’re about to have on this couch tonight.