Adult Recess-Day Activities Overtake Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza

Adult Recess-Day Activities Overtake Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza

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OAKLAND (KCBS)— Recess isn’t just for kids anymore— it’s for grown-ups too— at least for a day at Oakland’s City Hall.

For the kids at heart, they had a chance to partake in Friday’s Adult-Recessday festivities as declared by Oakland’s Parks and Recreation Department. As a result, Frank Ogawa Plaza was transformed with a climbing wall, a volleyball court, tug-of-war, video games and more for…

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May Day Protests in Oakland Turn Violent With Businesses and Cars Vandalized

May Day Protests in Oakland Turn Violent With Businesses and Cars Vandalized

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A May Day protest and march through the streets of Downtown Oakland turned violent Friday evening, with some businesses and cars being vandalized.


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Frank Ogawa Plaza (or Oscar Grant Plaza) is the main green at the base of City Hall in downtown Oakland. No one can sleep in the plaza at night. No one may use speakers to play music, or a megaphone to lead a protest. Young people can’t skateboard after school.

[Image depicts an official green sign which reads in white lettering: City of Oakland Frank H. Ogawa Plaza / Park Hours: 6:00am -10:00pm OMC. 12.64 / No Amplified Sound Without Permit OMC. 12.56 / No Skateboards OMC. 10.16 / No Dogs OMC 12.64. The Oakland oak tree logo is upward of center on the sign. The sign is posted on a low stone wall with the bases of a tree and posts just above. Oakland city hall and a bit of clear sky are beyond the wall, out of focus.]

Oakland to rename press room after Sanjiv Handa

The Oakland City Council is prepared today to give back what it took away from Sanjiv Handa–his press room.

A resolution offered by Councilman Larry Reid calls for renaming the previously closed press room at City Hall as the Sanjiv Handa City of Oakland Press Room.

The cost of the dedication will not exceed $1,340, according to the resolution.

Handa died last month at the age of 55. He published the East Bay News Service for 20 years, but his consistent appearances and sharp-tongued critiques of Oakland officials at council meetings was his lasting legacy.