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The Maid : Part Four

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

















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“Daddy please! ”
Frankie whined as she clenched on his jeans, she knelt down next to him while he sat on his couch going through his papers again.
“I don’t fucking get it! You ladies never did a shit, you don’t clean or even do your own beds, there are fucking workers who come everyday and clean your shit up!!!! All you fucking do is lounging, why do you need a fucking maid?” He roughly uttered without looking at her.
“Because Daddy, these workers come only in the mornings then we’re on our own, sometimes we need something, you know! ” she mumbled the last words, she wasn’t even sure how to convince him with this ‘case’.
“Oh so you’re afraid if you needed something, you’ll break your fucking polished nails! God forbid, if one of those nails you scratch me with gets fucking broken if you got yourself a glass of water for instance! ” He mocked, and she knew it so she played along.
“Yeah, exactly Daddy! ” she purred.
Frankie ran her fingers on his thighs , looking up at him in a predatory way, as she fluttered her eyelids seductively.
“I’ll give you a lap dance and a massage Daddy!”
“You’re back to the fucking bargain? ” He glared down at her and pursed his lips.

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Finally Together Part 4: A Zankie Fanfic

Hey guys sorry this was so late! Same disclaimers with my apologies to the real Zach and Frankie… I hope they’d be flattered that we base these characters off them, and I hope you guys like this!

I have appreciated your feedback so much. This one starts kind of angsty and then gets kind of smutty. No smut next time though.

Anyways… Enjoy! ;)


At first it was an awareness of warmth beneath him. Maybe it was how his head was rising and falling in a steady rhythm or the heartbeat in his right ear. Zach blinked, consciousness slowly returning to him after a restful sleep. For an instant he was confused, but then, ‘Frankie’. His mind reminded him, memories flooding back from the night before. Warm, glowing memories that heated his body even now. Dreamlike memories that may not even have been real. ‘No, real memories.’ He told himself. Confusing memories, but real.

Zach was desperate to stretch and there was an itch on his nose that was driving him crazy, but his whole body stayed stock still. He was afraid to move, he didn’t want to wake Frankie. And there was no way to do anything without waking him right now. Zach seemed to be using his chest as a pillow, his arm thrown over his body and his left leg was trapped between Frankie’s. ‘Even in your sleep you can’t get enough of him.’ He thought, his body flushing again. And oh my god was his cock getting hard? ‘FUCK’. He thought, the traitorous horny little bastard always chose the worst times to come to the party.

He didn’t want to wake Frankie because he needed a minute to think, to process everything that happened the night before. This was not supposed to happen, this was the opposite of what was supposed to happen. Frankie was his best friend. His BRO. But at the first thought of that word his subconscious screamed ‘don’t call him that!’ That’s not what Frankie is. Oh this was confusing.

As Zach laid there trying not to wake Frankie, his mind raced. It went to every bad place he could imagine. His mom disowning him. Not being allowed to see Peyton. All of his friends ridiculing and rejecting him. Homophobes and teenage girls attacking him on social media. News stories. His mind went to every dark hole it could dig up trying to find enough ammunition to shut down the warm glow that was making him want to nuzzle into Frankie’s chest, maybe grind the half chub he had going into his leg and see what else Frankie could introduce him to. But he couldn’t. He needed to think.

A part of his mind wanted to shut this down. The cowardly part. But it was too strong to fight. Every time Zach tried to reason away the feeling he was having, every time his mind would go to a dark place, he would remember something that would dissolve away the worry. Frankie’s smile, the cute little gap in his teeth, the way he moved when he danced, the way his lips felt when they kissed the first time, the way they’d dry humped like teenagers on the couch, the way Frankie’s mouth had felt on his cock, the way he’d loved it when Frankie had touched him there, the way he’d wished he’d taken it further…

Zach was getting more and more amped up with every memory. When he’d first woken up, he’d felt sad. Sad because he knew what he had with Frankie was special but he thought he knew himself enough to know that he would side with the fear and probably turn his back on all of that, just because he was afraid of the consequences.

But with every new thought and memory of Frankie flooding in, the sadness just seemed to be washing away. Replacing it was not only happiness but excitement. Fuck everyone else! Fuck society! Fuck his mom if she couldn’t be happy for her!

That last one did kind of bring down his mood a little bit. He really wanted her to love Frankie and accept whatever this was between them. And he wasn’t looking forward to telling her. But it wasn’t enough to wreck the emotional high he felt himself climbing to.

He’d always been like this. As soon as he accepts his excitement for something he gets hyper and often makes rash moves that aren’t very well thought out. Usually it gets him in trouble. It happened all the time in the house. But he didn’t think it could hurt to act on it this time. He couldn’t help it anyways, he was getting turnt up and it was all because he was high on Frankie J. Grande.

