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Imelda May - It’s Good To Be Alive



@blue-pixiedust‘s Helsa-ween is just around the corner on October 25 through the 1st of November, so get your Helsa spooks, sweets, smuts- and anything else that helps you celebrate our lovelives and this spoopy holiday! 

Day One (October 25) Costume Classics! Ghosts, mummies, goblins and ghouls, Vampires, Frankenstien’s Monster- dress the OTP (and their friends) as these classics! 

Day Two (October 26) Trick-or-Treating! is the Hans and Elsa Household the hit Trick-or-Treat spot, or the scaaaaaaaaariest house on the block?! or are they taking their little ones out? or are they trick-or-treating?! 

Day Three (October 27) ZOMBIES!!!! How do Hans and Elsa survive a the walking dead? 

Day Four (October 28) they did the mash- the Monster Mash! Do Hans and Elsa go to Holloween Parties- or maybe hosting one? or maybe a seance? or a haunted house? oooOOOOOoooooOOOO

Day Five (October 29) Pumpkin Carving! How does Helsa do their pumpkins? does Hans really suck at it and Elsa has to help? or maybe the other way around? do they make pumpkin pie or play with the pumpkin guts? 

Day Six (October 30) HORROR HELSA Camp-so-much-fear, Nightmare on Elsa Street, Hans-oween, Friday of the 13th Prince, Five Nights at Freckles- recreate Helsa in these horror favorites (and no it doesn’t have to be scary, it can be funny too!) 

Day Seven (October 31) ITS HELSA-WEEN! this is your day! Celebrate Helsa-ween with art (fanfics are art too) of your choise! WOOOOOOOO Ready, Set, SPOOK

Day Eight (November 1) Recovery. How do Hans and Elsa recover from all the spooky excitement? do they have post Halloween Depression? or are they sick from all that candy? 

Get ready to get creative guys! I can’t wait to celebrate with you all! anyone can participate, and all is accepted! contribute all days, or do the best you can, anyone who wants to be a part is more than welcome! 

Happy Helsa-ween to you all!