frankfurt messe

B.A.P in Frankfurt, Germany

@ youngjae and yongguk: i’m glad I made you crack up with all that confetti stuck to my wet body but you really didn’t need to splash even more water on me. (@ yongguk your hands are really soft, just like your smile)

@ jongup: sorry for slamming my note down onto the table like that, I didn’t mean to, I was stressed ok please forgive me

@ zelo and himchan: i’m sorry for traumatizing you with my Korean, you looked pretty irritated I ONLY WANTED TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU SORRYYYYY

@ daehyun: I can’t remember for the sake of life how I passed you and I could beat myself up for that because you slayed that stage and I wanted to let you know ugh


• #MannequinChallenge Level : Male Cosplay Power! 💪🏼
#Gladiolus brought some protein CupNoodles!

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The New BMW The 8 Series Concept Car unleashed
at IAA 2017 Frankfurt BMW GROUP
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Sometimes I ask myself, where has all the money gone. Sometimes. And sometimes I pass buildings like this and ask myself, where have they got all the money from. Sometimes. And sometimes I think, it’d be time to put those thoughts together. Sometimes…

Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Central Germany is the 5th-largest city in Germany, population ~700,000. Its metro area has a population of over 2.2 million, the larger Frankfurt Rhein-Main region has 5.5 million and is Germany’s 2nd-largest metropolitan region. Since the enlargement of the European Union, the EU’s geographic center lies 40 km east of Frankfurt. In 2011, the human-resource-consulting firm Mercer ranked Frankfurt 7th in its annual “Quality of Living” survey of cities around the world. According to The Economist’s cost of living survey, Frankfurt is Germany’s most expensive city, and the 10th most expensive in the world. A unique feature of Frankfurt is its significant number of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in the city center which form the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt is one of only a few cities in the European Union that have such a skyline. In the area of the Römer (old town), Roman settlements were established in the 1st century. Frankfurt already was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire. From 855, the German kings and emperors were elected in Frankfurt and crowned in Aachen. The Frankfurter Messe (Trade Fair) was first mentioned in 1150. Book trade fairs have been held in Frankfurt since 1478.

Living in modern times Urbania - here: traffic and business buildings. All those buildings are not ‘real’ at all. They’re made for… business. Business is just an abstraction of life. I took this photography on a sunday. That’s why you can’t see any people around…

A taste of Formnext day four.

As the last day of Formnext exhibition and conference begins, it can be said that all attendants are hungry for more innovative and engaging speech. Well here at 3DKUMO we would like to help feed that hunger.   

Here’s some footage of past talks and interviews by some of the days eagerly awaited speakers to do you at least through lunch.

Berenschot’s Senior Managing Consultant Onno Ponfoort on New Business Models with 3D Printing.

Interview mit Heinz Gaub von der Arburg GmbH & Co. KG.

Gary Rabinovitz: Reebok Checklight: 3D Printing Made It All Possible

Enjoy your day and Remember to follow 3DKUMO on twitter for year-round news on 3D technology as well as other topics.

Living in modern times Urbania - here: buildings filling places, spaces, air… photo made from one end of new ‘Europaviertel’, showing parts if Frankfurt Messe / fare, Messeturm, some of the city’s banktowers. All this were built and payed, whilst other people a few streets aside were looking for plastic bottles to get there life managed… life not easy from the first breathe on and who ever had to bury some beloved knows, that life’s even not easier after the last breath…