He couldn’t stay still any longer, and he wanted to interact with Frankie. He thrust his hips a little, finally getting a little desperately needed contact and friction on his already semi erect cock, and he nuzzled his cheek into Frankie’s chest, sliding his face to find and lick his left nipple.

Frankie made a sexy sleepy moan and Zach ground into him again. Frankie’s moan turned from half asleep incomprehension to awareness and Zach felt a hand skim up his back and fingers run through his hair. It sent shivers through his whole body.

“Mmmm… morning tiger.” Frankie said, his voice low and raw after sleeping. Zach felt his chest rise as Frankie leaned forward to kiss the top of Zach’s head. “How’d you sleep?”

“Amazing.” Zach turned his head up so he could see Frankie. “I always sleep great when I’m with you, it’s kinda crazy.” Frankie smiled. Zach loved making him smile.

“You’re kinda crazy.” He croaked. His eyes were shutting again, he was still sleepy. But Zach was wide awake.

Zach laughed and scratched at Frankie, trying to get him to wake up a little. “Uhhhh, yeah, Rose.” He froze, smirking and holding eye contact for a moment before giggling and burying is face in Frankie’s side. At this Frankie rolled into him, tickling his ribs.

“Forget that, you’re totally crazy. You’re a lunatic. My lunatic.” He continued the tickle assault, Zach laughing uncontrollably, squirming as Frankie rolled on top of him. When it was clear he’d won, Frankie smiled down at Zach. Zach tried to catch his breath, gazing back up at Frankie. “I love that you’re a lunatic.” Frankie said, softer now.

Zach laid there for a moment, his breathing calming down, as he looked up at Frankie. He was fucking gorgeous. He was wearing only his tiny hot pink briefs so Zach had the full view of his sculpted tanned body and as he looked at his perfect body those piercing dark eyes were staring him down, watching Zach watch him. It was hot and Zach was getting hard and Frankie could tell.

Frankie rolled over to lay down next to Zach, and propped himself up on his elbow. “Shouldn’t we talk about this…” he motioned between them, “first?” Frankie asked, his voice sounding a little concerned.

“Can we talk while I’m fucking you?” Zach asked, not able to contain his smirk as he dipped in to kiss Frankie’s neck. Frankie gasped and pulled back a little so Zach could see his wide eyes.

In his Clarabelle voice Frankie said “Zachary Colin Rance! I do declare, I never!” Zach laughed and attempted to pull Frankie forward. Frankie held still, but the smile on his face took away any rejection that Zach may otherwise have felt.

“Seriously though… you’re ok Zach? If you’re, like, freaking out or anything I totally would understand. I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing anything on you. I’m here for whatever you want me here for.”

Zach felt his heart swell. It meant so much to him that Frankie was supportive. He smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Completely.”

“Completely. Honestly I kind of freaked out for a second this morning, while you were still asleep. I was just thinking about everything this means. Like, what’s going to happen now, how everything’s going to change. And it’s really scary. Like, I already feel like I’m under a microscope and everyone feels like they have the right to an opinion, and homophobes are so LOUD. And I know my parents are going to freak out, I’m really scared to tell them.”

It was a stream of consciousness but as Zach started talking the words just kept coming. He wanted Frankie to really understand him. For once in his life he felt not only comfortable but compelled to share his true thoughts without resorting to bullshitting or exaggerating.

Frankie’s face flashed pain for an instant but quickly changed to concern for Zach. “I’ll be here for you. Whatever you choose. I love you, darling.” He didn’t try to fix his problems, he didn’t try to pretend like everything would be perfect. He just pledged to be there for him, whatever happened. That was exactly what Zach needed to hear.

Zach smiled softly. “I know you will be. I love you too. And honestly that makes me feel so good. Like, more than it should. More than it was supposed to. That’s how I know this is real.” He nuzzled into Frankie.

“You know if it’s easier for you we could keep this secret. I’d do that for you.”

Zach scrunched his face at that idea. “I don’t want that.”

“So you want to just… come out? Like in public?” Zach groaned. Yes, that was what he wanted. But the idea terrified him. Maybe there was a way to work up to it?

“Can we start with my parents first?” Frankie smiled and playfully slapped his chest.

“So I guess this is real then? Taking me home to meet the parents?” He couldn’t hide the glow of happiness that seemed to shine from his skin. Even in the morning he was gorgeous.

“Yeah Rose I want you to meet my parents. What do you think I just suck any random guy’s dick?” Zach laughed and Frankie play slapped him.

“And what a job you did.” Frankie made a show of loving the memory of Zach giving him head.


“Yes, Rose.”


They lay there a moment, and then Zach remembered what they had been talking about. “Can we just, like, start with the people actually in our lives first? I don’t know if that’s a lot to ask, but I think I might need some time to work up to letting the Twitterverse in on this.”

