How many times are you going to keep telling the same story? we get it, you had to stay in the booth so Frank and Bridgette wouldn’t get in there. He literally think he was on some 007 secret spy mission. ENOUGH!!

Well if Frank didn’t get the ticket then during the next HOH lockdown, they’ll switch Frank’s #6 envelope with a #6 envelope with a round trip ticket in it and switch the other person who actually got it’s envelope with a one way ticket in it

bb18 houseguest ranking 7/26

1) natalie .. queen of everything
2) james .. 😎
3) paul .. hilarious & surprisingly very smart
4) bridgette .. kinda like a sour patch kid but I’ve begun to love it
5) da'vonne .. I’m pulling for her I really am
6) victor .. even though I wanted glenn to have a chance, I think it’s good vic is back & I hope he’s smarter this time around
7) nicole .. omg this girl is the worst liar, she needs to realize that lying can’t be part of her strategy if she just sucks at it
8) corey .. not sure what planet he’s on
9) zakiyah .. who?
10) paulie .. way too freaking cocky
11) michelle .. rude and catty

frank isn’t included because he is basically gone… as soon as I started to kind of like him again

I hope Bridgette wins hoh and Paul and Paulie pull an Amanda I can picture it now “you ain’t got Bronte no you ain’t got Tiffany no you ain’t got Frank no who do you have no one”

  • what he says:i'm fine
  • what he means:what if frank hasn't touched up his "i wish i were a ghost" tattoo on the account that he's happier and no longer has the desire or thoughts of being a ghost and fading from this world and doesn't think of his past in pencey or even mcr much anymore and does this mean that lyric is now meaningless to him?
  • Da'vonne:Yeah, I loved Frank! I was rooting for him up until his eviction! I love a good underdog!
  • Grodner:She's perfect. She will team up with Frank. I don't care HOW early she got booted last summer, we need a number 2 for Frank who can't beat him in the finals. Cast her again.
  • Da'vonne:*suddenly becomes woke and targets Frank two weeks in*
  • Grodner:Fuck. I fucked up. How could this happen. We hAVE TO SAVE FRANK BUILD A SECRET ROOM
  • Da'vonne:*finds the secret room*
  • Grodner:*melts*