This weekend was Cosday in Frankfurt and it was so f’ucking awesome!! I’m the Female Wolverine and my Friend ist Magneto - I know my shoes are not the best for that cosplay, next time it will be better - (〜¯▽¯)〜
It was so fun and I met so many great people
Especially the Female Sanji! She was so Pretty and nice, I think I fallen for her 눈_눈


6:41 pm || I just came home after a great day. I finally went to a muji store and to manufactum (you should really look for their stores in case you ever come to germany), got to see the Monet exhibition in frankfurt and I might have seen the Queen (even if I only saw her hat because of the people in front of me)

Signs as Rocky Horror Picture Show Songs

Aries: Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul) 

Taurus: Damn It, Janet

Gemini: Science Fiction - Double Feature

Cancer: Sword Of Damocles

Leo: Rose Tint My World

Virgo: Superheros

Libra: Over At The Frankenstein Place 

Scorpio: Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me

Sagittarius: Sweet Transvestite

Capricorn: I’m Going Home

Aquarius: Time Warp

Pisces: Once In a While