With some characters I’m like: Hell, yeah, I’ll multiship the hell out of you with anyone who’s good enough for you and love all these ships like babies and be overwhelmed by so many feels!

but with some characters I’m totally like: You have ONE soulmate and ONE ONLY and ONLY THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU and no one else is ever going to deserve you and make you happy and any other ship is a big big NOTP, because JUST NO.

Remember when OUAT cared about the minor characters? Like when he saw how the curse breaking affected Dr. Whale. He was drunk, and he was running away. And we saw his backstory (in black and white, which is always awesome). And he realized that when people see his name, they think of a monster. And Ruby (who is also dealing with this) talks to him, and she cheers him up, and he goes back to the hospital to do the surgery. Now, the minor characters are only there to forward the story of the main characters. Or they’re nonexistent. 

I really miss Whale and Ruby. 

non-canon shippers be like:

There’s nothing between them –

They won’t have a romantic relationship –

They’re just friends –

They’re not endgame –

They’re not good for each other –

They hate each other –

They’re barely even have scenes together –

One of them is dead –

They’re in love with someone else –

But they –

Forever bitter that Frankenwolf couldn’t happen because the writers decided to rush Red into a love story just so that they could have a lesbian true love’s kiss. As a bisexual person, I was so insulted by how rushed that love story was. They hardly knew each other for two seconds, and unlike the original fairytales, usually ouat does a better job of true love stories so it’s not like they just met and now they’re in love. I just wished it had been handled better. But the writers just wanted diversity.

Fuck off.