frankensteins monster


First day of #31daysofcosplaymakeup! Bride of Frankenstein’s monster

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LEGENDS: A little bit early but here is my now second annual Halloween tumblr post.

My last one exploded on tumblr and got over 18,000 notes. 
You can find that one HERE

Who else is excited for Halloween?! I know I am…


That one time when I joked that Frankenstein’s monster didn’t kill himself and went on to become the Phantom of the Opera…ha ha…I am officially monster mash TRASH.

Seriously though, Erik and Frankenstein’s Monster would get along so well–with the shared parental trauma, self-esteem issues, and complex relationships with women whose names end in “-tine”. Oh, and that whole strangulation thing. Monster is waaay bigger though. 

Coincidence? I think NOT! Its a conspiracy, I tell ya! Them gothic authors are all in cahoots!

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Poor Christine! Yeah-you better feel sorry for what you’ve done, big bully!  >:{ 

I just finished all the art for Ch. 1 and ha HA, *rubs hands together* everything is going to go NUTS and this is getting way longer than I had originally anticipated but oh well. C’est la vie, as they say. 

In other news, THANK YOU ALL for the support and enthusiasm and sweet messages. You are the best <3

Part 1 + Part 2 

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Universal Classic Monsters by Nicolas Delort / Tumblr

18″ X 24″ 7 print series screen prints, numbered regular edition of 295 and variant edition of 125. Foil regular and variant editions of 10 respectively, plus a wood edition of 10. 

Available Tuesday, 9am PST October 13th, 2015 from Dark Hall Mansion HERE. More info HERE.