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hey, here is that interview you were talking about, where frank talked with gerard on phone and stuff www(.)thesnipenews(.)com/music/interviews/my-chemical-romance/

omfg YES baby, thank you YOU’RE AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

so guys, look…at this part:


The world we live in right now, we don’t need any more sadness. I think that we live in that enough that we don’t need that in our fantasy. At least for us, this chapter of My Chem is… brighter horizons, you know? Things are pretty damn good.

I was talking to Gerard [Way], we had about eight days off and I went home, we were just talking through text and whatever. I was hanging out with my daughters, and I actually just started to cry. Just sitting there, and I actually had a tear and I was like, oh man, I am so happy right now. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I didn’t know how to handle it because I never thought it would be that way.

We were just talking, and we were like, “Things are really, really great, and I can’t wait to get back on the road.” Of course I miss my kids more than anything, but I know when they grow up they’re gonna be like, “Look what my dad did, look at what he was doing. He did all this stuff, and he did it cause he loved it and he did it for us.”

And we were just like, “Let’s get back on the road and fuck shit up.” And I was like, “I’m in.”


oh fuck…and to think Frank was so full of hope, brighter horizons for my chem, and planning tour with Gerard and the two of them texting and being so fucking happy,looking forward to going on road together, crying cuz everything was so good

oh no…ooooh no..



Also, hell, can i just point out that Frank and Gerard went home for 8 days and they couldn’t stay away from AT LEAST TEXTING/PHONING EACH OTHER??? like, omg, they go back home after being on tour for so long, they know they have 8 days with their families and what they do? they play with their kids while texting each other

tell me that ain’t fucking huge, ok, I SAY BOYFRIENDS…


Fear The Walking Dead Interview - TVLine Studio Presented by ZTE at Comic-Con 2016

Lee Pace’s Favorite Songs:

  • ROCK: “The Hills” - The Weeknd
  • LOVE: “Hysteric” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • HIGH SCHOOL: “All Mine” - Portishead
  • ABOUT A CITY: “Look Out Cleaveland” - The Band
  • DANCE: “Danger! High Voltage” - Electric Six
  • LIVE: “Little Red Corvette” - Prince
  • RNB: “Pyramids” - Frank Ocean
  • DUET: “Poncho & Lefty” - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
  • MOM AND DAD: “Drifter’s Wife” - JJ Cale
  • CHRISTMAS: “Lumberjack Christmas” - Sufjan Stevens
  • MOVIE: “Bang Bang” - Nancy Sinatra
  • HAPPY: “Home” - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • REGGAE: “Riding for a Fall” - Delroy Wilson
  • ALL TIME: “Young Americans” - David Bowie

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‘The Purge’ Star, Frank Grillo Had A ‘Dirty Secret’ To Help Him Launch His Career

I walk into Gemma at NYC’s Bowery Hotel to meet Frank Grillo for lunch and immediately spot him. For a brief moment I get an odd feeling like I actually know him, but I don’t. It’s because Grillo has made a career out of featured roles on TV and in film that others have said earned them greetings like, “haven’t I seen you in something?” or the cringe-worthy, “aren’t you that guy… in that thing?”

But, Grillo’s also earned a rare accomplishment along with his long chain of respectable roles—the greatest, many actors would say—and one that stars often have the hardest time attaining: longevity.

Now 25 years after his first film (“The Mambo Kings”), Grillo has graduated into starring roles in action films and thrillers (“The Purge,” Marvel’s “Captain America,” Warrior”); the type he says he always set out to achieve. Grillo is equally serious about these as an actor can be over any role, and over the benefits of resulting fame.

But, it’s unclear so far if this peak will be short-lived. Or, if as he matures into a new decade of life together with this new phase of his career, if he’ll join the ranks of the stars who defined the genre—the stars who he idolizes so much.

“I always wanted to be an actor. I really did,” he tells me. “I was intrigued by the Steve McQueens, the Charlie [Charles] Bronsons and the Lee Marvins of the world. I always loved those guys growing up, watching those films.”

“But conventional wisdom says I come from a family of immigrants basically, so that’s not really the trajectory,” he adds. “So that wasn’t even an option, but I always kind of dabbled in it.”

Born in 1965, Grillo originally hails from Bronx, NY. A son of Italian immigrants, and the eldest of three, he went to New York University and earned business degree before briefly working on Wall Street.

