frankenstien's bride

Universal Monsters fancast

Because they fucked up the Dark Universe or Universal Monster Cinematic Universe with The Mummy, I’ve decided to fancast the Universal Monsters and their supporting characters.

Note. I am not gonna make this super long so if you wanna see my casting for Dracula and Phantom, here they are


The Phantom Of The Opera

Mads Mikkelsen as Count Dracula

Christoph Waltz as Abraham Van Helsing

or Peter Capaldi as Abraham Van Helsing

Jane Levy as Mina Murray Harker

Doug Jones as Erik/The Phantom

or Terrance Zdunich as Erik/The Phantom

or Adam Driver as Erik/The Phantom

or Oscar Isaac as Erik The Phantom

Dan Stevens as Victor Frankenstien

Penelope Cruz as Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein

Peter Dinkleage as Igor

Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s Monster

Angelina Jolie as The Bride Of Frankenstein

Mahershala Ali as The Mummy/Imhotep

Cillian Murphy as Dorian Gray

Shazad Latif as Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Hyde

Michael C Hall as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolf-Man

Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jack Griffin/The Invisible Man

Andy Serkis as The Creature From The Black Lagoon/Gill Man


A little short side thing to show off her Nightmare Night costume I’ve had a few asks about cx and the idea thanks to likeable pony~!

Bride of Frankenstien ftw! Based her look off the original Bride of Frankie its plain but fits ~ the chest scar is the real one. I really need to get some zzz’s i’ll have her leaving the hospital tomm. ASAP and i’ll open the ask box again now.