Frankie smiled and hugged Zach close, kissing the top of his head. “Of course. I think that’s best actually. Maybe we should talk to a publicist about how to do it properly.” Zach relaxed a little and smiled. This is why he loved Frankie. He was so smart.

As he relaxed, and Zach enjoyed being in Frankie’s embrace, he remembered what he’d been thinking about earlier. “I should have told you that when I was freaking out before, it like, didn’t even stick. Normally I think about all the negatives and talk myself out of things but this time every time I’d think of something bad, even really bad things like telling my mom, it couldn’t even get me down because I was feeling amazing. I’d remember something I love about you and instantly I felt better.”

Zach couldn’t see Frankie’s face but he knew he was smiling. “I’m glad you’re not freaking out as badly. But it’s normal if you are. It’ll get easier. I still can’t believe this is happening.” Frankie squeezed Zach, who lifted his head to look Frankie in the eyes.

“Why not?”

“Why can’t I believe this is happening?” Zach nodded. “Well I was only madly in love with you all summer but you kept saying things like ‘too bad I’m straight’ or ‘If I was gay’. Every time I’d try to take the hint and leave you alone you’d reel me back in, just enough to keep me on your line but not enough to give me any real hope of getting in the boat.”

Zach felt his cheeks blush and he shifted his eyes away from Frankie for a moment. Frankie noticed and asked “What?”

With a nervous smile Zach said “That’s kinda what I was doing.”

“Keeping me on your line by giving me false hope?”

“Well… yeah.” At Frankie’s outraged expression, Zach continued. “I mean it wasn’t exactly false hope in the end, was it?” He smiled as he ground his hips into Frankie, who was trying to keep a stern look on his face. He wanted Zach to continue. “Well I couldn’t let myself take it too far on tv, and I didn’t think I’d ever really have the courage to push the romantic boundary after the show either. But I, like, didn’t want you to stop paying attention to me. I loved touching you and I loved when you loved me. I couldn’t say yes when you’d say you wanted to bang or for me to be your boyfriend, but, like, I didn’t want you to stop asking.”

Frankie seemed to soften at the words. It made sense. “But I think you can see why I never thought this was going to happen.”

“Yeah but I was, like, trying to send you signals. Couldn’t you tell I wanted more?”

“It’s so hard when you’re in so deep and you want something to happen so much. I didn’t know what was real or what I just wanted to be real.” Frankie sighed and Zach nuzzled into the warmth of his chest, feeling content.

“It’s real. It got really real last night.” He was blushing but luckily Frankie couldn’t see.

“But you liked it?”

“Yeah, I liked it.” Zach said quietly into Frankie’s chest, his lips brushing his skin as he talked. “I loved it.”

Frankie seemed to melt at the words and then they were kissing. Soft and slow at first, but deepening as both of them poured their emotions, their happiness and their love and their relief after having finally had this talk into the kiss. Soon they were out of breath as their hands wildly slid over each other’s bodies, their tongues fighting for dominance. After a while, they pulled apart, panting.

Zach looked over at Frankie, his chest pumping, his wet mouth hanging open as he caught his breath. Eventually, he spoke. “You know talking is not what I wanted to do when I woke you up this morning.” He paused as Frankie’s gaze turned white hot, it actually gave Zach a shiver that ran through his body to his hard cock like a lightning rod. He was biting his lip as Zach added. “But I’m glad we did. I feel better now.”

For a moment they held eye contact, the atmosphere charging. Zach couldn’t stand not touching Frankie, so he slid his hand up his side and back down to his hip, cupping a bit of his toned cheek. “Did you mean it earlier?” Frankie asked. Zach didn’t know what he was talking about but he knew he had been 100% honest with everything he had said to Frankie so he replied.

“Yes. But about what?”

Frankie smiled, and it was kind of shy and maybe a little coy. It was sexy. “That you wanted to fuck me.” Zach couldn’t help it, he laughed a little.

“Frankie I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you.”
“Is that a yes?”

“Yes of course it’s a yes. Are you ok with that? …taking it?”

Frankie smiled. “I told you I’m here for whatever you want me here for. And yes, I’m ok with it. I don’t know if you know this, but bottoming actually feels fucking amazing.” He smirked. “But you’ll see one day soon.”

Zach didn’t get much time to think on that because Frankie had jumped him. They made out, grinding on the bed for a few minutes, and Zach felt what must have been close to bliss, he was allowing himself to be swept up in the moment and it was amazing.

He panted into Frankie’s mouth and felt up and down his body, cupping his ass above his boxers before slipping his hands beneath the waistband. This got a good response from Frankie, who moaned and trailed his own hand down to play with Zach’s cock over the thin material of his boxers.

