BC I still don’t know how tumblr works and idk how to reblog with a photo:
Finished the newest pencil sketch of the straw hats crew genderbent :^)
First one: drawn a little <2 years ago
Second one: drawn a little over>1 years ago
Latest one: I just Finished the sketch
I’m planning to color this one :D

anonymous asked:

why would sanji, nami, chopper , franky be the ones most likely to roast yasopp in your opinion since you specifically mentioned them could you describe eachof the reasons you have for each of them being the one who roast yasopp

Sure, I could try, nonnie!

  • Sanji: I want Sanji to drag Yasopp’s ass, because Sanji knows exactly what a father’s love is and feels like, he had Zeff. Judge was monster to him and Zeff gave him the fatherly love he desperately needed to get over the actions of his piece of fuck biological family. I can see Sanji seeing red over the fact that Yasopp had a happy family life witha  little son and just left them, Yep it is what it is, Sanji A) undeniably loves Usopp like a brother and B) would just straight up dislike bad dads
  • Nami: I want Nami to drag Yasopp’s ass for literally the same reasons, she does not know fatherly love, but she had a mother, a mother who was not even related to her, but without any question adopted and her sister and sacrificed literally everything for Nami and Nojiko to have it nice/better and well hehe hearing what Yasopp did would just piss her off to no damn end.
  • Chopper: I want Chopper to drag Yasopp’s ass, for the same reasons as above he had a bombass adoptive dad who would’ve done anything for Chopper and has a bombass mom who loves him deeply despite not even being the same goddamn species, Chopper’s biological reeindeer parents thought of him as an abomination but he had Hiluluk and later Kureha, Chopper hearing this bullshit with Yasopp and Usopp would upset him too
  • Franky: I want Franky to drag Yasopp’s ass (the most actually out of these four lmao) BECAUSE PAPA FRANKY HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS WITH NEGLECTIVE DADS, seriously you cannot expect me to believe Franky who was left by his parents at a young age because they wanted to have fun, which is literally the exact same thing with Usopp, and thus became the ultimate Dad to both his peers on Water 7 and later the strawhats to not dislike Yasopp

Bella Thorne in Tom Ford photographed by Frankie Batista for Glamour Mexico, December 2015.


Por fin, después de casi todo el verano he podido hacer y editar las fotos de mi muñeca monster high Frankie customizada. La cara la he pintado yo al igual que los zapatos, le he hecho el peinado y he diseñado y cosido la ropa según el personaje. Es una colección de 6 muñecas e iré subiendo las fotos cada día. Espero que guste. :D