One year ago today, after the fireworks, Frankie talked about falling in love in the house. Right on cue, Zach enters.
Watch this. Important.


djtracyyoung: A view from the booth! Happening Now with @frankiejgrande!!!

OK…I need to say this and I’m aware Frankie was on last season, but I’m constantly seeing shade thrown his way in this tag and people calling him Ariana’s “Half-Brother” and i find that to be disgusting. you all are insinuating being a half-sibling is a negative or a bad thing and it’s NOT at all. Why does it matter to you anyway? a lot of it i feel stems from jealousy because YOU don’t have a superstar sibling. it’s rude as fuck and some of you should be ashamed of yourselves referencing him as a “half-brother” like he means nothing. Whether he and Ariana share one of the same parents he is STILL her brother. They share the same blood and same Mother. stop being ignorant. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone referring to you as only someone’s HALF sibling if you were. This is personal to me because I have a Half-brother and i don’t call him my “half-brother” he is my BROTHER. That’s all…


Snapchat: Frankie compilation (7/4)