frankensteins monster

I don’t know how they do it. 

Book characters are, in essence, a conglomerate of words and letters collected by an author to be packaged neatly into paper and ink. Yet, SOMEHOW, we manage to fall head-over-heels in love with them as if they were like, real people? Its a cosmic mystery. 

Anyhoodle-doodle, I am devoting the oh-so-very merry month of May to drawing my top nostalgic literary crushes in all their dreamy glory (or lack thereof–am I the only one who liked Frankenstein’s Monster? Just me? Oh…nevermind). Most of these characters I really liked as a kid, and some of them–well, what can I say–I am still quite fond of. Some squee-s never die.

Feel free to join in the fun! Don’t worry if drawing isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe write a blog post, tweet a blurb, share an photo. Heck, you could even…commission…an artist…to draw one for you. *ahem* 

Starts May 1st! 

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