Blaine reaches the airport with over an hour to spare, and he needs it. He’s an emotional wreck. His family has had a handful of pet dogs while Blaine was growing up, but Squirt is his dog, rescued him his sophomore year of high school. Squirt even went with Blaine to college. Blaine’s “Velcro” pet, attached to his side, following him everywhere he goes, even when walking became difficult. Blaine works at a “companion-friendly” office, so Squirt spends most days lying on Blaine’s feet underneath his desk. Blaine doesn’t travel for work that often. He’s never spent more than a few days away from Squirt.
He doesn’t know how he’s going to survive a year without him.
He doesn’t know if Squirt will survive the year that he’s gone.
Blaine’s chest starts to tighten and his head starts to pound. He’s staved off crying so many times on the highway. He managed the drive by turning on the radio to a station he doesn’t normally listen to and keeping his mind blank. He can’t break down now. He has to get on the plane, fly to New York, go to an evening dinner meeting, and then finally, his hotel room.
Then he’ll give himself permission to sob.
He picks up his phone, ready to text his boss that he’s at the airport and heading to the gate, when he sees a Facebook alert at the bottom of his screen. He swipes it up, and when the page opens, a familiar furry face fills the top half of his screen, attached to a post from twenty minutes earlier.
Good day to you, loyal followers, new friends, and old! Meet our newest resident, just arrived today – Squirt. Squirt is a twelve-year-old Golden Retriever who comes to us from beautiful Westerville, OH. This handsome boy has already caught the eye of many of our ladies here at the sanctuary. Look out Rosco and Captain Al. It looks like there’s a new contender in town xD ~KH
KH. Blaine smiles. That has to be Kurt. Blaine had his fears of leaving Squirt at the sanctuary, even with the recommendations of his co-workers, the large following on Facebook, and the glowing reviews on Yelp. But meeting Kurt, seeing how quickly Squirt took to him, alleviated those fears. Blaine may miss Squirt like there’s no tomorrow, but he has no doubts whatsoever that his dog is in the best possible hands.
“I’ll see you again soon, boy,” Blaine says, pressing the heart icon and exiting out of the page. “I promise.”
—  My Sanctuary (coming soon)

anonymous asked:

So far there are only photos of Iain in Belfast. Therefore I assume he was mostly shooting indoor scenes. But this is a good sign, right? Scenes inside the citadel at Oldtown, scenes in council rooms, scenes in a bath, scenes in bedchambers... ;)

I like the way you think ☺

Maybe we’ll get a scene like the one below - Minus the scary wall paper LOL

But I’ll take a shower  scene too or a  bed  scene…. - I’m not picky ☻

Perhaps Jorah will be cured but won’t meet up with Daenerys until late season 7 or maybe even season 8 - We have to think positive right ☺