“When I graduated college I decided that I was going to try to be an actor, but it was my dirty secret… I was in acting classes, was in a theater group… and somehow got to these Coors commercials [his first major paying job]. That got me to a point to not work anymore on Wall Street, which got me enough money to concentrate just on acting, which got me an agent, and then I got on a soap opera [“Guiding Light”]. It all happened very quickly.”

It seems too that Grillo had a personal, possibly cultural gap (in the Bronx) to cross before becoming an actor. “I think it just seems like something that somebody else does, like they raise actors somewhere in Ohio and once in awhile people go and pick their actors and move to Hollywood. It seemed like such a distant idea,” he shares. “But then as I started growing up, I’m like, ‘oh, this is an occupation.’”

“Coming from immigrant Italian people, the one thing you do is work hard. If you really work hard and stick to it, something will happen. I don’t know what. I can’t quantify success. But then it did. It really did.”

Success brought him to roles in films including “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Minority Report,” and “End of Watch,” as well as a string of TV shows and commercials.

He says that he worked hard but was under the radar until the mixed martial arts film “Warrior” (2011). He’s since successfully revisited this action sub-genre with the DirectTV series “Kingdom,” co-starring Nick Jonas.

Grillo says he was “rambunctious” as a teenager. He played sports - wrestling, football - and says he was “a little bit of a wild child… I was a little nutty.”

He admits this comes through in his acting; that it’s all part of him in some ways. “It’s all a facsimile of who I really am, parts of my youth, parts of my adulthood… I can see parts of my father in ‘Kingdom’ when I rage like that. I can see my father’s frustrations in his life.”

But, Grillo doesn’t play simple fighters, soldiers and thugs. Generally, and to his credit, the roles Grillo selects let him play the tough guys who he admires, but with underlying storylines of redemption.

These are the roles he tells me he looks for, including the anti-hero Leo Barnes, in “The Purge” franchise with its the latest installment (“Election Year”) released last Friday.

Grillo’s character was introduced in the second installment, “The Purge: Anarchy,” as a sergeant who sets out on a vigilante mission. Instead, circumstances present him with the opportunity to protect four strangers, which he does, offering survival over achieving revenge.

In “The Purge: Election Year,” he protects Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), herself a survivor of the Purge, who is determined to end the annual tradition. As the head of her security, it’s up to Grillo to keep Roan alive as they find themselves on the streets of Washington, DC.

“I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again,” Grillo shares. “I’m done being in ‘The Purge,’ this will be it… I’m probably done with Marvel, and that was a little piece of my life.”

“At this point, I’m not thirty years old, so I have a finite amount of life left in me,” Grillo says revealingly. “I want to make sure that I do as much as I can within the genre. I use Liam Neeson as an example [Grillo’s “The Grey” co-star, and inspiration for his son’s name years earlier], because he’s a great friend of mine and I’ve watched his career with ‘Taken’ go in a certain direction.”

“I’d be lying if I told you that money and finances aren’t a factor. I have three children, [including] two very young children,” he says. “At my age, to know that within the next five years I’ll keep doing these kind of movies, and I’m able to make a certain amount of money… and my family is okay, well then that’s what I’m doing. There will never be a romantic comedy on my resume,” he adds earnestly.

But I remind him that most actors like to talk instead about their next big acting challenge. “Nah. I’m not Daniel Day Lewis,” he admits, dismissing it quickly.

“I found a place that I feel really great in, and I’m comfortable, but not complacent. I can take each character and find something cool and make the audience dig the guy without having to play something that’s so far away from who I am that I take this great risk for the sake of taking a risk.”

“I hear actors pooh-pooh the idea… people might see them as a certain thing,” he says. “I welcome it, because I think in cinema we’re missing guys that are throwbacks to the Lee Marvins and those guys. I’ve said it before. If I can have even five percent of what those guys had, and people respond, I’m all in all day,” he adds confidently.

“Where I’m going now is producing my own stuff,” Grillo shares. “People have the confidence to put up money based on the body of work that you have, so then the journey continues in a different direction.”

Grillo and Joe Carnahan (“The Grey”, “The A-Team”) recently went to Cannes with the action-thriller “Wheelman,” which was quickly purchased by CAA and Netflix. Grillo will play a getaway driver in a race to find who double-crossed him in a bank robbery gone wrong. They’re scheduled to begin filming in September.

