“I’m just humbled. I have a goal, and until I hit that goal I’mma stay humble. And I just keep to my style, I don’t fake my style. I’m too young to change my shit or fake my shit. I’m only 26. I just got in the game so the thought of changing it up or selling out doesn’t make sense. I’ve only dropped one album, but I’m on some longevity career shit. If the stuff I’m doing isn’t going to work in the long run, I’ll change it, but right now it’s too soon to see. It’s a balance. If I need to reinvent myself to get to my goal, maybe I need to do it, but never sell out. It’s a science that not everyone is gonna be able to figure out, but when you do, you’re golden!” @frank151


Eli Reed piece that Mike Liddle and myself shot for frank151.