Wednesday is New Comic Book Day!

“Later both Father Time and I would come to realize that Quantum was right… The war was madness”
      – Agent Frankenstein, recalling his service during the Vietnam War

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #6 is available for digital download via comixology for $3.

(Next month’s “Rise of the Humanids” looks like it’s going to be awesome too.)

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Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #15
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This penultimate issue is “Last Stand Against the Rot.” My guess is the ultimate issue will be “Last Stand Against A Giant Creature With No Eyes and A Steel Reinforced Belly.”

Last issue ended with the death of Velcoro (or at least the bisection of him. He is a vampire, after all. Don’t they need to have their heads doused in sunlight and steaks served with a whisky mushroom sauce?), the appearance of a tribe of Golden Robot Women, and Frankenstein fighting to the death on an island against said island. That’s a lot of stuff happening!

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Does the plan begin by entering its mouth?!

The Golden Robot Women transform into a Flaming Golden Sword which Frankenstein uses to hack the island to pieces and remove the last piece of the Soulgrinder from its stomach. Now that he has all of the pieces, he just needs to return to Nina and the last of the S.H.A.D.E. scientists that somehow survived the Rot. Maybe the rendezvous point is Galapagos.

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