frankenwolf week

Red Cloaks and Gray Coats Part One

When Red opened her eyes she was met with darkness.. No, not darkness… Black.. She was looking at something black and.. Gray? She sat up and bumped her head on the overhanging rock that sheltered her from the storm that was raging outside. When the lightning flashed Red hoped to get a better look at her bleak surroundings. All she could see though were differentiating shades of Gray, black, and white. “Gods where did we go?”

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David Anders took part in Frankenwolf week. Tell your friends.
  • Interviewer: David Anders. Who would you like to have a love story with? On the show, for your character, Dr. Whale?
  • David: *smirks while Eion and Lee grin knowingly* I think I know that everyone wants to hear. That'd be Meghan Ory.
  • Audience: *looses their shit*
  • David: Ruby. Hashtag Whalewolf. Hashtag Frankenwolf.
  • Lee: Hashtag Hot Sauce.
  • David: Hashtag We'd Have Some Beautiful Babies. We'd have fun. They alluded to that, I think they WANTED to go in that direction with Meghan and my character. In In the Name of the Brother, we had a good scene. At the dock, she was my sounding board. We were fellow monsters. Then Meghan had to go and get a job on a CBS show, so we couldn't WALK DOWN THAT AISLE.
  • Interviewer: Online petition?
  • David: MAKE IT HAPPEN.