As Zach started to pull down Frankie’s underwear, Frankie helped by lifting himself off the bed a little and said “Do you know what to do?”

“No idea.” Zach said between kisses. Frankie pulled away and went to his bag.

“We need lube.” He said, pulling out a little bottle and waving it in front of him, smiling.

All Zach could say was “Oh.” He could feel his throbbing erection straining against his boxers and decided to ditch them completely. As Frankie crawled back up the bed, slithering over Zach, he stopped and lightly kissed the head of his dick and Zach moaned in pleasure.

Frankie continued on his way up and stopped directly above Zach, looking down into his eyes. “I need to get ready. Do you want to or should I?” Zach didn’t know exactly what Frankie meant, but he thought he could guess, and instantly he said.

“I will.” Frankie smiled and took Zach’s right hand to lube up his three middle fingers. Zach swallowed.

“I’ll help you. Fuck Zach, this is hot. I can’t believe—“ But Zach stopped him with his mouth, lunging forward to kiss him deeply as he reached around his body and slid his finger to find Frankie’s tight hole. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was.

Slowly, he slid the finger inside. It was warm and smooth and Zach was surprised at how clean it felt. Frankie hissed for a second before moaning and rocking back against his hand. Zach continued to kiss Frankie, smiling into it as he finger fucked his ass. This was beyond sexy.

“Use another.” Frankie guided, speaking through the kiss and Zach tried another finger. At first there was a lot of resistance but soon he felt it loosening up, and he understood what they were doing better now. Before long they were on the third lubed finger and Frankie was panting with need and Zach felt like his cock might burst if it didn’t find release.

“Are we good?” He asked. Frankie frantically nodded his head, seemingly incapable of words, and he slid a condom into Zach’s hand. He must have gotten it from his bag with the lube. Zach quickly rolled it on and then got on top of Frankie, ready to fuck him for the first time. Distantly, his screamed ‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ but he was beyond clear thinking.

As Zach rolled on top, though, Frankie seemed to be turning over. And he realized that you probably don’t usually fuck guys face to face. A part of him was a little disappointed and his face may have fallen as he said “Oh,” Frankie realized what was happening and turned back on his back, pulling Zach down for a kiss.

“You want to do it this way?” He asked.

“Yeah, well no, I mean, I don’t know…” Zach said. He was a little embarrassed by his inexperience.

“I just thought because it is easier from behind, but I love doing it face to face, then I can look at you. You can handle it.” He smiled, and as he talked he had been pouring lube on his fingers. He ran them up and down Zach’s erection, spreading the lube, and then on himself. When he was done he wiped his hand on the bedspread and pulled Zach forward for a kiss.

Hovering over Frankie’s body, Zach trembled in anticipation. A lot had led up to this moment. But without too much thought he guided himself to the hole and slowly pushed himself into Frankie. It was so tight, and warm, and fuck it felt so damn good Zach couldn’t believe it. He slid right up to his hilt and stayed there, pushing his lips to Frankie’s.

Frankie had hissed in pain at first but already he was making sounds of pleasure and it was turning Zach on. He was fucking dominating Frankie’s ass. Finally. He’d only been secretly fantasizing about this day for three and a half months. “Oh God,” He uttered, almost in reverence of the moment. He could hardly contain himself. “Are you good?”

“Yeah baby, oh my God Zach, yeah. You can go.” Frankie replied, pushing back into him. And with that, Zach pulled out almost all the way and started to thrust. He went slow at first, worried that he would hurt Frankie. But when he heard the noises coming out of him, he couldn’t help but speed up. Before long he was slamming into him, them both exclaiming and moaning without abandon. Zach didn’t even care that this was a hotel and someone could hear. This was the best fucking sex of his entire life, he couldn’t stop if he tried.

“Right there!” Frankie screamed, and when Zach repeated the move and heard the noise that followed it pushed him almost to the edge he was almost ready. Putting his weight on one arm, Zach reached between them to grab Frankie’s rock hard erection, pumping it hard, hoping to get his timing just right.

But barely a second later, Frankie was coming hard on their chests between them, and the sexiness of the moment was too much. Zach exploded hard into his own mind blowing orgasm, groaning so loud he probably sounded like an animal, and collapsing on top of Frankie.

For a minute, they just laid there, panting, Zach still inside Frankie. Then, slowly, he pulled out and disposed of the condom quickly and returned back to Frankie’s side. They both still were sticky and covered, but Zach was so content just to lay together, he couldn’t believe the high he was on right now.

They laid there in silence for a moment, before smiling, Zach looked up at Frankie. “So…” he said, pausing for drama. “That just happened.”

He couldn’t help it, he started giggling. And then Frankie joined in, and before long they were laughing in each other’s arms. Both just riding the high of their shared love and intense physical connection.

And Zach never wanted the feeling to end.