11/22/2017 - 1/100 Days of Productivity

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

After skimming through Frankenstein these past couple of days to get the basic idea of the plot, I can finally start analyzing the text. I hope this will help me to come up with a question for my final paper, as well as a small presentation I’ll have on the topic soon.

atundratoadstool’s 10-point Rating Scale for How Dangerous Your Old Timey Fictional Science Is

1 - John Watson (Sherlock Holmes stories): You are 110% sane, nice, and not doing anything awful. You might even be reining in the awfulness of your douchey roommate now and again; maybe he’ll chill out now that he’s off the coke.

2 - Jack Seward (Dracula): You sometimes sort of want to do some really unethical human experiments involving feeding live kittens to people, but then vampires happen and you drop that idea.

3 - Giacomo Rappaccini (“Rappaccini’s Daughter”): Hey. You know what’s a great idea? Making people poisonous… like plants! Now you can just make a poisonous-plant-daughter and not have to worry about her dating. Wait. No. That’s dumb. Your bad.

4 - Victor Frankenstein (Frankenstein): You dropped out of college your freshman year to build a 7’ ugly corpsebaby. Your intentions weren’t malevolent, but you were woefully unprepared for fatherhood and your complete lack of parental responsibility had some serious consequences.

5 - Griffin (The Invisible Man): You’re kind of a dick. Actually, you’re really a dick. An invisible dick. If you were only a competant invisible dick, you might be able to enact your plans for terroristic, murderous world domination. As it stands, however, your propensity for murder is limited by how hungry, cold, naked, and unable to afford rent you are.

6 - Henry Jekyll (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde): You’re like the guy who is a great person most of the time but becomes an abusive psychopath when he’s had too many beers. This wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t made and continually imbibed the ultimate “too many beers” potion.

7 - Herbert West (Herbert West: Re-Animator): You think there was a noble motive in all this somewhere, but it seems to have gotten somewhat distorted over all the years of you and your boyfriend digging up corpses and letting them turn into rampaging crazy murder zombies.

8 - Sydney Atherton (The Beetle): You’re just a guy, trying to get a girl’s attention, making an unstoppable death gas to futher the murderous colonial mission of the British Empire in your spare time. Nobody seems to actually notice that you are a looming danger to all mankind because they’re too worried about suspicious foreigners.

9 - Dr. Moreau (The Island of Dr. Moreau): You cut up animals until they’re people and then make them participate in weird people-animal cultic indoctrination as you megalomaniacally reign over them like a God. Maybe if you could actually make some people-people friends, this wouldn’t have happened.

10 - Dr. Raymond (The Great God Pan): Orphans you raise belong to you, and it’s chill to use them as subjects for neurological experiments to break the veil between our world and that of the unspeakable gods of the deep.

A lawyer from Prague publicly confronted Mary Shelly after the publication of Frankenstein claiming that a woman could not have written such gruesome literature. He challenged her to write a horror story on the spot to prove her worth. Instead, she stabbed him in both eyes with a salad fork. He later admitted that she might have been capable of writing gruesome literature.