“I really wanted to be respected by the people that I worked with. I wanted to be able to work with really cool people, people who are at the top of their game. I still want that,” he says as our lunch is winding down. “That’s still what I strive for… I gotta struggle. I gotta hustle for that, and it keeps me going. It keeps me getting up. There’s more. Keep going. Not that it’s better, but it’s different. Stay hungry.”


How Fear the Walking Dead’s Characters Cope with Being Separated - Comic Con 2016

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Sorry to bother you but what is the No Fun Club? Is it like a fandom name or something else? Thank you for answering. :) And btw, your blog is awesome. Yu guys are literally my fave. :))

First of all, Thank You. We’re glad you like the blog.

As for No Fun Club, it’s like Frank creating the embodiment of all the things he goes through in life & on tour to just make it day to day. 

frankieromustdie#NoFunClub diet cokes, stretching, lactose intolerant, long sleeves, medication, heating pads, homesick, in bed by 11 reading a book, hot tea til you puke. Fuhk the world. 


I: “That’d be sick. Speaking of sick, how have your tummy aches been?”

F: “I have good days and bad. I actually have a sack full of medication here [he opens bag and shows me a washbag of meds] so this is my regiment for days. Dairy’s real bad. Even if you’re not celiac you can be gluten sensitive or whatever. No red meat. I started to incorporate poultry and fish in for protein. I don’t eat too much soy either. It’s a delicate balance.”

I: “What have you been eating over here this week?”

F: “Let’s see. I have a stock pile of gluten free bars. It’s hard. A lot of PB and J on gluten free bread.”

I: “Someone sent this great song to me recently: Paws – “Sore Tummy”. In my mind, it’s about anxiety and having chronic tummy aches. You should check it out.”

F: “I will! That’s what some of my medication is for. You know, I feel like I’d probably be alright if it wasn’t for the music. It makes you live in your head. With anxiety, it’s so hard to pull it back.”

Sweet Pea is the mascot of NFC, so he also had a shirt made with her image on it that was sold at shows.

As far as we’re aware, most of the NFC patches Frank made went to fellow band members, and industry friends, but there are seven fans (inc one of us) that he gave a patch to for reasons never really explained (dropped off in bags w/bottles of water w/out a word said or told to get something from merch assistant at the bus, etc). It wasn’t money spent or number of shows attended, because a couple of the recipients have only been to one show each. Three of those seven fans had NFC tattoos done. 

Hope this answer helped, at least a little. We’re just glad there is a new shirt, so more people can join in. 

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frank obv feels things rly intensely so he actually physically cant not be a crybaby bc crying is a physical response to strong emotions that u cant really control so like im thinking thhat when gerard is saying nice things about him in interviews he can keep himself together just barely but as soon as the camera/mic is off he starts crying and gee smiles and is like 'aw baby, come here' and he tries to soothe frank but it makes him cry More bc gerard loving him & taking care of him is Too Much

this is real since frank said in an interview one time ‘aw you’re gonna make me cry’ in a choked up voice




This interview is so cute.
'Psych' 10th anniversary: Creator, stars share their fondest memories from the series premiere

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the series premiere of Psych on USA Network. Created by Steve Franks, the comedy-drama followed one of TV’s most memorable bromances between fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill), who helped the Santa Barbara Police Department solve murders for eight seasons. Even though it’s been a decade since the pilot aired, the show’s creator and stars still have fond memories of working on the episode.

[Read full article here.]

today i was watching an interview with frank zappa from around 1992-1993 and i forget what he was discussing but he pulled out a sex magazine with the cover dedicated to hip new virtual reality goggles and devices you synchronize with them that simulate sex and i was so amazed by the fact that nothing in the world changes

therewillcomesoftrain replied to your post: “Thanks for the clip of Frank. I still think he is not correct. It…”:

They won’t remember. At this point, there are 5 stories: David, Gillian, Frank (who may not have even been there), Chris and Rob Bowman (who was there). It is a fish tale at this point. I have seen the Frank video interview regarding this too and I believe Frank is mistaken based on the other 4 accounts of the incident.

Who cares if they remember? I would just love to see them confronted with their “behaviour” and this is a good cover. ;)