i spent five hours last night at a quiet brewery in a quiet corner of minneapolis. they had window-walls and all of the windows were open last night, so it felt like the entire place was outside. you greeted me with a tight hug and we chose the same beer. we sat at a corner table and swapped life stories, finding that we have a quite a bit in common. about an hour into the conversation, there was a huge crack of lightening and it started raining. the rain fell straight down in a gentle, yet steady way where just the very edge of our table was getting rained on, so we kept the window-walls open while sat and sipped.

the bartender, jack, came over to ask if we wanted refills and we both nodded in unison while making eye contact, trying to read each other’s feelings about how it was going. as jack was about to leave to grab our beers, he turned around and told us the story of his first kiss with a girl a few years back. it was in march and the first storm of the season was supposed to be rolling in soon. as they kissed, there was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder. they pulled away from each other and had a big ‘whoa… this might mean something’ moment. he then told us that he now calls that girl is fiancée. he winked at us, turned around, and went to go grab our beers.

david gray played in the background as we sipped out freshly poured beers and he admitted that he would get excited when he saw my name pop up on his phone, but he would wait to text me back for a little while because he thought he was supposed to (i told him he doesn’t need to wait - i wouldn’t think less of him for responding right away). we talked about our families, our mutual liking of golf, our faith, how great minnesota is, the need for more intimate conversations with others, and travels to germany, italy, france, spain, and guatemala until the brewery closed at midnight and our time was forced into ending.

he picked up the tab, drove me back to my car so i
didn’t have to walk in the rain, and asked that i let him know when i made it home safely. when i picked up my phone to shoot him a text once i was home in my bed, i found that he had already texted me to make sure i was safe. i smiled, replied, and went to sleep with thoughts of gratitude that people like that exist.

I’m in world and I’m the only senior here :( teacher keep sayin shit like “you guys juniors now!” like…. no boy wbu how is ur day so far :)

  • friend:why are u sad
  • me:im always sad. this is just who i am. theres no point even asking me this cus my answer is always the same
  • friend:doesnt ask why im sad
  • me:wow fuckin rude