Code: Realize: The End of Cat Cuteness 

Last but not least, bringing back ALL the steampunk kitties in one single illustration sourced from the same clear file set. Farewell “Cat Month”! Thanks for hanging out for the terrible & horrible cat puns. Meow we meet again! 

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Au where Rai and Franky switch languages when talking to each other and they don’t realize it. This drives the others nuts, and they think they’re talking in code or something very important- when they’re just talking having a normal conversation.

Rai: ârweorðnes êow macung by reason of underngereord?
Franky: êow angelicimp hafa eodor?
Rai: Syfling

and M-21 is paranoid that they’re talking about him
but Tao’s like- oh, chill. HE just wants noodles for dinner

yes, hello. i’d like to present my dissertation pls. it’s titled: 

“why can’t i stop listening to my chemical romance while i read shelley: the artistic and historical echo of Romantic themes of melancholy, mental illness, sexual fluidity, and the misfit in early 21st century emo music”

Au where Rai misinterprets Valentine’s day? 

Franky: why is there piles of chocolate in my office
Rai: …
Tao: uh..actually those are Raizel-nims…
Franky: /oh from Master’s admirers?/

Tao: …gifts for you…
Franky: …
Rai: /what?/
Rai: They children said it is a day to give sweets to the person you appreciate the most
Franky: ahhh~ 
Franky: Excuse me…
*goes to a corner to die from happiness and embarassment :3

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